April 1952

KT3150 12 Apr 52
PW insisted that on night of 2 Apr 52, the raiding party from the 8th Co, 3d Bn, 6l0th Regt, of which he was a member, captured an American prisoner in the vic of Hill 605 (DT 1040). The man was seriously wounded in the chest, stomach, and legs. After administering first aid to the PW, the Asst Co Comd ordered that the man be carried back to CCF positions. An improvised stretcher was made to carry him back, but the man died of wounds upon reaching the Bn CP in vic of Hill 984 (DT0743)> 3 hours after his capture,
PW stated that the man had 2 stripes on his sleeves.

KT 3167 19 Apr 52
15 Apr 52, PW heard from the instructor of the political indoctrination class of his Sqd who returned from a Regt Representative meeting at the 574th Regt.HQ that 3 UN Recon airplanes were shot down by the 2d Bn. The men "who sent the planes down -with IMG at the front obtained the reputation merits, and also, another 16 UN planes were shot down by an unk n of the' 574th Regt in the same manner, according to the class instructor.

KT3205 4May 52
10 Apr 52, obs a Negro PW in vic 2dRegt CP. PW was wounded in the right leg and wes being carried by member of a recon patrol. Did not obs any marking on UN PW to identify unit.

KT3219 25 Apr 52
13 Apr 52, Asst Comdr of 5th Co told his men that a day or 2 prior to 13 Apr 52, 3d Co, 2d Bn3 560th Regt had won a decisive battle in which 30 UN soldiers were either KIA or WIA. They also captured 3 LMG, 3 Rifles, and 1 SMG and a large amount of ammo. Asst Comdr stated that there were 4 UN soldiers of Chinese ancestry among the KIA. Also mentioned was the fact that 3 UN soldiers (negroes) who had refused to accompany their captors were shot,

Asst Co Comdr stated that 5th Co had received strict orders to kill as many UN troops as possible and to only bring back 1-2 prisoners for questioning since it would be a burden to have too many PW.

KT3231 25 Apr 52
Obs 1 UK PW (Caucasian) traveling with the members of the Div Hq, 45th Div.- The Caucasian moved to the front line -area with members, of the Div. staff.- Heard from fellow soldiers that, the Caucasian taught English to the Cultural-Officers of the Divi. Everybody called the Caucasian ."BOYLE" or "BALL"(phonetic), PW described the Caucasian as being blond and very tall. Obs the Caucasian only once, sometime between 7-13 Apr 52.

KT3247 11 May 52
1 Apr 52, obs 40 UN PW at YANGDOK (BU9644), living inside a civ house guarded by NKA.

Published in the NKA newspapers in Apr 52, was the story that UN planes had bombed a PW camp at CHASONG (CA 0493).

KT4 June 52
While in MANCH'ON (CT0012) area late Apr 52, obs a US PW in a green flying suit (many zippers) being marched North by 2 CCF guards.  PW was a pilot who had parachuted in the area.


KT3500 13 Jul 52
In early-Apr 52, obs 500. - 600 ROKA PW outside a sch at (YD 383239). On the roof of ea of the 3 bldg which comprised the sch were the letters "PW" painted in white and also in Korean writing. Believed this sch had been utilized as a PW camp since Mar 52.

In early-Apr 52, obs another ROKA PW camp loc in a sch (YD 371222), The roof of ea of the 3 sch houses contained the English letters "PW" painted in white. Believed from 500 - 600 ROKA PW were housed in this camp.

KT3522 12 Jun 52
Observed UN aircraft pilot bailed out 20-25 Apr 52and landed near19th Regt (DT139428). Said parachute was apparently on fire. Believed pilot was killed.

KT3566 captured Jul 52
In Apr 52, heard that a US PW camp was located at SUP'UNG (XE6579)

KT3604 22 Jul 52
Late Apr 52, 1 UN plane shot down vic OCH'ON-NI (DT0357)

KT3613 27 Jul 52
18Apr 52,obs a US B-26 a/c shot downvic YD0989) and crashed into TAEDONG River. The pilot parachuted to the ground and anotehr B-26 circled. The downed B-26 had been crippled after a dogfight with MIG-15

KT3637 captured 28Jul 52
Early-Apr.52, obs UN B-29 bomber crash, but did not burn, near a river in vic of HU-DONG (XD985261). The engines of' the bomber had failed. Obs CCF troops rush to the scene of the crash in a "jeep" and captured \ men who were in the plane. CCF troops also salvaged all parts from the plane. The CCF elements drove the prisoners away. Upon conversing with a Chinese-speaking Korean interpretor, learned that the 4 airmen were 2 US Capt and 2 US 1st and that they had been returning to SK after a bombing,, raid on SINUIJU. Learned from interpreter that the 'airmen were being taken to Sinuiju (XE1839)

KT3662 11 Aug 52
5 Apr 52, obs 8 UN PW(5 Cau and 3 Negro) being marched past his house in SANG-NI (BU5437) by 2 NKA guards. The UN PW unshaven, wore tattered summer uniforms.

15 Apr 52, obs 3 US PW in P'YONGYANG being transferred by truck.The 3 US PW wore fatigues and seemed to be in good shape because they were whistling at women.

Mid Apr 52, obs 4 NKA soldier marching 1 UN PW (Cau) towards the N along a RR track. Learned that he was a pilot. wearing green fatigues, boots, no cap