Korean War POW/MIA Network
This page is the most valuable tool in learning what happened to your missing loved-one!
Listed here alphabetically are the men who went missing from the same unit on the same day.
Scroll down the alphabet to find your missing man while noting the entries in the columns for all these men.
  Print (landscape & legal size) this page. Keep this list handy while doing your search. Submit it to your Casualty Officer.  Request information from the files of the other men and contact information on their families. Why? Because men were captured in groups. Some names, especially if recorded phonetically by Chinese or North Korean, are misspelled. Some men were not remembered by name, but often by nickname or physical description. Some were lost along the way on marches.  By tracking the group, you may learn what happened to an individual. Please email johnzimmerlee at bellsouth.net or fax (770-578-0002) with as much information as possible to fill in the missing blanks on your loved-one.

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Column Headings
LOSS_DT - approximate date when man went missing;
- his regular unit or the unit he was physically with when he went missing;
INC_AREA - the general area, town, battlefield where he went missing;
- use map button on home page to find this coordinate.
- request this from Casualty Office. It gives details on what happened.
- Planes are identified by type here;
most were promoted upon missing; When searching, expect to see 1 rank lower. 
- status assigned by our Govt; 
-  if we have evidence, we offer an alternate status here; 
- number of ex-POWs who gave info on this man; 
- 944 men known to be alive in Communist hands;
- even stronger evidence of men alive in enemy hands; 
- men who died on Tiger march; 
NG - names of captured men by Communists;
- Prison Camp;  
- name on blackboard in school house;
Sunchon Tunnel Massacre; 
- air loss case #;
- Air Intel Report; 
- 200-25 Report
12/1/1950 7 ID N korea       O-1295069 ADAMS MELVILLE EUGENE CPT KIA DIEH                      
12/1/1950 7 ID     FSC321   RA16315206 ANGEVINE ROBERT H SGT POW DIEH 1         P5          
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA39246818 BACH RICHARD BENADICT SGT POW     X                  
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA38372052 BARNETT MURRAY W SGT POW   3                    
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA17256345 BEEK ELDERT JOHN CPL KIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA12107317 BELDEN HOWARD R SGT MIA POW                      
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA11168060 BILLIEL WALTER H CPL KIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA25285530 BROWN BOBBY CANTRELL CPL MIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID         O-00960904 CONNER JAMES WILVER CPT MIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA25026863 CUNNINGHAM WILLIAM S CPL MIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA13277149 DELAUTER ROY CHARLES SGT KIA KIA 1                    
12/1/1950 7 ID     FSC321   RA13252624 DONOVAN GEORGE T MSG POW DIEH 4         P5          
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA15423071 EMERY JAMES RICHARD PFC KIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA15379273 FIELDS RODGER ENGLE PFC KIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA12330496 FLEMING CECIL LEON CPL POW DIEH 6                    
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA06831191 FRESEN RICHARD D MSG POW                        
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA34105609 FUQUA FRED   SFC KIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA31479269 GARCIA JOHN JOSEPH SFC KIA POW                      
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA35968746 GARRIGUS CHARLES   SGT KIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA12287594 GEBOU WILLIAM SAMUEL CPL MIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA13162947 GOWER STERLING C CPL MIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA18345258 GRAVES RILEY W PVT KIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA6861240 GREGORY CHARLES WILLIAM SFC POW   2                    
12/1/1950 7 ID     FSC322   RA13307920 HAMERSHY RUSSELL G CPL POW DIEH 3 X       P5          
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA12339838 HAMMERLE WILLIAM G CPL KIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID         O-01303722 HANNER MILTON LUCIAN MAJ MIA   4                    
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA38454554 HERRERA PABLO   CPL KIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID         O-01686600 HOTT WILLIAM H 1LT KIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA13283622 HOWLEY EDWARD FRANCIS CPL KIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA15416806 JAYNES EDWARD R PFC MIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA34557920 KENTY ARTHUR MAX SGT POW DIEH 1                    
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA34064307 MARSHALL WILLIE F CPL KIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID         O-02010894 MORROW CARL NELSON 1LT KIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID     FSC435   RA15224135 MULLINS ELMER   SGT POW             P5          
12/1/1950 7 ID     FSC435   RA12114296 MURPHY RICHARD H SFC MIA             P5          
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA16287871 PAYNOVICK MILO G SGT MIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA12116436 PETERSON LYNN R CPL MIA   1                    
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA33355059 PIERCE CLAYTON M SGT KIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA15378664 POWELL ROY LELAN SGT KIA POW   X                  
12/1/1950 7 ID         O-00948392 RYBOLT JULE CARL 1LT MIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID     FSC321   RA18277913 SANDERSON GERALD RAY CPL POW DIEH 2         P5          
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA15268628 SCHEFFER RICHARD H CPL KIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA39548600 SCHMIDT DUANE C CPL KIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA16292689 SCOTT ROBERT W CPL MIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID         O-00365203 STORMS HARVEY H MAJ MIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA6521009 SUTTON DANIEL HAUSEN SFC KIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA31332595 SUTTON HARRY CORNELIUS MSG KIA KIA 1                    
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA14243048 TUBERVILLE MICHAUX   CPL KIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA20362117 TWIFORD HARRY G SGT KIA                        
12/1/1950 7 ID         RA13347269 WETZEL FRANKLIN W CPL MIA