Field Search Case FSC 279, 280, 281  Retyped by Korean War POW/MIA Network

503rd FA Bn 12th & 13th Feb 51 F. S. #279, 280, 281

On the 12th of Feb 51, the 503rd FA Bn, was located in the vicinity of the town of Changbong-ni, DS 072583, MS 6726T (see overlay). The mission of the 503 FA Bn was to give support to friendly units in the area who were under enemy attack. The lines of the protecting Infantry were penetrated in several points by enemy forces and the 503rd FA Bn's positions came under enemy mortar, small arms fire and attack. Heavy fighting occurred in and around the area of the FA Bn's positions. 

Orders were received for 503rd FA Bn to withdraw from their positions and proceed south on the MSR (Main Service Road).  Enemy fire was continuous as the 503rd left their positions and reached the MSR. Proceeding south on the MSR encountering heavy enemy resistance at many points, the 503rd FA Bn moved to the vicinity of the town of SAEMAL DS 075522, MS 6725 I (see overlay). The Bn was ordered to get into positions and give support to friendly infantry units who were in a defense perimeter in that area.

Enemy infiltrators placed heavy automatic and small arms fire on the Bn's positions. After a heavy fire fight the 503rd FA Bn was again ordered to withdraw and reaching the MSR proceed proceed toward the town of Hoengsong (DS0149), which was under heavy enemy attack, the 503rd FA Bn moved into positions to support their infantry defenders. Heavy fighting continued as the day of the the 12th ended.

The morning of the 13th of Feb found the 503rd FA Bn still in location in the town of Hoengsong under heavy enemy attack. Orders ware received for the Bn to withdraw from the town and proceed on the MSR south towards the town of Wonju DS 085344, MS 6726 II. During the withdrawal, enemy attacks and road blocks halted the movement several times and elements of the 503rd FA Bn were separated by enemy fire and attack. The Bn after running a continuous gantlet of enemy fire and attack reached the town of Wonju and was sent to a new area for re-supply, regrouping and rest.

Condensation of Command Reports                              Prepared by;

503rd FA Bn                                                                 GRS KCOMZ

12th, 13th Feb 1951