February 1951

KT 0544: Captured Jun 51

PW saw two US PW south of KIJONG-NI on 28 Feb 51 with their hands tied behind their backs because they had attempted to escape. PW believed these captives were killed.

PW said that after the CCF 1st Phase Offensive was completed, he heard that aprx 40,000 UN PW were captured. These PW were said to have been sent to MUKDEN, MANCHURIA.

KT 0802 12 Jun 51
During the period 8 Dec 50 to 22 Feb 51, PW was interned, together with aprx 300 US PW and 3000 ROK, at a PWE in vic PUKCHIN (YE3353). During the winter months (Dec 50 and Jan 51); PW observed aprx 7 or 8 ROK PW died daily from the cold and malnutrition. PW heard from other ROK that an unk number of US PW died from the same causes. UN PW were fed aprx 600 grams of soy beans? millet or corn daily. The NKA had control of this PWE.

KT 0830 23 Jun 51
12 Feb 51, at HOENSONG, the CCF captured aprx 500 ROK and aprx 20 US soldiers. All were taken to HWACH'ON. Forty ROK were integrated into the 2d NK Div 7 Mar 51.

(Editor) On that day 224 men went missing. Family members should check their summary sheets for location.

KT 1206 (Captured 5 Aug 1951)
0/a Feb 51, while stationed in MUKDEN, CHINA, his unit was quartered in one part of the buildings and there are aprx 20 UN PW quartered on the other part of the same building. Some of the UN prisoners are negroes and Caucasians.

KT 1352 8 Aug 51
Aprx 20 US PW (15 Cau & 5 Negro) were captured at about the time the PW was captured. PW heard that these PW would be sent to Manchuria. These US PW received small quantities of food, consisting beans, twice per day. Water was not given to the PW as the captors claimed that it would ruin their stomachs.
(Editor) Of the 31 missing from this time period, 11 were pilots, the rest were from varying regiments, mostly KIA. No reliable match
These PW last observed in HWACH'ON 28 Feb 51 were suffering from exhaustion caused by prolonged forced marches and inadequate food.

KT 1064 21 Jul 1951
At the end of Feb 51, PW saw a camp at ANTUNG in which there were aprx 300 UN PW, including US and ROK troops. These PW ate rice, salted fish and vegetables. Their physical condition was poor.
(Editor) There was a well-known POW collection point at Antung. It is a common belief that many were transported to Russia from here.

KT 1711 3 Sep 51
Observed o/a 24 Feb 51, at ICHON (CT1663). Total of 21 UN PW Included were;
1 Lt Col: US 2d DIv Recon Bn
1 Major: KMAG 8th ROK, advisor to l6th Regt
1 Major: KMAG 8th ROK; advisor to 10th Regt
1 Major: KMAG 8th ROK, assignment unk
1 Captain: KMAG 8th ROK, believed to be advisor of 3d Bn, 16th Regt
1 Captain: US 2d Div
1 2d Lt: Tank Co CO of unit assisting the 16th Regt (IN: PW capable of photo identification of above listed officers)
8 Officers Rank Unk: US 2d Div Recon Bn members The rest were all enlisted men.
(Editor) This is where a Korean War Vet could really help us. We have 15 missing prior to 24 Feb 51 who were the appropriate rank of the 2nd Inf Div. We don't know how to search for the advisors.
Observed o/a 16 Apr 51, in a cave at TAISONG-NI (located aprx 121km South of P'YONGYANG): aprx 50 US PW. The PW appeared emaciated.

KT1092 (captured 23 Jul 51)
During January51 to Mid Mar 51 when PW was interned in a PW Camp at KANSO NK observed aprx 1500 US PW.  PW noticed 5 -6 Captains. When last observed in mid March 51, they were being evacuated to China

KT2736 19 Dec 51,
Mid Feb 51 in ic HOENGSONG, PW observed aprx 1000 UN PW newly captured during 4th offensive.  PW included aprx 350 Amer and 750 S Koreans all of whom were being evacuatd

ANTUNG, LIAOTUNG Prv . . . UN PW Camp in Manchuria . . . 50 mi NW of Antung RR station
Camp located in center of business district. All PW appear to be Caucasians

Feb 51 UN PW Camp at Shenyang (Mukden, Manchuria) 1.5 km N of Shenyang W RR station
Aprx 6000-7000 UN PW, mostly Negro.

SINANJU Camp 3.5 km ENE of the SINANJU RR station (YD2386)
About 30 Cau observed in the area.

KT3230 28 Apr 52
18 Feb 51, at HWACHON PW compound(CT8718), saw 80 UN(Cau) PWin adjacent cage.

KT3360 9 Jan 52
In Feb 51, obs 30 Caucasian PW in a PW Camp at KANGDONG (BU 4936). In Apr 52, obs 5 - 6 Caucasian PW in PYONGYANG on a truck with 1 armed guard. Noted that the PW seemed to be underweight, although he had heard rumors that Caucasians were treated better than ROKA PW (hearsay). Other PW camps as follows:

SUNGKYO-RI (YD 3918)--------------------Caucasian

PYOKTONG (YE 0699)---------------------- ?

SUNAN (YD 3241)------------------------- ?

KANGDONG (BU 4936)---------8th PW Camp, Feb 51, 3000-4000 PW, no Caucasians

PYONGYANG (YD 3720)------------------------------óMay 52, 4000 PW, no Caucasians

KT3387 19 Jun 52
In Feb 51, nearHAKKONG-NI, obs 50 ROKA and 50 US PW. Assumed they were going to N China.

KT3393 19 Jun 52
13 Feb 51, HAKKONG-NI (CT2007)  obs 50 UN PW (Cau & Negro) and 50 ROKA captives being guarded by 1 Plat of CCF soldiers. They were capturd by 349th and would be sent to China.

KT3470 captured 9 Jul 52
In Feb 51, saw aprx 20 UN PW at HAKKOK-NI enroute to N China.

KT3478 15 May 52
In Feb 51, at CHOSAN (YF 3624), obs UN.PW (incl patients) being trans ea day in wagons driven by farmers. PW questioned the farmers and learned the UN PW formerly had been interned at HWAPUNG mines (YF 4909) and were now being taken to some unk mines in OBUNG-MYON (YF 1704). Also obs wagons trans ROKA PW.

Believed the UN PW were in poor physical condition and had obs 4 of the UN PW die while PW was passing through PAN-MYON (YE 3564)-.

KT3492 11Jul 52
In Feb 51, heard from 1 of the PW Co Comdr that all the ROKA PW (1000) except 15 (sick) were to be trans from KANGGYE to HWANGHAE-DO where they would join the NKA.

KT3562 21 Jul 52
In mid Feb 51, at HOENGSONG (DS1049), obs 65 US PW being marched N by CCF soldiers.

KT3634 18 Aug 52
Feb 51, obs 20 UN PW (half Amer) marching north invic P'YONGYANG (believed evacuated to MANCHURIA)

KT3691 14 Aug 52
21 Feb 51, Mining Camp 6 km North of CH'ORWAN (CT4334), obs  570 UN PW (46 Cau & 20 Negro) dressed in OD trousers, field jackets and leather boots. All PW ere then marched towards TAESONG-SAN (YD476278) and placed in mines there. PWs were then interrrogated 12 at a time. One oriental ancestry Amer PW mentioned that he was married to a woman named "Yoshiko" and had a 3 yr old daughter and was Methodist. All cau & Negros were evacuated to civ houses.  About 20 US PW died of typhus.