August 1950

KT 0426: Captured 27 May 51

The PW claimed that, on 26 Aug 50, he witnessed an American PW, who was know as General DEAN, alighting a jeep. The PW saw this at the PW camp on PYONGYANG and the jeep immediately departed.

KT0427: 27 May 51

26 Aug 50: PW sent message to MOSCOW stating that General DEAN would be flown to MOSCOW via MANCHURIA.

General DEAN was quartered in the building next to the NKA GHQ in P'YONGYANG. PW observed General DEAN at 2300 hours, 27 Aug 50, from a distance of 5 m. PW could not see too well because of the darkness but General DEAN seemed healthy and well. General DEAN was getting into a jeep at the time to be taken to MANCHURIA and flown to MOSCOW. PW did not know it was General DEAN until he was told so by another officer.

KT2327 1 SEP 51
Capture of Major General DEAN, USA
In his capacity as Communications Officer, NKA Field Hq at SANGJU (DR2530) PW received an delivered the following messages pertaining to the capture of General DEAN:

At 2300 hr, 23 Aug 50, PW received a message by telephone from Hq 4th Div, (IV Corps) that Gen DEAN, U.S. 24th Div CG had been captured by a NKPA Mil Police unit aprx 12 km S of TAEJON (CR 5921) on the road leading to KWANJU (CP1091). In addition to the general, those captured at the time included a
driver, two other officers and a causasian female. This party of five was captured on 23 Aug 50.

Upon receipt of message, PW immediately notified Lt Gen KANGKON at NKA Field Hq, and was immediately ordered by Gen KANGKON to relay a message to the Hq 4th Div ordering them to deliver Gen DEAN to SEOUL.

On 26 Aug 50, when the PW was in command of a Sig Det at SEOUL, he was told by some unidentified Russian advisers there, that Gen DEAN had arrived in SEOUL on 24 Aug 50 and that he had been taken to PYONGYANG the following day. The Russian advisor showed him picture of Gen DEAN, the other four members of the party, and an NKPA guard. The picture appeard to (several words unreadable) of the Russian advisers.

On 28 Aug 50, PW returned to the NKA Field Hq in SANGJU; 29 Aug 50, he received a message from NKPA Gen Hq by wireless and telephone that Gen DEAN had been taken to SINUIJU by the Commander of the NKPA Mil police, and would be flown under his escort from ANTUNG to KHABAROVSK, SIBERIA,
from where he would be taken to MOSCOW under Russian guard.

O/a 25 Oct 50, PW was informed by a Russian Signal adviser in TAE DONG-NI (YE3194) that Gen DEAN had reached MOSCOW on 5 Sep 50. He also heard later (o/a 15 Nov 50) from a wireless operator at KOSAN-JIN (BA5948) that Gen DEAN had arrived in MOSCOW at that date.

Editor) We've seen numerous statements like this, but haven't researched Gen. Dean's case. We assume that HIS case has had plenty of attention while the rest of us are searching for fragments of possible connections.

KT3270 15 May 52
Obs 70 Amer PW at PYONGYANG (YD3720) n Aug 50 of which 7 were Niseis (2nd generation Japanese)  and the rest Caucasians. Pw were being led to a bath.

August 1950