August 1952

KT3609 captured 13 Aug 52
In early Aug 52, PW heard that a UN plane was shot down and pilot escaped after parachuting near 354th Regt (CT071100).

KT3628 captured 10 Aug 52
5 Aug 52, read a news bulletin stating that a UN fighter plane was downed the previous day by the 580th Regt AAMG in the 2dBn area. BT950033

KT3672 2 Sep 52
In early Aug 52, UN made surprise night attack and one UN prisoner was taken CT122156 by the 7th Co.

15 Aug 52, obs plane(F-84 Thunderjet) shot down by AA guns at YD200930

20 Aug 52, obs the wreckage of 1 UN plane at a point 2 km NE of KACH'IL-BONG (DT210405). "USA" on the body of the aircraft

Heard that during last month during UN attack on Hill SONGGOK CT133143, 1 UN PW was taken.