National Guardian Weekly Newspaper August 8, 1951
(provided by Sheila Rosser with our deepest appreciation)
(retyped by Korean War POW/MIA Network for clarity)

Newest names of U.S. POW's in Korea

The following POW names were among over 550 received by mail last month from John W. Powell, American editor of the, China Review of Shanghai. More will be published next week.

The great bulk of the names, the majority with serial numbers and no other identification, have been reported by the Chinese News Agency Hsinhua as signatories to a statement addressed to "The People of America,'' protesting the strafing and rocketing of a POW camp in North Korea by four U.S. Mustang fighter planes on April 22 which caused 32 casualties.

The protest said the POW camp in question "is considered by us as a non-military target area," with "no main roads, railroads,, main lines of communication, supply depots, factories, troops, vehicles or any other objects that could be mistaken for military targets before rocketing and strafing."

The statement expressed "deepest gratitude" for immediate, medical aid given the wounded by Chinese and Korean personnel "with disregard for their own personal safety," and called for removal of U. S. troops from Korean soil.

(List followed - Adams, Willie through Johnson, Donald R)

(Editor) The names from this article are incorporated in the database.
Though the article listed each name, service number and address, the article also states that only name and service number were given. One could deduce that dog tags may have been recovered from dead soldiers and reported as alive. if so, identifying those remains when found without tags could be challenging in the future.