April 1951

KT 0303: (Captured 25 Apr 51)
O/a 5 Apr 51, the PW observed one US pilot, whose plane was shot down, taken prisoner by NK troops vicinity of YANGGU.

(Editor) The following planes were lost during this time period:
April 5, 1951 F-51D George Elbert Gray KIA 3/3/1952 (Dates do not make sense)
April 5, 1951 B-26 Robert Lee Proud, Halbert Caloway Unruh, George Thomas Wells
April 7, 1951 B-29 Akins, Avery, Buckner, Degolyer, Gonteski, Howard, Jones, Phillips, Thomas, White
April 7, 1951 F-80C John Ellery Thompson KIA 7/18/1951 (Dates do not make sense)
April 7, 1951 F-4U4 Harold Thomas Walker
April 8, 1951 F-80 Edward Norman Alpern

KT 0286: Captured 30 Apr 51
O/a 23 Apr 51 , in the vicinity of YONCHON, the Hv Wpn Co , of the 3d Bn, 133d Regt, 45th Div shot down one US B-26. Two US airmen parachuted into the 3d Bn area and were captured. Because one of the PW was unable to walk, he was killed by one soldier of the 3d Bn. The other US PW was marched to the rear.

April 21, 1951 B-26 Robert Ervin Allred, Joseph Louis Farber
April 22, 1951 B-26 Raymond John Knueppel
April 27, 1951 B-26 Arthur M. Austin, Martin F. Howell, John William Lausberg, Ralph Frederick Yarosh
Perhaps one of these missing planes is the one identified. If so, the families should be notified.

KT 0269 27 Captured May 51
(2) Late Apr 51, after the attack launched against the Turkish Brigade and a part of the US 25th Div, source's Div received 12 UN PW: 10 Turks, 1 America, and 1 ROK. The American PW was a negro soldier from the 25th Div. When source asked his name, he replied it was "Fred".

(Editor) No Freds are listed for the 25th. Could this be Fred Petersen, Fred Sayre, or Louis Frederick Sheriff of the 24th? We don't have race information on these men.

KT 0270 Captured 31 May 51
(2) In late April 51, the 12th Army received aprx 75 UN PW, more than 50 of them were Turks, including 2 Captains, the rest were soldiers of the US 25th Div. Among these 20 US PW, source could only remember one EM from the 25th Div who gave his name as "Sharp". 8 American PW had light bullet or shrapnel wounds, but none of them were seriously wounded. When they were evacuated by 12th Army Hq, the wounded were put on horse-drawn wagons, the rest marched on foot.

(Editor) Our records show that exactly 20 men went missing during that time from the 25th. Only 4 were listed as POWs. Though no "Sharps are listed, we're sure the families of the others would like to have this information.

KT0588 Captured Jun 51
PW saw 50 US PW captured on the south bank of the IMJIN River 20 Apr 51. These PW were being led to PYONGYANG according to one of the CCF guards.

(Editor) Though none were reporting missing on exactly that date, more than 75 went missing that week.

KT 0755 8 Jun 51
Apr 51, the PW saw 10 US PW in ANTUNG.

KT 0783
0/a 23 Apr 51, PW observed aprx 100 men of 29th British Bri­gade captured at vic 20 km S of INJIN River. These PW were moving north escorted by a 3rd from the 188th Div. PW was told by the Political Officer, 5th Co, that the 63d Army had captured more than 800 British soldiers of the 29th Brigade.

KT 0933 27 Jun 51
Apr 51, vic POCH'ON (CS4494) PW observed aprx 110 UN PW marching northward escorted by one Plat of the 2d Field Army. PW was told by the soldiers of the escorting Plat that the UN PWs would be sent to MUKDEN, MANCHURIA, to be "re-educated". PW observed that the CCF carried the sick UN PW on litters.

KT 0939 Captured 27 Jun 51
Apr 51, in the vic of POCH'ON (CS 4394), the PW observed more than 100 US PW being led to the rear by CCF guards.

KT 1225 3 Aug 1951
Apr 51, observed 2 columns of UN (25 US Caucasian and 150 ROK) PW at YANGGU (DT1117). The PW witnessed an NK guard murder 2 US PW who were wounded and unable to walk. The PW does not know the name of the guard or the unit to which he was attached.
(Editor) Note he was captured 3 Aug and was recalling April. Wished we had more detail.

KT 1229 6 Aug 1951
The PW saw 3 US PW (2 Negro, 1 Caucasian) in Apr 51 CHORWON.

KT 1246 10 Aug 1951
Mid Apr 51, observed 2 US PW and 6 ROK at Hungnam, NK. The PW were dressed in Chinese clothing and were engaged in hauling dirt.

KT 1063 17 Jul 1951
Late Apr 51, PW observed 100 British PW being marched northward at SUNCHON (3D5367), guarded by 12 CCF soldiers. Heard that they: were to be sent to CHINA,
(Editor) According to Philip Chinnery, 71 British were known to have died in prison camps; only 11 were left behind and presumed dead. A total of 978 were repatriated. It's likely that these men have been accounted for.

KT 1376 28 Aug 51
Early Apr 51, aprx 30 km S of YUNCH'ON the Med Unit found 3 wounded UN soldiers, two white and one negro. The negro had a bullet wound in his leg. The other two had shrapnel wounds, one in his left shoulder, the other in his right arm. At the Med Unit," their wounds were cleansed, sulfa powder was put on the wounds, and they were bandaged. These men were then taken by truck to the CCF 187th Div Med Unit which was located 20 km to the rear.
(Editor) Not enough for me to comment on, but if your serviceman went missing near this location, take note. As we get more race and incident area information, we might be able to offer assumptions on cases like this.

KT1392 22 Aug 51
Apr 51, at vic P'YONGYANG, PW observed two UN PW, guarded by CCF soldiers, walking N along the Hwy
(Editor) Witness is trying to recall four months prior. Not reliable

KT1433 23 Aug 51
Mid Apr 51 PW Lee Chul Hyon observed UN PW (Caucasian) who were interned in 2 small apartment houses in SINUIJU. He could not estimate the number or nationality.
(Editor) Sinuiju was a popular holding area.

KT 1555 29 Aug 51
In late Apr 51, at SUAN (BT7086), PW observed 12 UN PW heading N under armed guard. The PW looked weak and undernourished. No stretcher cases observed.

KT 1111 22 Jul 51
In Apr 51, while passing through P'YONGYANG, the PW saw 8 UN PW marching north under guard, The PW plat leader informed him that most of the UN PW excluding ROK prisoners, are evacuated to ANTUNG.
(Editor) More than 200 are still missing from April

KT 1114 22 Jul 51
O/a 9 Apr 51, at vic P'YONGYANG, observed 8 UN PW. Six were Americans and two were Turks. They were sent to the rear area.
(Editor) On April 7, ten airmen from a B-29 went missing. They all appear in the 944 list, Air Intel, and AFM 200-25, indicating that our Government had reason to believe that they were captured and alive. Turks were often aboard our bombers.

KT 1647 1 Sep 51
Mid-Apr 51, PW observed 20 UN PW at a point 10 km E of P'YONGYANG These PW were receiving communist Indoctrination training from an NKA Major, During one of the break periods, PW conversed with a USA Major, age about 40. The US Major told PW that he had been stationed in OKINAWA and was captured by CCF at HUICHON (BV6748) during the winter. The Major also told PW that his home was in the vic of the Great lakes.
(Editor) According to Tim Casey, Association of Korean War Ex-POWs, this was obviously info from Camp 12 at P'yong-yang and the US Major was MAJ Harry Fleming who fits the info given. Fleming was captured 7 Nov 1950 while assigned as an advisor to the 6th ROK Div, he was released 4 Sep 1953. His date of birth was 4 Oct 1907, which would put him in the age stated by the person giving the info.

There were also 7 Negroes and 2 British PW, PW inquired, as to the feeding and treatment of UN PW to -which the UN PW replied that they were being treated fairly. When last observed there were no stretcher cases among the UN PW.
Morale of the UN PW was extremely high. UN PW were saying that eventually they would be sent home.

KT 1698 11 Sep 51
Early Apr 51, after being assigned to his present unit, PW was told by the veterans of his Co that the CO of his Co was formerly a Bn Comdr but was reduced to Co Comdr immediately after he shot to death two ROK PW who were among a group of 70-80 ROK PW.

KT 1972 captured 28 Sep 51
20 Apr 51, PW saw 7 parachutes drop from a 4-engine UN plane which had been hit by CCF AA guns and was burning in the air. Each Co of the 139th Div was ordered to send out four men to pick up the parachuting UN pilots and crews. PW.and 3 others (l Sqd Ldr and 2 Pvt), sent out by Litter Bearer Co, found 1 pilot who was eventually captured after he shot 1 of the 4 CCF soldiers in the leg. The pilot was sent to Div Hq the same day and it was said that he was sent to Army Hq,

KT1972 28 SEP 51
20 Apr 51, PW saw 7 parachutes drop from a 4-engine UN plane which h
had been hit by CCF AA guns and was burning in the air. Each Co of the
139th Div was ordered to send out four men to pick up th parachuting UN
pilots and crews. PW and 3 others (1 Sqd Ldr and 2 Pvt), sent out by
Litter Bearer Co, found 1 pilot who was eventually captured after he
shot 1 of the 4 CCF soldiers in th leg. The pilot was sent to Div Hq
the same day and it was said that he was sent to Army Hq.

KT1326  (captured 18 Aug 51)
10 Apr 1951 PW saw20 wounded UN PW  at II Corps hospital in NAEGUNGANG area. these wounded were receiving better treatment than were wounded NKA soldiers.

KT 1265 (captured 11 Aug 51)
When'PW was stationed at the 35th NK Field Hosp of NAMJONG NI (BT 7295), he passed, near the UN PW Camp once in, Apr. 51 and once in May 51, The former company housing projects near NAMJONG NI Police Station ( BY 715951) were being used by the CCF as a PW Camp. During observation, there were aprx 300 UN PW held at this enclosure. According to villagers, these PW would be moved to another area at-. night in groups of 15 to 20 commencing around mid Jun 51

KT1520 31 Aug 51
While staying in PYONGWON (YD2050) area, from mid-Apr 51 to late May 51, PW observed several groups of UN PW numbering from 10 to 100, marching north on the highway, PW were escorted by CCF troops. PW believes these men were being taken to CHINA for indoctrination. During May 51:/ the 1st Co was given eight US PW and five British PW to guard. A week later, these PW were given to the P'YONGWON prefectural government for unk reason. So far as PW knew, UN PW were treated as well as CCF troops. PW knew of no atrocities by CCF soldiers.

KT2319 10 Oct 51
Late Apr 51PW heard from otehr officers in his regt that there were aprx 200 UNPW kept in a camp located at SINUIJU

KT2393 13 Oct 51
One night in Jan 51 PW observed aprx 100 UN PW at vic SUNCHON(YD525675)  Pw were marching N towards SINUIJU guarded by two NKPA soldiers.

KT2565 8 Nov 51
Mid Apr 51 observed at NAMJONG-NI BT720958 agroup ofaprx 80 US PW mostly Negro each carrying a piece of wood from the hill.

KT2566 9 Nov 51
O/a 20 Apr 51 saw aprx 70 to 80 UN PW (Cau &Negro) being taken north by CCF from NAM-JON-NI aprx 40 km NW of KOKSAN BT9795

KT 2879 5 Feb 52
Apr 51, PW observed 3 UN PW aprx 1 km N of Hill 1052 (DT l820),, 1 UN UN PW was being interrogated by Safety Officer of 1st Bn, 14th Regt, PW heard officer threaten the UN PW that if UN PW did not reveal information he would bo shot, PW observed 1st Bn CO take a wrist watch and an overcoat from a UN PW, The personal belongings of the UN PW wore confiscated at the 1st Bn . .

KT2904 6 Feb 52
3 Apr 51 PW saw 2 Russians in Civ clothing at SONGCHON (BU6048) checking the wreckage of a US jet airplane which had been brought there after crashing.

KT3074 28 Feb 52
15 Apr 51, PW observed 2 captured UN personnel (CAU) being escorted N by 2 NKA troops in vic of NAMSAM-NI (YD3342)  These 2 Cau were dressed in fatigues and from their appearance ( long beards ,dirty clothing) and from what the PW heard from others, the UN PW were believed to be stragglers. They were to be taken to SINUIJU (XE1839)

KT3245 11 May 52
Obs aprx 40 UN Negro and Cau PW in YANDOK (BU9644) in early part of April 51

KT3650 6 Aug 52
In Apr 51, obs at HAMHUNG (CV7571) a UN Grumman fighter plane crash afeter having been fired upon by HMG and SA fire of the 46th Div.  Afeter disabld plane made a forced landing, 3 other UN Grumman fighter planes hovered over the crashed plane and gave protective fire to the downed pilot.  20 min later, a UN helicopter arrived and evacuated teh helpless pilot. The UN planes then destroyed the crashed plane by means of rocket fire.