AFM 200-25   16 January 1961      Korean War POW/MIA Network

Cherry, Clarence Martin

 SSgt; AF19201402   325th Bomb So, 92d Bomb Group;

Right Scanner  B-29; 44-62084

Identifying Data:  Birth Date. 3 March 1926     Race. Caucasian

Eyes: blue; Hair: brown; Height: 5-10; Weight: 163 lbs.

Circumstances of Loss:

1. Report MIA 9 September 1950.

2. SSgt Cherry's plane was hit by flak at 1127hours while over S9°25" N.—125°44" E. making: a bomb run. Five parachutes were sighted—four landing in the wreckage area, one approximately 600 yards away, over the crest of a hilt

Subsequent Reports:

A graves registration unit of the 24th Infantry Division investigated the scene of the crash and determined that two of the crew had been taken to a nearby hospital One (Capt Zane H. Hoit) was dead on arrival, the other was heard to use the name of "Jerry" or "Cherry." This crew member was later removed to an unknown destination by North Koreans.


There Is a good chance SSgt Cherry was the crewman removed from the hospital.

Personal History:

Birthplace. Comanche, Mont. Cities of Residence. Salem, Oreg. WWII Service. Pacific Theater, 3 months.
Marital Status.

Wife & Children: redacted

Parents. Mr. Harold A. Cherry and Mrs. Minnie Cherry. Box 510, Route 5, Salem, Oreg.

Civilian Schools. Grammar and High School, Salem, Oreg.

Military Schools. Lowry Fid, Colo., remote control turret mechanic gunner, JuL 44.

Previous Occupation. Sawmill machine operator, 1945-49.