AFM 200-25    16 January 1961         Korean War POW/MIA Network

Tiller, Horace N.

MSgt;AF 19052764    345th Bomb Sq, 98th Bomb Wg;

Flight Engineer    B-29; 44-86392

Identifying Data:  Birth Date. 16 July 1922  Race. Caucasian
Eyes: brown; Hair: brown; Height: 5'U"; Weight: 160 lbs.
Distinguishing Marks. Appendectomy.

Circumstances of Loss:

1. Reported MIA 19 November 1952.

2. At 0131 hours aircraft was on a bombing mission over Songhon. On return was hit by fighters. Aircraft went down approximately 8 miles north of Chodo Island after fire and order to bailout.

Subsequent Reports:

1. Maj Sawyer, aircraft commander landed safely on friendly island- He stated that he ordered the crew to follow, normal bailout procedure and was satisfied that he was the last man to leave the aircraft Lt Alan Winchester was picked up in the water off Chodo on the 19th. Maj Sawyer saw aircraft hit the water approximately 1/2 mile north of Chodo.

2. Neither of these crewmen had further information on the rest of their crew. The body of 1st Lt Beverly A. Swengle, AC 1865329, was picked up in the water off the coast of Chodo. The body of 2d Lt Myron F Sestak was recovered on the North Korean mainland shot through the head. Search aircraft sighted parachutes inland from Chodo Island. Small arms fire was encountered in the area by searchers.


It is possible that MSgt Tiller landed safely in enemy territory and was subsequently captured. It is also possible that he may have hit in the water and failed to survive.

Persona! History:

Birthplace. Spur, Tex. Cities of Residence. Madera, Calif.; Ala-meda, Calif.

WW II Service. Zone of Interior. Wife & Children.

Civilian Schools. Grammar and High School, Brawley, Calif., 1937.

Military Schools. Chanute Fid, 111. (B-29 Technical Training School, 1945) ; Merced, Calif, (radio school, 1943); Armament Engineering School, 1944; Camp Carson, Colo. (SAC Survival School, Feb. 52).

Previous Occupation. District circulator (distributed newspapers to boys).

Special Skill. Private pilot.