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Anderson, Robert Eugene

 1st Lt; AO 1911386
154 Ftr-Bmr Sq; Pilot
F-84D; 48758

Identifying Data:
Birth Date.
10 November 1926  Race. Caucasian  Eyes: gray;    Hair: brown;
5'-9  Weight: 159 lbs. 
Distinguishing Marks.
Appendectomy scar; 1.5" scar on left cheek, inferolateral to nose;
1" scar, midline frontal scalp.

Circumstances of Loss:

1. Reported MIA 21 May 1952.

2. Lt Anderson was flying: number-four position on an interdiction mission, 21 May 1952. During: withdrawal from the target area, at an altitude of 50 to 100 feet, the flight leader requested Anderson's position and received acknowledgment that he was right behind him. Shortly after, there was an explosion at the rear of the flight The leader of another  flight reported an explosion at approximately 0920. Parts of an aircraft were scattered over a wide area and there was no sign of Anderson, according to those who circled the crash area.

Subsequent Reports:
A report from Far East Air Forces after "Little Switch" indicated a returnee "thought" Lt Anderson was in Camp No. 2. A second FEAF report said that this information had been obtained through British sources in Korea. However, the British Air Ministry stated later that the British sources had no information concerning Lt Anderson.


The report that Lt Anderson was seen in Camp No. 2 appears to be of very doubtful validity.

Personal History:

Birthplace. Cabot, Ark. Cities of Residence. Cabot, Ark. Marital Status. Single.
Parents. (redacted)

Civilian Schools. Cabot High School, Cabot, Ark., 1946; Little Rock Jr. College, Little Rock, Ark., 1948.

Military Schools. Pilot training, single engine, Sept. 60.

Previous Occupation. Electrician in Merchant Marine, 1944-46.

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