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Andrews, Robert Basil

Capt; AO 813127

3d Bomb Group; Radar Observer

 B-26; 44-34336A

Identifying Data: Birth Date. 7 May 1921  Race. Caucasian  Eyes: blue; Hair: blonde; Height: 5'6"   Weight: 150 lbs.

Note: "Circumstances of Loss," "Subsequent Reports," and "Conclusion" are the same as those given for 1st Lt Ernest Max Adler

Circumstances of Lots:

1.  Reported MIA 15 October 1951.
2.  The pilot reported at 2138 hours, 14 October 1951, that the aircraft had been hit southwest of Nanch'onjom.   He said he was continuing on  a  course of 250 degrees. Friendly aircraft in the area reported a large explosion and fire at 2145 hours.

Subsequent Reports:

1.  Daylight reconnaissance of the area was negative.
2.  1st Lt William F. Brown, bombardier of the aircraft, was returned to friendly control on 17 October 1951. He reported that the aircraft was hit by light antiaircraft fire at an altitude of 500 feet.  The right engine immediately caught fire. Although unable to climb, the aircraft was under control until the bailout bell rang about 2 minutes later. He was certain that he was the last one to leave the aircraft. He didn't see the other crew members leave, but they were ready and had time. He was unable to observe any parachutes because of darkness. He landed safely in enemy territory 1,000 feet from the crashed aircraft, abandoned his parachute, and hid. He heard enemy soldiers search the area, and a few minutes later, three shots and much talking. He presumed the shots were a signal that his parachute had been found since they came from where he had landed. Ten minutes later he heard three more shots and presumed another parachute-had been found. He evaded and was later rescued.


The altitude of the aircraft reported by Lt Brown would seriously limit the chances of successful bailout and landing. Enemy personnel may have located other crew members.

Personal History:

Birthplace. Sayre, Pa. Cities of Residence. Elmira, N.Y. WW II Service. European Theater, England and France.

Marital Status, (redacted)

Civilian Schools. High School, Elmira, N.Y., 1940; Cornell University, N.Y., 1951.

Military Schools. Selman Fid, La. (pre-flight, Jan. 43) ; Selman Fid, La, (advanced navigation, Oct. 43) ; Ellington. Fid, Tex. (navigation refresher course, Jan. 45) ; Langley AFB, Va. (B-26 combat crew training, Aug. 51).

Previous Occupation, Bookkeeper, 1942; assistant chemist, 1951.

Languages & Special Skills. German, biochemist.

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