December 1951

KT2730 captured 14 Dec 51
11 Dec 51 PW observed aprx 6 Caucasian PW being escorted by 12 CCF guards n vic SINGYE(BT8564).  Six were Americans.  UN PW seemed well-fed and in high spirits.

KT2781 10 Jan 52
In mid Dec 51, PW observed two wounded UN Pw (WHITE) in SANGSORI.  PW heard from other soldiers that they were to be sent to Regt Rear

KT2799 12 Jan 52
While in hospat HAJONTAN-NI (CT8291), on five different occasions, PW observed group of 50 to 100 Amer PW marching by the hosp. He was told by an oficer that these PW were being sent to WONSAN and then MANCHURIA.  PW was also told PW received good treatment, but would have to walk to WONSAN.

KT3130 captured 6 Apr 52
20 Dec 51, while PW was in vic of SOONG-NI (YD4902) he observed 3 UN Sabre Jets and 3 Rusian MIG in a dog fight.  1 UN Sabre Jet and 1 Russian MIG were destroyed.  PW stated that the UN pilot bailed out and parachuted to safety 2 km NE of SOONG-NI. Later heard taht the UN pilot was captured by CCF soldiers.

KT3134 28 Mar 52
In early Dec 51, PW observed 10 Cau PW riding on a CCF truck guarded by 3 CCF soldiers. The truck was going towards Pyongyang and came from the dir of NOSAN-NI (YD483290). PW were weraing US uniforms without caps. Good physical cond.

KT3213 6 Mar 52
In mid Dec51, obs about 22 Canadian and British PW in vic of KWANG-GOL (CT997245) traveling North

KT3274 captured 19 May 52
Heard from Co CO that late Dec 51, 1 UN plane was shot down in the supply depot area and the pilot captured.

KT3442 28 Jun 52
Early Dec 51, PW saw a UN PW Camp in SANGSU-RI (YD521265).  Aprx 50 farm houses comprised the camp.  Saw 20 Cau washing their hands in a river.

KT3455 captured 25 Jun 52
30 Dec 51, while serving in the Guard Co, IV Corps, obs 3 Caucasians living in a house loo in NOP'O-RI (YD 293280). A Lt Col from the Recon Bn, IV Corps, was interr the 3 Caucasians and 1 guard armed with 1 SMG (PPSh-41, USSR) was posted in front of the house. 3 Caucasians were wearing dark gray caps and dark blue one-piece uniforms equipped with numerous zippers. Out of curiosity PW waited outside and watched the interr. The interr lasted 30 min and during that time 3 Caucasians sat across the table from Lt Col, PW did not know what questions were asked. After the interr, PW learned from the Lt Col that the 3 Caucasians were US jet pilots, with the ranks of 2d Lt and 1st Lt and that the 3 US jet pilots had been captured 27 Dec 51. PW was told that the 3 pilots were to be sent to NKA GHQ in P'YONGYANG 31 Dec 51.

KT3473 captured 28 Apr 52
20 Dec 51, obs 18 Caucasian PW as they arrived in TAEGWAN-DONG (XE8753). 18 UN PW were brought to TAEGWAN-D0NG on a truck (GAZ-63, USSR) under the guard of 3 armed CCF soldiers. Later that day heard from a friend that 50 UN PW had been brought to TAEGWAN-DONG from the PW Enclosure at CHANGSONG-GUN (XE7485) that day. The friend also stated that more than 1,000 UN PW were confined in the CHANGSONG-GUN Compound at that time.From 20 Dec 51 - 30 Mar 52, Subject had frequent opportunities to obs the UN PW at TAEGWAN-DONG. He noted there were 50 PW, of whom 44 were Caucasians and 6 were Negroes. The 50 PW were billeted in 7 civ houses in TAEGWAN-DONG. The area was guarded at all times by 2 - 3 CCF soldiers armed with rifles (Type 38, JAPAN). In addition, an "Off Limits" sign written in Chinese and Korean characters was posted outside 1 of the PW billets.Subject learned from a friend, who was a cook at the PW compound in TAEGWAN-D0NG, that PW were served 3 meals a day.' Meals were said .to consist of rice and meat. 50 UN PW were still confined at TAEGWAN-DONG as of 30 Mar 52 when Subject departed the area.

20 Dec 51, and again 28 Dec 51 and 20 Jan 52, UN PW being forced to participate in some movie scenes* UN PW Subject was not certain if all 50 UN PW participated) were outfitted with US fatigue uniforms and steel helmets and were directed to act out a retreat and surrender scene. The NK actors, dressed in NKA uniforms and carrying Type 38 rifles (JAPAN) "captured" the UN PW in these scenes. Subject heard from NK actor that if the UN PW played their roles convincingly, they would receive good treatment.

KT3483 captured 6 Jul 52
In Dec 51, while PW was in ANTUNG, heard from a CCF Off that a number of UN PW were receiving CCF political indoctrination in ANTUNG.

KT3638 9 Aug 52
Dec 51, obs 50 UN PW (CAu & Negro) guarded by 5 NKA soldiers mached past the NKA 55th Hosp at SU'UNG(XE6579). The menere marching towards the YALU River and appeared quite tired. One was wounded in left foot.

KT3648 capturd 14 Aug 52
In mid-Dec 51, obs the wreckage of a plane by the river in vic of (BT786332). Learned from a Sig man of NK unit that the plane was aUN Grumman (of black color). Obs CCF soldiers firing at the pilot's dead body which was lying near the wreckage. The body was intact and nude and near it was a pile of burnt clothing. At this time, learned from a local policeman that 1 other pilot from the same plane had been captured. The policeman stated that 1 of the local policeman using a rifle had shot down the plane, and that, for this action, the policeman had been decorated