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Akin, Rolan M.

Rank & Serial No.: 1st Lt (promoted to Capt while MIA); AO 2094960
Organization & Duty: 8th Bomb Squadron, 3d Bomb Group; Pilot
Aircraft Type and No.: B-26; 41-39441A

Identifying Data: Birth Date. 1 April 1923

Race: Caucasian   Eyes: hazel;   Hair: brown;   Height: 5'9";    Weight: 188 lbs.

Distinguishing Marks. Appendectomy scar.

Circumstances of Loss:

1. Reported MIA 12 September 1951.

2. Last known radio contact with aircraft was made at 0246 hours on 12 September 1951, at point 3830' N.12604' E., inbound to target area.

Subsequent Reports:

1. Chinese prisoner of war stated a light bomber identified as a B-26 made a forced landing- in vicinity of Hamp'o approximately 15 kilometers north of Kumch'on about 11 September 1951. One crew member was already dead. One had a broken leg" and was shot The third, believed to be an officer, was taken prisoner by North Korean militia.

2. The only other B-26 downed in the same general area at the same approximate time has been reported on by a repatriated crewman, MSgt George Morar, who claims to be the only survivor.

3. The writers of a letter dated 4 April and received 11 April 1955 by the Office of Chinese Affairs, U.S. Department of State, claimed to have information on the whereabouts of the following, named as USAF personnel still being detained: "Captain Albert P. DeRosier of Air Force B-26 No. 01540348, Navigator, captured at Manchuria on 11/9/61; 1st Lt Rolan M. Akin, No. AO 2094960, mechanic engineer of B-26 captured at Antung on 12/9/51." The writers also claimed they could supply pictures and handwriting samples. The letter was addressed to: The Director of Executive Secretariat, State Department, Washington, D.C., U.S.A.; from: 2d Floor, Rue De Antonio, Macao; and signed; Pang Tai Yen, Liu Fei Peng. The return address was investigated and found nonexistent Conclusion:

The validity of the letter referring to Lt Akin is very questionable and is not considered to provide substantial information. Nevertheless, it is possible that Lt Akin did survive and was subsequently captured by enemy forces.

Personal History:

Birthplace. Hewkins, Kans. Cities of Residence. Hewkins, Shawnee, Okla.

WWII Service. Zone of Interior. Marital Status. Single

Civilian Schools. High School, Shawnee, Okla., 1941; Arizona State Teacher's College, Ariz., 1944; Oklahoma A & M, B.S., mechanical engineering, 1950.

Military Schools. Santa Ana, Calif, (pre-flight, Aug. 44); Lancaster, Calif, (primary flight, Nov. 44); Tucson, Ariz, (basic flight, Feb. 45); LaJunta, Calif, (advanced flight, Apr. 45) ; Minter Fid, Calif (continuation pilot training, May 45) ; Del Rio, Tex. (B-26 transition training, Sept. 45).

Previous Occupations. Sheet metal worker, aircraft assembler.

Hobbies. Built scale-model airplanes and boats occasionally.

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