(Retyped by Korean War POW/MIA Network for clarity)


SECURITY: UNCLASSIFIED        Priority:  6ll.95a241/9-2350
                                                           XR 800.571
TO : Department of State

from : American Consulate, Geneva, Switzerland   #34  Sep 23,1950
Ref:   --
Subject:     Transmittal unofficial list U.S. POWs received from ICRC

The International Committee of the Red Cross has furnished an unofficial list of 115 United States prisoners of war in the hands of the North Korean authorities. This list was communicated to the International Committee of the Red Cross by their delegate at Peking who stated that the names included in this list were broadcast on July 17th by Sergeant Floyd A. Roy of the 21st Regiment, 24th Division. Sergeant Roy is reported to have stated in this broadcast "We are 115 POWs, thirteen among us are nursed at the hospital for wounds. We are all treated in a humane manner." The ICRC emphasizes that this is an unofficial list and that the spelling of some of the names may be quite unreliable. They have checked this unofficial list against the two telegrams containing official lists received from the Foreign Minister of the North Korean People's Republic and previously transmitted to the Department. According to the ICRC, forty-eight of these names had already appeared in the official lists received.

The following are the names figuring in this unofficial list of American POWs:

21 Regt. 24 Div.

2nd Lieut.         Jonsen COX,
1st class Sgt.     Harvey N. BAILEY
1st class Sgt.     Martin A. STRAHAN
Sergeants          Floyd A. ROY
                         Michel M. POSKOVICH
                         Harvey T. VAWAN
                         Larry B. HIDALGO
Corporals           Calvin TAYLOR
                         Joseph A. WALINTUKONIS
                         Marvin E. TALBERT
                         Ernest J. DEHORLES
                         John P. GARTIN
                         William E. WILBURN
                          Samuel E. COSBY
                          Earl W. SHEWALTER
                          Ernest FORTUNA
                          Jaime 0. DOMENECH
                          Olivier CLINE
                          Leo A. DENTON


1st class privates  Tomio TADAKI
                            Charles L. HEDDINGER
                            Max MYER
                            Harold S. FAUCHER
                            Grady FLOOK
                            Raymond B. MELLIN
                            Johnnie ELDRIDGE
                            Billie J. HOLLAND
                            John S. LYCAN
                            Thomas BERARDI
                            William C. FLEMING
                            Alfonso T. NATERE
                            Robert D. FURLOW
                            Karl F. CONNICK
                            William K.HOLLANG
                            Clyde T. ROCKWELL
                            Patrick CRESS
                            Jack GOODWIN
                            Clyatt R. DUBOSC
                            Buchar MEFFORD
                             Florentino GONIALEZ
                             Albert VINCENT
                             John T. GRESPO
                             George P. PAVIS
                             Ralph E. KING
                             Sidurd OLSON
                             Samora ANSELMO

Privates                 Alfred C. BORDEAU
                             Charles L. FRONAPFEL
                             Benjamin FERGUSEN
                             Wilbur COLFORD
                             Myron E. GLOSS
                             Calvin A. VANWINKLE
                             Raymond C. SIMPSON
                             George E. BUSKIRK
                             A. Ray TOMPSON
                             Neil R. SCOTT
                             O.C. CLARK
                             William R. McRILL
                             Robert HELMICH
                             Joe TALBERT
                             Tamaya GOICHI
                             Kermit KOCH
                             Lewis J. PATTERSON
                             Robert J. STANLEY
                             Earl COLBEY

24 Regt. 24 Div

Corporal                John D. SANDERS
1st class                 Private Benito J. ANGUINO


34 Regt. 24 Div.

Major                  John Joseph DUNN
1st Lieut.             Herbert E. MARLATT
1st class Sgt.        Henry G. LEERKAMP
Sergeant              Merlin J. HAMILTON
Sergeant              Jay RYE
Corporal               Omer L. ANDERSEN
1st class privates  Charles William ADAMS
                            Basil VARNEY, Jr.
                            Raymond ROGERS
                            Edward E. ESTES
                            Adelbert BLUE
                            Lacey JENNINGS, Jr.
                            Jack BROWNING
                            Glenn L. PRATT
                            Albert E. ROSE
                             Paul P. STRAUSER
                             Lee B. REED
                            Zuzumu SCINAGAWA

Privates                Gedney ROBERTS

                             Harold GUSTAFSON

                             Martin G. TULLIS

                             Lewis CHEFF

                             Robert MURPHY

                             George TORHAN

                             Fred H. RAGER

                            Jackie L. MURDOCH

                             Kenneth L. SKINNER

                            Thomas A. CAMMARANO

                             Leonard D. HALLUM

                             Clayton CHRISTOPULOGE

                             Ralther McNARY

                             Frank MARTINEZ

                            Tony APODACA

                                  Edward LORI

                             Cecil R. GLASS

                              Leonard L. PIERSE

                              Richard P. SWANSON

                              William C. SWITZER

                              Jackson MAYS

                              John McDONNEL

52 Regt. 24 Div.

Captain                   Ambrose H. NUGENT
1st Class Private      Jesse I. SIZEMORE
1st Class Private      Melvin J. HILL
1st Class Private       Robert D. STEPHENS



Artillery 24 Div

1st Class Private        Edward KING Private Richard CUMMINGS

8 Flight of the 5th Air Force

1st Lieut                    Donald S. SIRMAN

                                                        R. E. Ward, Jr.
                                                        American Consul