16 January 1961  AFM 200-25                                 Korean War POW/MIA Network

Allen, Jack Victor

Capt; 16683A
3d Bomb Group; Pilot
B-26; 44-35355A

Identifying Data:

Birth Date. 20 May 1920   Race. Caucasian  Eyes: dark brown;     Hair; dark brown; Height; 5'G"; Weight; 140 lbs.   Distinguishing Marks. Scar on right side of forehead.

Circumstances of Loss:

1. Reported MIA Uuly 1953.

2. On 1 July, while attacking: ground targets near Chinnampo, Capt Allen's plane was set on fire by enemy antiaircraft fire. After establishing- contact with control, Allen turned toward Chodo Island. About 7 miles south of the island the fire appeared to grow worse and he ordered the other crew members to bail out At 0032 hours, he reported they had cleared the plane from 3,200 feet and that he was ready to follow.

AFM 20O-2i

Subsequent Reports:

About 0130, 1 July, the other crew members (Lts Kittleson and Lebrun, and Airman Conner) were rescued from the water. They reported that after parachuting- they had not seen Capt Allen, but that they had observed a burning object, which they believed to be the B-26, on the water about 16 miles west of where they had landed. Subsequent search revealed no trace of Capt Allen.

Personal History:

Birthplace. Lennox, S. Dak.

Cities of Residence. San Antonio, Tex.; Santa Ana, Calif.; San Francisco, Calif.

WW11 Service. European Theater.

Wife & Children, (redacted)

Civilian Schools. Santa Ana High School, Calif., 1938; Santa Ana Jr. College, Calif., 1939-42.

Military Schools. Des Moines, Iowa (Jun, 44); Santa Ana, Calif, (preflight pilot, Jul. 44); Glendale, Ariz, (primary pilot, Nov. 44); Tucson, Ariz, (basic pilot, Jan. 45); Marfa, Tex. (advanced pilot, Apr. 45); Merced, Calif, (continuation training*, Jun. 45); Erding Air Depot, Germany (Army Air Force personnel management, Jul. 47); Randolph AFB, Tex. (central instructor's school, Jul. 49); Perrin AFB, Tex. (B-26 transition training, Sept 62); Langley AFB, Va. (advanced flying school, Nov. 52); Stead AFB, Nev. (survival school, Jan. 53).

Previous Occupation. Aircraft worker, instructor pilot (holds commercial pilot's license).

Languages. Reads, speaks, and comprehends French and Danish fairly well.

Hobbies. Model airplanes.

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