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Burrell, Jackson Alexander

Capt; AO 2081396  13th Bomb Sq, 3d Bomb Group

Navigator  B-26;    44-35760A

Identifying Data:  Birth Date. 3 September 1925  Race. Caucasian.
Eyes: blue; Hair: brown; Height: Weight: 129 lbs.
Distinguishing Marks, Appendectomy scar.

Circumstances of loss:

1. Reported MIA 5 June 1952.

2. At 2325 hours, 5 June 1952, a distress call was received by another plane that Capt Burrell's plane was on fire and the crew was bailing out 15 miles south of the big island off the northwest coast of Korea, The plane that received the call proceeded at once to the scene but found no trace of the crew. Air rescue units searched with negative results.


Capt Burrell probably bailed out successfully and landed in the water. This being the case, he could have been either picked up by enemy forces at sea or drowned.

Personal History:

Birthplace. Sharptop, Cherokee County, Ga.

Cities of Residence. Marble Hill, Ga.: Gainesville, Ga.

WWII Service. Zone of interior.

Marital Status. Single.

Civilian Schools. Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Ga., B.S., textile engineering, 1946-49.

Military Schools. Maxwell Fid, Ala. (pre-flight, Sept 44); San Marcus Army Air Fid, San Marcus, Tex. (advanced navigation, Jan. 45); Ellington AFB, Tex. (Air Force Navigation School, Central Instructors School, May 51) ; Langley AFB, Va. (combat crew training, Nov. 51).

Previous Occupation. Textile engineer in training, 1949-51.

Languages. Reads, writes, and speaks French poorly.

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