August 1951

KT1253 2 Aug 1951
PW heard that all US PW were shipped to SHANGHAI for indoctrination and propaganda purposes.

KT 1313 26 Aug 51
PW Enclosure at PYOKTONG (YFO6OO) contained aprx 200 US PW; the majority of whom were colored, A few were wounded. No medical supplies were known to have been given to them. Such requests were often heard to have been made by an American Captain believed to be a medical officer. It was heard that many US PW had died enroute to the PW Camp from their place of capture, PW Enclosure was jointly controlled by the RKA and the CCF. the US PW were under constant close surveillance, US PW were all originally wearing their summer uniforms, and when the PW departed that enclosure In Jan 51, aprx 50% of the US PW had acquired discarded NKA winter uniforms. US PW were believed to have received 600 grains of corn and millet daily* Occasionally, limited amount of rice ware observed received, US PW were not observed to be forced to work.
He heard (hearsay) that the US PW would be shipped to MANCHURIA depending upon, the war situation. Because of the lack of local food supplies in the PYOKTONG area, the. escapee believed that the US PW may have been moved to an other location.

(Editor) According to Tim Casey,Association of Korean War Ex-POWs, the American Captain believed to be a medical officer was Captain Clarence L. Anderson,Battalion Surgeon, 3rd Bn, 8th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Cavalry Division, captured 2 Nov 1950, at Unsan. He was released when the war ended. The 'hearsay' this captive heard about them being shipped to Manchuria was just that -- hearsay. They all stayed there and most died of starvation.

KT 1318 10 Aug 51
Saw aprx 200 UN Prisoners of War at Chungsam-Ni (CT3970). PW apparently in good health and spirits, including about 30 Turks.

KT1321 15 Aug 51
16 Aug 51 PW saw two UN PW being taken toward 32nd Regt CP.

(Editor) 7 of the 9 missing that week are pilots. More often, pilots are distinguished by flight gear and described as such. No match here

KT1431 7 Sep 51
In early Aug 51, the PW observed a US Caucasian 2d Lt (name unk) in SINGWIDONG (BT7858). This PW was interrogated at the political Dept, 47th Army and the PW was informed by one of the interrogators that he had the mission of procuring wine for the US PW. The PW found this very comical because wine was a very rare item, and yet it had to be found for this PW. He was also told that the CCF was not interested in permanently holding the US PW, but pursued the policy of indoctrinating them, and then allowing them to return to the UN. The interrogator of the 2d Lt was unable to procure cigarettes and wine locally for the US PW, and a messenger was dispatched to ANTUNG to purchase these articles necessary to satisfy the US officer.

(Editor) Though comical, this man must have had some rapport with his captors. Not so comical is the fact that 323 1LTs were captured in early August
In Sep 50, before the PW entered the service of the CCF, he read in the newspaper, HSINHWA Daily News, the official Chinese communist press, that Major General DEAN; an American Div CG had been captured

KT1442 28 Aug 51
27 Aug 51 PW heard from soldiers of 3rd Bn, Signal Unit that 1st and 2d Bn captured 40 UN PW during morning of 27 Aug 51
(Editor) We have 18 men from regts 9 & 38, still missing from 27 Aug 1951. If the location matches, we should consider it a match. Family members, please send me your summary sheets.

KT 1482 29 Aug 51
PW observed 4 US PW detained by NKA elements in SINGOSAN (CU6303) o/a 26 Aug 51. They were interned in a wooden building surrounded by wire fences.

KT1521 26 Aug 51
O/a 10 Aug 51 PW heard from the Political Officer, 5th Co that the Co had captured three US PW and one ROK PW> PW had never seen theses men and could give no further details.
(Editor) Of the five men missing from this period, only one is Army. Not a reliable match

KT 1566 31 Aug 51
PW observed groups of captured UN soldiers, the majority of whom were Americans, 6 or 7 different occasions within the past few months in NK. The largest group of captured UN soldiers consisted of less that 100 persons. The PW considered treatment of the captured UN soldiers to be good. They were fed the same food that the CCF soldiers were. All of the above observations were made of moving groups of UN PW.

KT1575 23 Aug 51
PW heard from friends that UN PW were all being taken to MANCHURIA.

KT 1657 6 Sep 51
In the vic of Hill 930 (DT 1438), PW observed 30 Aug 51, an American PW escorted by NK 1st Lt who spoke English, an NK Sgt, and an NK Cpl. There were aprx 20 other NK soldiers with PW at that time and among this group there were several who had never seen an Occidental before. Out of curiosity these persons asked the NK Lt how old the American PW was. The Lt asked the American PW that question to which the American PW answered that he was 22. The Ameri­can PW had embarked from San Francisco and was a recent replacement.
(Editor) We're asking every family member to send us birth-date, race, height weight, hair color. With a little help from each other, we can identify these guys.

KT 1662 2 Sep 51
O/a 20 Aug 51 PW observed 16 UN PW being marched to the rear aprx 4 km N of CHANGDO-RI guarded by 3 CCF soldiers. None of the UN PW appeared to be wounded.
(Editor) Only one man is missing around this date. These must have been in captivity for a while.

KY1744 14 Sep 51
From 26 Jun 51 until 21 Aug 511 subject was interned in the PW camp situated in SANDONG-MYQN, KANGDONG-GUN in vic of (BU 503202), at the foot of a coal mine. This FW Camp was operated by the NK Ministry of Internal Affairs, with a major of NK Security Forces as its commandant.
There were aprx l,700 PW in this camp, among them were aprx 60 Americans, 15 Englishmen, 6 or 7 Filipinos, 3 Canadians, 3 Turks, and 2 French. The rest were ROK, The men were divided into 4 companies, with more than 400 to a company. All foreigners were in the 4th Platoon of the 2d company.
The men were afraid of each other, fearing that there were informers among them Nobody dared to speak to the foreigners. There­fore subject did not know the name of any UN PW. Of the 60 UN PW, subject only knew that 5 were officers, the highest rank among them was 1st Lt.

KT1753 17 Sep 51
20 Aug 51, PW saw aprx 30 UN PW being worked in coal mine in SONGCHON area, 16 km E of P'YONGYANG.

KT1791 16 Sep 51
During mid Aug 51 at vic of SEPO-RI, PW observed aprx 15 US PW escorted by three CCF soldiers moving toward the rear. This group of prisoners was composed of caucasians, negroes, & Koreans.

KT1809 18 Sep 51
Pw saw in mid-Aug one UN officer jump by parchute from a light, high wing, monoplane in the vic of HACHONGSONG (DT1643). The UN officer was unhurt but resisted capture with his pistol, killing one NK soldier. Officer was captured after emptying his pistol. PW states that UN officer was taken away as a prisoner.
In early Sep PW saw another light, high winged monoplane crash at the same general area (DT1643). PW says that there were two men who jumped from this second plane, both of which PW believes were enlisted men. PW did not see 2 men after they landed but understands that they did not resist capture and were treated with the greatest kindness. PW states that he heard that all UN PW (other than ROK) are taken to KANGGYE (BA9738)

KT1850 25 sep 51
27 Aug 51, PW saw 25 US PW vic SOKSA-RI. These PW were from 2nd Bn, 38th Inf Regt. PW identified AKIRA MANKICHI, an American-Japanese, Sgt DOUGLAS (TEXAS), Sgt "JACKIE" (CALIFORNIA) and Pvt LOUIS (a negro). PW stated that Sgt DOUGLAS was going to be used to make a loudspeaker broadcast to US troops. The rest of the PW were evacuated to PYONGYANG on 1 Sep 51

(Editor) We asked for help and Tim Casey responded: The group this enemy PW is talking about was captured 27 Aug 51 and were 2d Inf Div personnel. Akira Mankichi was actually SFC Akira B. Chikami who is still around (May 2004) and very good friend. SGT Douglas was SGT Douglas Stephens who was from Texas, now deceased. SGT Jackie was SGT Jackie Caraveau from California and now deceased. All were, in fact, from 2d Bn, 38th Inf Regt and were taken to P'yong-yang. So this is a fairly solid report. No info on the Black PW.

Chikami also responded:
That's an interesting piece of information, the JA (Nisei) referred to had to be me, Louis Howard was with us but he was not black and we didn't have a black with us. What is surprising is that the individual knew at that early date that Stephens would be making a broadcast, we were captured Aug 27. Chic.

KT 1955     captured 29 Sep 51
On 20 Aug 51, PW observed 20 American PW vic TAEGU-SAN marching N

KT 1989 captured 276 Sep 51
O/a 31 Aug 51, in vic Wonsan, PW heard his Co CO say that one squad (aprx 13 men) of UN guerillas were on a mountain in te vic WONSAN. One Co of the 68th Army moved forward to attack that mt and killed 5 of these guerillas. The other 8 men fled.

KT 2138 captured 10 Oct 51
At SANGSONGGWAN-NI o/a 15 Aug 51, PW observed 2 US captives being evacuated to the rear (destination unknown)

KT2341 20 OCT 51
i. UN Prisoners:
5 Aug 51, PW (B) observed one American PW wearing a Captain's bar and guarded by NK soldiers being marchedon the road in the vic of NAEGUMGANG (DT 2175). One of PW (B) friends talked to the American Capt for a few minutes. He learned that the PW name sounded like Capt JIMWELL KINGS (?) and was a fighter pilot, shot down by NKPA in the vic of TONGCHON (DU 0506) in late July 51. PW (B) knew only that the American pilot was going to be sent to P'YONGYANG.

KT1955 29 SEP 51
l. UN PW:
On 20 Aug 51, PW observed 20 American PW vic TAEGU-SAN marching N.

KT1989 27 SEP 51
O/a 31 Aug 51, in vicinity WONSAN, PW heard his Co CO say that one squad
aprx 13 men) of UN guerrillas were on a mountain in the vicinity WONSAN.
One Co of the 68th Army moved forward to attack that mountain, and killed
5 of these guerrillas. The other 8 men fled.

KT1352 08Aug51
Aprx 20 US PW (15 Caucasians and 5 Negro) were captured at about same time the PW was captured. PW heard these PW would be sent to MANCHURIA.

KT1536 4 Sep 51
The Co CO also said that UN PW were taken to P"YONGYANG area.

KT1475 23 Aug 51
PW heard taht UN PW were all being sent to MANCHURIA

KT1621 12 Sep 51
While enroute to YANG_DOK, saw aprx 12 to 13 Caucassians,1 Negro being shipped to an unk loc in MANCHURIA

KT1806 20 Sep 51
When PW departed (23 Aug 51) KANGDONG PW Camp, there were still remained aprx 2100 UN PW.  From Apr to Aug, apprx 66 UN PW died from typhus & dysentery
"TERIHATA"   US Hawaii Nisei, 22, 2 yr with US Army
"LYON"         B-29 bomber pilot, captured early Jul 51 at SINUIJU
"UNK"           US Jet pilot 2nd Lt captured 10 Jul 51at HOEYANG-SINAN
"BAILEY"       US NEW YORK age 20 2 yr with US Army
"DELIO"        Filipino age 38 Sgt 19 yr with Philippine Army

KT1865  21 Sep51
14 Aug 51 PW LEE saw 2 American pilots at WAE KUM GAN, where they had been shot down by NKA HMG. The UN PW had to take off their clothes, but they appeared in good health. The UN PW were crew members of a jet plane which was shot down 14 Aug 51• PW described one of the pilots as being a stocky built man with very blonde hair. UN PW stated when he was interrogated that he was a Co CO. He also stated he had been in JAPAN for 1 month and in KOREA 15 days.

The other pilot was described as being of medium build, and had brown hair.

The pilots were asked what targets they planned to attack. The UN PW answered that they would attack NKA Units in WAE' KUM, GAN-KO SONG GUN area,

UN PW were beaten on face and body and PW saw blood on UN PW.

KT2401 15 Oct 51
O/a 16 Aug 51 a truck driver told PW at PUKPYONG-NI (CU1998) that o/a10 Aug 51 while the truck driver wasd heading south he observed aprx 40 US PW marching North on the highway north of YANGDOK.

KT2521 16 oct 51
Pw read o/a 1 Aug 51 in a labor party newspaper that the Main UN PW Camp in NK was located in CHUNGGANGJIN(CB2427)

KT2524 4 Nov 51
O/a 24 Aug 51 Pw observed 36 American PW guarded by NKPA soldiers marching on a road (loc unk)  PW heardthat the 36 belonged to the  US 24th Inf Div.

KT2528 9 Oct 51
Mid Aug 51 while in PYONGYANG, PW observed 16 US and 4 ROKA PW who were being marched to YONGBYON (YE4011)

KT2549 4 Nov 51
On 24 Aug 51 at CHISONG-NI(CT8881) PW observed aprx 36 Amer PW and several Filipino PW marching NE on MSR in the dir of WONSAN. Ranks unk. UN pW dressed in fatigues HBT without caps. Some wearing NKPA rubber shoes. Learned they were from 24th US DIV.

KT2582 10 Nov 51
Early Aug 51 Near KOKSAN, UN guerillas had aprx 30 men. Were discovered by CCF when US planes dropped supplies to them.  Eleven UN guerillas captured and 2 killed.

KT2649 20 Nov 51
In Aug 51 the PW-observed 3 UN pianes shot down by AA gunfire in the Food Supply Depot area. One plane was a twin-engine bomber and two were single-engine (propeller driven) fighter planes.

The 2 fighter planes which were shot down burned immediately afterward, fatally burning the pilots*

The twin-engine bomber was damaged by gunfire and was forced to land in vie of the Supply Depot area, PW heard that some crew members were found dead and 2 others were captured.

On the following day, the PW observed the 2 captured crew members passing through SUCHI on their way to Army Hq,- They were escorted by an unarmed officer,Two horses were brought along for them to ride.

On the same day, a detail was sent out from the PW Div to unload the bombs from the damaged bomber. Due to carelessness in handling, the bombs exploded, killing aprx 50 soldiers,-

KT2655 20 Nov 51
Aug 51, aprx 200 US PW the majority Negro, being escorted on trucks toward MANCHURIA

KT2676 10 Dec 51
Heard from his superiors /a mid-Aug 51, while in PYONGYANG, that PW captured by the NKA to be sent to HAMGYUNG PUKTO.  PW did not observe or hearany PW in PYONGYANG.

KT2884 21 Jan 52
Aug 1951, while PW was at TOHWA-DONG (CT 0628.) a US twin engine plane was shot down by AAMG. PW saw two members of the crew who were officers and wore flight suits. Both of the men were blonde, about 30 yr old, and tall. They were fed rice and powdered eggs,, but ate very little and were then sent to Regt on horseback guarded by 2 CCF.

PW talked with one of the interpreters who said that the the crew of the plane consisted of 4 officers and 1 EM, 2 of the officers were burned to death, while the one EM died of wounds. The remaining 2 officers had parachuted out.

The next day the Regt Political Officer told the men that all ROKA  PW were turned over to the NKA while the other UN PW were sent to CHINA,

KT2926 11 Feb 52
In Aug 51, while resting at YNAGDOK (BU9743), PW observed 2 Caucasians being marched northward under guard of a CCF soldier.  PW learned from the guard that the 2 captured men were USpilots whose planes had been shot down by AAA unit in the YANGDOK area the day before.The 2 fliers appeared to be in good condition.

KT294 captured 24 Feb 52
Apr 51, PW at MUKDEN RR station, Manchuria, observed a guarded train in which there are some reported captured UN PW.  The PW did not actually see any UN PW as the car windows were carefully covered. However, PW heard from others at that station that the particular train held UN PW.

KT2947 24 Feb 52
Aug 51, PW observed a small black UN plane shot down near TOHWADONG (CT 165583) by CCF AA fire; the two (2) UN crew members parachuted. PW heard from his Plat comrades that one (l) was captured and the other escaped and was never found again/

KT2984 29 Feb 52
Late Aug 51, whle detaled to repair the road in KOSAN-NI, PW observed 2 Amer PW being escorted S towards PYONGYANGby 1 Securtiy forces personnel.  Unable to distinguish rank.

KT3219 25 Apr 52
On way to TOHWA-DONG in late Aug 51, saw 1 UN PW (Caucasian), guarded by CCF soldiers, riding a truck_, 4 x 4 1 ton ("jeep" type) leading N.

KT3242 12 May 52
20 Aug 51, while the HMG Co, 527thAU was marching to MARHWI-RI(DT1274), passed 9 UN PW (cau) in vic CU297360.  These 9 UN PW in good health

KT3323 20 May52
In Aug 51,obs 30 UN PW being marched N by NKA soldiers in vic of PYONGYANG. Heard they were US PW.

KT3370 25 May 52
1 F-86 was shot down over CHONGJU area in Aug 51, and the pilot parachuted down. While parachuting down, the pilot was fired upon by-ground troops.

In the same dogfight, 1 MIG was shot down but its pilot parachuted to safety, When fired upon, the MIG pilot was rumored to have replied "STALIN, STALIN".

KT3599 captured 19 Jul 52
In late-Aug 51, obs 1 B-29 (US) crash on a hill 4km E of TOKSU-RI. Prior to the crash, 8 parachutes descended from the crippled bomber, The 7 jet planes (US) which were escorting the bomber appeared to be protecting the parachutists by circling the area. 1 hr later, obs 1 US airman (Caucasian), dressed in fatigues, being escorted by NKA guards. Later, learned from a soldier that the US airman was a maint crew-man and was on that ill-fated bomber which had been dispatched from YOKOHAMA, JAPAN- PW further learned from the soldier that the B-29 had been hit by NKA AA guns at SINANJU.