AFM 200-25   16 January 1961                    Korean War POW/MIA Network

Bell, Donald Edwin

1st Lt; AO 814007
Hq 3d Bomb Gp;   Navigator B-26C; 44-34358A

Identifying Data:  Birth Date. 6 August 1924   Race. Caucasian
Eyes: hazel or green; Hair: dark brown; Height; 5'9"; Weight: 156 lbs.
Distinguishing Marks. 4" surgical scar, appendectomy.

 Circumstances of Loss:

1. Reported MIA 26 January 1952.

2. Lt Bell's plane departed its base at 2303 hours, 25 January 1952, for a night intrude: mission over North Korea. At 0105, 26 January 1962, the pilot reported that he was proceeding to attack three lights 5 to 10 miles north of the flare ship with which he had been working. The plane was not heard from again.

Personal History:

Birthplace. Yuba City, Calif.

Cities of Residence. Yuba City, Calif. Fair Oaks, Calif.; Washington, D.C.

WW II Service. Air Offensive, Europe; Rhineland Campaign; Rome (Arno Campaign) ; Naples (Fogrgia Campaign); North France Campaign; Normandy Campaign; prisoner of war in Germany.

Wife & Children. (redacted)

Civilian Schools. High School, Fair Oaks, Calif.; University of California, 2 years, prelaw; Golden Gate College, Calif., LL.B., 1951; George Washington University, Washington. D.C., V year, pre-Iaw.

Military Schools. Monroe, La. (preflight navigation, May 43); Coral Gables, Fla. (advanced navigation, Oct. 43); Ellington AFB, Tex. (navigation refresher, Jun. 61); Langley AFB, Va. (combat crew training, Sept 51).

Previous Occupation. Insurance claims investigator; clerk, Department of Justice, FBI.

Languages. Reads French and Latin fairly well.

Hobbies. Book collecting.
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