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Bergmann, Louis Henry

Sgt;   AF 17124468  93d Bomb Sq; 19th Bomb Group;

Radar Operator  B-29 ; 69682A

Identifying Data:  Birth Date. 1 May 1926     Race. Caucasian
Eyes: blue;     Hair: blonde;     Height: Weight: 143 lbs.

Circumstances of Loss:

1. Reported MIA 12 April 1951.

2. About 1018 hours, 12 April 1951, Bergmann's aircraft was attacked by MIG fighters just prior to its bomb run. The plane was set afire and exploded either just before or upon impact on the side of a mountain at 39'54' N.—124'33' E.

Subsequent Reports:

1. Although Communist Hungarian newspaperman Merai has stated that at least 5 men parachuted from a B-29 in the area of the crash, repatriated crew members SSgt John H. Gant and Sgt George E. Millward believe that only 3 of the 11 crewmen survived—themselves and Sgt Bergmann. Gant's captors told him eight other bodies were found at the scene of the crash. This was before interrogation began and only 2 to 3 hours after the crash.

2. Other reports on Bergmann are as follows : He was in Sinjuju in April 1951 and shared a cell with SSgt Gant During- the same month, he was sent to Antung, Manchuria, for interrogation by Russians and Chinese. He was later taken to Pak's Palace, an interrogation center near Pyongyang, Korea, for further questioning." He was seen in the Pyongyang- area at various times from September to November or December 1951, during which time he was suffering from amoebic dysentery and malnutrition. He was taken to a hospital in September for treatment and (it was rumored) given a blood transfusion by a Hungarian. medical team. NOTE: This information was taken from remarks of or attributed to: SSgt John H. Gant; Sgt. George E. Millward; Lt Col Donald J. Mac LeIIan, AO 790369, 452d Wg; SSg^ Leonard L. Moree, AF 17225965; Capt J. S. Hearn, AO 664306; Sgt Marvin E. King-; Lt Col Thomas D. Harrison; Lt George J. Knego. Sgt Millward once stated that Lt Col Harrison told him Bergrnann had died at Pak's Palace in November or December 195: However, during a later interrogation con cerning Harrison's statement on Bergmann death, Millward grave different informatioi saying: only that Harrison had heard b rumor that Bergmann had been treated an given a blood transfusion by a Hungaria medical team.

Personal History:

Birthplace. St. Paul, Minn.

Cities of Residence. St. Paul, Minn. '

WW II Service. Asiatic-Pacific Theater.

Marital Status. Single.

Parents. (redacted)

Civilian Schools. Grammar and High School, St. Paul, Minn.

Military Schools. Radioman, school unknown.

Previous Occupation. Student.

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