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Ashley, Gilbert Lamour, Jr.

1st Lt (promoted to Capt while MIA)  AO666215
28th Bomb Sq, 19th Bomb Group;

Aircraft Commander B-29A; 42-£5357A

Identifying Data:  Birth Date. 8 May 1922  Race. Caucasian  Eyes: gray; Hair: brown;
Height: 5' 1014"; Weight: 148 lbs.  Distinguishing Marks. 6" herniorrhaphy scar, left inquinal.

Circumstances of Loss:

1. Reported MIA 29 January 1953.

2. Lt Ashley's plane, carrying 14 crewmen, was attacked by enemy fighters at 0021 hours, 29 January 1953, 10 to 12 miles south of Pyongyang. It caught fire, crashed, and exploded. Four parachutes were seen by another B-29. Flashlights and red flares were seen shortly thereafter.

Subsequent Reports:

Three crew members were repatriated in June and- September 1953óA/2C Gerald Abrahamson, A/2C Robert Weinbrandt, and SSgt Lee Miller. According to their reports, one other crewman, Lt Stopa, was captured and later died; also, at least three other crewmen were thought to have bailed outóLt Shaddick, copilot; Lt Turner, pilot; and Lt Olson, radar bombardier.

Personal History:

Birthplace. Baltimore, Md. Cities of Residence. Rock Hall, Md. WW II Service. Central Europe, Air Offensive Europe, Normandy.

Marital Status. Single.   Parents (redacted).

Civilian Schools. Rock Hall High School; University of Maryland, 3 years, zoology.

Military Schools. Kelly Fid, Tex. (preflight pilot, Apr. 42) ; Parks Air College, St. Louis, Mo. (primary flight, Jul. 42) ; Enid, Okla. (basic pilot, Sept, 42); Lubbock, Tex. (advanced twin engine, Nov. 42).

Previous Occupation. Aircraft sheet metal worker, Glenn L. Martin Co.

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