December 1950

KT 0426: Captured 27 May 51

On 20 Dec 50, the NKA GHQ radioed the Red Army Hq in MOSCOW that all prisoners of war other than ROK will be sent to RUSSIA via CHILIN, MANCHURIA.

KT 0549: 8 Jun 51

PW observed aprx 20 US PW in the vic of SINHUNG (BV 9302) in Dec 50. US PW were in the process of being shipped to the rear areas.

1 US PW (name phonetic: "Petrol", age 19) and 1 other US PW drove trucks in the PW Trucking CO from Dec 50. The above mentioned PW are still with the Trucking Co but no longer drive because of the lack of trucks in the Company; they are maintained as "on call" truck drivers. These PW were believed to have come from the US 1st Marine Division.

These two US PW receive the same treatment as the CCF soldiers. The 2 US PW were beaten by North Korean farmers once so they fear going out on own and feel much safer being with the CCF. The PW did not know if these US PW were serving under coercion or on their own volition.

(Editor) Over 192 Marines went missing before Dec 1950. We don't have Division information on them. None resemble "Petrol".

KT2785 8 Jan 52
The Guard Plat and the liaison group left the cave Hq and marched to a point 100 km SE of KANGGYE. The march lasted four nights before they reached a valley in which there were four deserted houses. The group rested here for one night and on the next evening four guards and about 15 of the. liaison group led by a Bn grade liaison officer left to get the- UN FW.

At midnight, 22 Dec 50, 105 - 107 UN prisoners were brought to the valley. About 57 - 68 of the prisoners were Americans and 38 - 39 were Koreans, All the American PW appeared to be in good condition except one whose arm was bandaged. About 20 of the American PW appeared to be over 40 years old while four looked extremely young, PW believed that there was at least one officer in the group. None of the PW wore \ insignia or chevrons at the time of observation. The prisoners stayed" in the two middle houses while the guards-and-liaison personnel stayed in the two flanking houses that night' One American PW was found dead"' the next afternoon and was believed to have died of exposure. No record was made of the death and the body was left unburied in the farm house.

The return journey started at 0900 hours,; Six liaison-personnel led the way while the UN PW followed in single file, Two CCF guards marched between every four prisoners. The remaining CCF guards and liaison personnel marched at the rear of-the column

During the march a five minute break was taken;every two hours. No food or water was available during the night marches, ; Potatoes and millet obtained from farmers along the way was served for breakfast and supper. :

Two S Korean prisonerss escaped during the march but- the discovery was made too late to search for them. No other incidents of any kind occurred during the remainder of the march.

After the fourth night of marching the group reached an unknown village located 10 km NW of KANGGYE, through which a Vehicular dirt road leading from KANGGYE to LIAOTUNG Prov, passed. Here, the PW were confined in a single story dirt building, 12 x 6 x 6 m, with a gray brick gable roof. The floor was covered with straw. The PW were guarded by two guards, one posted at the front door and the other at the back door. PW were fed kaoliang and -potatoes twice daily. quantity of food was limited.

PW believed this was a transient camp for UN PW. On the third day after their arrival PW ware issued one blanket, one pair of cotton trousers and one jacket, after turning in their own uniforms. Issued clothing was similar to the CCF winter uniform. Most of the Americans were suffering from dysentery, but there were no medical facilities available at that time. PW said that no UN FW were mistreated, in any way during the period of observation.

PW left the UN PW on the third day after arriving in the village and was transferred to a guard post at a warehouse located 1.5 km from this camp, From that day on he had no contact with the UN PW. PW believed that the UN PW were under control of the N Korean Government in name but were actually controlled by the CCF. He did not. know what happened to the UN PW after his departure,

PW heard that these PW were captured by the CCF 20th, 26th and 27th Armies in the vicinity of KOT'O-RI probably in early Dec 50. PW also heard from the Political Officer that the PW were from the US 3d and 7th Div.

KT2935 23 Feb 52
In early Dec 50, PW observed aprx 80 caucasianUN prisoners in vic UIJU (XE3050) and in early Jan51, Pw observed aprx 30 Caucasian prisoners in a PW camp vicPYOK_TONG (XE0699)

KT3158 15 Apr 52
PW observed 20 US and 200 ROK prisoners of war in early Dec 50. US soldiers were wounded and were carried on stretchers by other UN PW,

I American was believed to have died because his stomach was ripped open and his intestines were protruding from his stomach. No treatment was given to any of the 4 wounded except what the UN PW were able to give.

A Captain was among the 20 Americans..,. He was aprx 6 ft in height, black hair, black beard with slight red.streaks, grey eyes, high nose, 30 yr of age, large build, round face, medium jaw, was wearing a Parka M-l, walked with long strides, believed to be a'resident of NY or' somewhere in the New England States, and was captured N of ANJU near the CHONG CHUN GANG.