MIA/CAP Report - At the end of the war, thousands of men returned from prison camps.

While aboard the ships crossing the Pacific, they were debriefed at least four times.  They were asked many questions about who they remember seeing or about whom they heard information . Each time, as they became stronger, their memory improved and recollections were recorded. 

Those debriefs were formulated into reports of the ”Missing in Action” in one column and the “Captured” in another. 

If a number appears in this MIA/CAP field when you click on a particular name, it means that number of “Captured” offered some information on the subject MIA.

The actual debriefs are on the sixth floor of the National Archives, but have not been released to the Public. According to researchers at DPMO, we’ve already spent a $Million of your tax dollars on their declassification, but the job is just to large to tackle without more money.

In the coming months, we hope to have the names of those ex-POWs (who mentioned the MIAs) on the page with the subject MIA.
Meanwhile. email us and we'll supply you the list.