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Bigham, Donald G.

Capt; AO 767469   Hq & Hq Sq, 98th Bomb Wing;
Pilot   B-29A; 42-93574

Identifying Data: Birth Date. 14 September 1919   Race. Caucasian
Eyes: brown; Hair: brown; Height: 5'7"; Weight: 134 lbs.

Distinguishing Marks. I" oblique scar, dorsal right hand; 2" oblique scar, right shoulder.

Circumstances of Loss:

1. Reported MIA 9 November 1951.

2. At 0025 hours, 9 November 1951, Capt Bigham's plane was hit by flak but stayed aloft long enough to allow the crew to bail out over the friendly island of Paengnyong-do. Bigham was seen bailing out with a dinghy attached. All other crew members were rescued.

Subsequent Reports: , -

1. The island commander saw two unidentified motor junks near the island when the crew bailed out.

2. The plane's crew felt that, while Bigham should have landed in the water near the island's shore, he could have been either blown to the Communist mainland, 9 miles away, or more likely, picked up by the unidentified junks.

3. Sgt Northy, the engineer, bailed out just before Bigham and landed in the water 2 miles from the island. The aircraft was circling the island at the time.


It is probable that Captain Bigham landed in the water some distance from the island. He may have survived and was possibly picked up by the enemy.

Personal History:

Birthplace. Long Beach, Calif. Cities of Residence. Tucson, Ariz. WW II Service. European Theater, England.

Wife & Children, (redacted)

Civilian Schools. High School, Bakersfield, Calif., 1937.

Military Schools. Lowry AFB, Colo, (armament, May 39) ; Scott AFB, III. (airplane maintenance, May 41) ; Chanute AFB, III. (instruments, Jul. 41); Ft, Douglas, Utah (chemical warfare, Sept. 41); Santa Ana, Calif, (preflight, Jul. 43) ; Tulare, Calif. (primary flight, Sept. 43); Merced, Calif. (basic flight, Dec. 43) ; Stockton Fid, Calif. (advanced flight, Feb. 44); Hobbs, N. Mex (B-17 transition, Apr. 44); AAF Statioi 112, England (combat crew, Sept. 44) ; Or Iando, Fla, (maintenance management, Ma; 46); Chanute AFB, III (aircraft mainte nance, Jun. 47); Chanute AFB, HL (weigh and balance officer, Jun. 47) ; Travis AFB Calif. (B-36 mobile training detachment Jul. 51).

Previous Occupation. Student. Special Skills. Commercial pilot.

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