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Bolt, Donald David

1st Lt (promoted to Capt while MIA) ;AO 837772
Hq Sq, 18th Ftighter Group;    Pilot F-51; 44-84982

Identifying Data:   Birth Date. 4 April 1924       Race. Caucasian
Eyes; brown; Hair; brown; Height; 6'7"; Weight: 116 lbs.

Circumstances of Loss:

1. Reported MIA 2 October 1950.

2. About 0715 hours, 2 October 1950, Lt Bolt's aircraft was hit by antiaircraft fire near a railroad tunnel 20 miles north of Pyongyang. Bolt made a forced landing in a rice field behind enemy lines at S908' N. 125'38' E, The landing was witnessed by Capt McGee and Lt Daniel B. Leake, who were flying in the same formation. Leake flew cover over Bolt's plane and saw him get out on the wing and wave. Leake dropped notes to Bolt and learned that he was injured but not being fired upon. Bolt was last seen just before darkness. There have been no further reports.

Personal History:

Birthplace. Philadelphia, Pa. Cities of Residence. Roanoke, Va.; Aberdeen, Md.; Havre De Grace, Md. WWII Service. Zone of Interior.

Marital Status. Single.

Civilian Schools. William Fleming Higl School, Roanoke, Va.; University of Maryland, science, 3 years.

Military Schools. Syracuse University, N.Y. (preflight, 1943); Maxwell Fid, Ala. (preflight, 1943); Avon Park, Fla. (primary, 1944); Bush Fid, Ga. (basic, 1944); Spence Fid, Ga. (advanced, 1944); Spence Fid, Ga. (fighter transition and aerial gunnery, 1944).

Previous Occupation. Flight instructor, Brinkerhoff Flying Service, College Park, Md., 1947-48.

Special Skill. Draftsman (topographic maps, charts, and drawings and constructed photo maps), amateur artist, amateur photographer.

Sports, Basketball, baseball, football.

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