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Arms, John Walter

2d Lt (promoted to 1st Lt while MIA); AO2225726
6148th Tac Con Sq   Pilot   T-6; 49-3548A

identifying Data:  Birth Date. 14 December 1928  Race. Caucasian  Eyes: blue; Hair: blonde;
Height: 5'6"; Weight: 140 lbs.  Distinguishing Marks. 3x2 cm. scar above right ankle.

Circumstances of Loss;

1. Reported MIA 5 June 1953.

2. About 0748 hours, 5 June 1953, Lt Arms reported that his plane was receiving heavy ground fire. This was the last contact with the plane. The following reports were received from forward observers, both air and ground, in Lt Arms' area of operations: at 0750 hours, a plane crashed; although the wings were sheared off, the fuselage appeared practically intact; at 0757 hours, a man, apparently from the crashed plane, ran into nearby bushes; at 0820 hours, a man was captured near the crash; at 0900 hours, seven enemy took a man prisoner; at 1000 hours, the pilot and observer of the crashed plane were captured.
3. There have been no further reports.


One of the two crew members, possibly both of them, survived the crash and was captured.

Personal History:

Birthplace, Portsmouth, Ohio.

Cities of Residence. Portsmouth, Ohio.

Marital Status. Single.

Parents (redacted)

Civilian Schools. Portsmouth High School; Ohio University, 3 years, engineering, 1951.

Military Schools. Jacksonville, Fla. (aviation fundamentals and aviation ordnance, (U.S. Navy, 1946); Greenville AFB, Miss. (preflight pilot, Sept 51); Greenville AFB, Miss, (basic pilot, Mar. 52); Laredo AFB, Tex. (basic pilot, single engine, Oct. 52).

Previous Occupation. Student

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