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Burton, Woodrow

1st Lt;     AO 2101608  40th Ftr-Intcp Sq, 35th Group
Pilot  F-51 (number unknown)

Identifying Data:  Birth Date: 11 September 1918   Race. Caucasian
Eyes: blue; Hair: blonde; Height: 5'10" Weight: 193 lbs.

Circumstances of Loss:

1. Reported MIA 2 October 1950.

2. On 2 October 1960, Lt Burton was flying in a flight of four F-51's assigned target around Pyongyang. Fifteen miles northeast of Pyongyang, at 800 feet, Burton called to say that his plane had been hit by enemy; ground fire. He took his plane to 1,000 fee and bailed out successfully. He landed in enemy territory 4 miles east-northeast of Pyongyang (3904' N.12560' E.) at 1620 hours. He was immediately surrounded by several civilians. The remaining three plane in the flight circled the area for 10 minute; and Burton waved to indicate he was all right


Lt Burton was subsequently captured by enemy forces.

Personal History;

Birthplace. Moberly, Mo.

Cities of Residence. Bloomington, Quincy, III.; Jacksonville, 111.

WW II Service. Pacific Theater, 10 months.

Marital Status. Single. Parents.

Civilian Schools. Quincy Senior High School, 111.; Wadlow Flying School, Godfrey, III.

Military Schools. San Antonio, Tex. (pre-flight pilot, 1954); Chickasha, Okla. (primary pilot, 1945); Perrin Fid, Tex. (basic pilot, 1945) ; Enid, Okla. (advanced pilot, 1945).

Previous Occupation. Chief pilot, Contract Flight School; sales representative, wholesale paper products.

Special Skills. Commercial pilot license, flight instructor's rating on single and multiple engines.

Hobbies. Football, basketball, swimming, baseball; aircraft engine and fabric work.

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