If you're looking for coordinates provided in parentheses after a location, like (BT9942), named in a document, the first two alpha characters are the grid area. Consider the first half of the numbers as the horizontal coordinate. The last half as the vertical. Example: (BT9942  is on the BT page.  Look over the following map and click within the BT area. When the next detailed map appears, count 9.9 lines across and 4.2 lines up from the bottom to find Sibyon-ni.)
A word of caution.  The Korean language looks like Chinese when written. Consequently, the village, towns and rivers depicted on these charts were phonetically translated into English.  Many sound similar. Many errors in spelling and coordinates were made by interrogators.  Read all of your documents and check to see if the information makes sense. Disregard or weigh spellings and coordinates accordingly.

If your loved-one was an aviator and the documents refer to color routes, click here.

Scroll around until you find the area you want, then click on the grid (area) of your choice and a more detailed chart will appear!