Air Force Manual 200-25   16 January 1961      Korean War POW/MIA Network

Carlisle, Osbome Tommee

 Capt; AO 426554    344th Bomb Sq, 98th Bomb Wg;

Aircraft Commander   B-29; 44-9803

Identifying Data:  Birth Date. 27 February 1917   Race. Caucasian

Eyes: gray; Hair; brown, Height: 5'11"; Weight; 157 lbs.

Distinguishing Marks. Vertical appendectomy scar; numerous well-pigmented moles.

Circumstances of Loss:

1. Reported MIA 28 February 1952.

2. At 1612 hours, 28 February 1952, Capt Carlisle's plane departed on a bombing- mission. The number-two engine was smoking heavily at take-off. Five minutes after coast-in, number-two began vibrating. Excessive vibration continued and one engine burst into flames. The order was given to bail out at 14,000 feet The plane "crashed 15 miles southwest of Kansong, North Korea, at 2042 hours.

Subsequent Reports:

All crew members were accounted for except Capt Carlisle, A/2C Willard M. Denn, and 2nd Lt Lawrence A. Nelson. Seven of them evaded and were recovered by friendly forces. One was killed by enemy forces while attempting to return to friendly control. The remains of another were recovered near the scene of the crash.


All crew members seem to have had time to bail out before the crash. It is conceivable, however, that Capt Carlisle may not have successfully cleared the aircraft, since he was the aircraft commander and therefore the last to bail out.

Personal History

Birthplace. Onalaska, Tex.

Cities of Residence. Livingston, Tex. Austin, Tex.; Pasadena, Tex.; El Mont< Calif.

WWII Service. Zone of interior.

Wife & Children,(redacted)

Parents: (redacted)

Civilian Schools. Livingston High Schooi Livingston, Tex., 1935; University of Houston, Houston, Tex., 4^ months, 1935; San Houston Student Training Corps, Hunter ville, Tex., 4^ months, 1936; Steven F. Austin Student Training Corps, Nacoqdochester Tex., I3.5 months, 1940.

Military Schools. Ontario, Calif, (elementary flying, Apr. 41); Moffett Fid, Calif (basic flying, Jul. 41); Luke Fid, Ariz, (advanced flying, Sept 41); Luke Fid, Ariz, (flying instructor's course, Oct. 41) ; Williams' Fld, Ariz. (B-17 transition training, Feb 45) ; Lowry Fid, Colo. (B-29 transition training, Apr. 45).

Previous Occupation. Ranch hand.