February 1952

KT2921 17 Feb 52
8fEB 52, pW SAW 3 us pw (2 Cau & 1 colored) who were captured by 7th Co, 3rd Bn, 226 Regt located E of (CT499434)

KT2931 17 Feb 52
3 Feb 52, PW observed 3 US PW (1 colored,2 cau) being evacuated to the rear.They passed PW Sq at vic CT497428.  Pw was later told that these 3 PW were captured by the 7th Co,3rd Bn, 226th Regt during one of their night probings.

8 Feb 52, PW saw 3 US PW (2 white, 1 colored) who were captured by the  7th Co,3rd Bn,226thRegt located E of CT499434

KT2955 captured 28 Feb 52
PW heard from his sq ldr that elements of the 3rd bn, 90th Regt captured a UN PW 14 Feb 52 a few days after operation "Clam-up" began.

KT2973 26 Feb 52
16 Feb 52, PW heard 3rd Bn, 2nd (90th) Regt had captured a UN PW (cau).

KT2993 1 Mar 52
27 Feb 52, PW heard taht 1 UN Naal fighter plane enroute to a mission unk ws shot down by anti-tank rifle fire.

KT3025 3 Mar 52
PW head report while in 31st hospital that one Amer PW had died a 32nd hospital 40 days ago.

KT3037 captured 11 Mar 52
25 Feb 52, PW heard 47th NK Div had captured a US PW in vic of Hill 591 (DT3651) 20 Feb 52

KT3040 14 Mar 52
29 Feb 52 PW was told that one ambush patrol had trapped an UN 6-man patrol.  They killed5 of UN soldiers and captured a sqd ldr in the US 1st Marine Div.

KT3059 captured 28 Feb 52
In early Feb 52, PW learned that 3 US troops were captured by Recon Bn, 27th NK Div in late Jan 52. the 3 were men of the 7th US Div Recon Patrol.

KT3084 captured 3 Mar 52
15 Feb 52, PW observed a UN aircraft (supposedly a B-26) which crash landed in flames in the vic of DT165445.  When the a/c crashed, it exploded.  After the aircraft burned, one skeleton was observed in it with flesh left only on the lower abdominal part... 3 days after the crash, NKA hauled the burned aircraft to the rear.

KT3167 19 Apr 52
9 Feb 52, after being released from the detention camp in 39th Army HQ, PW -observed 3 UN PW (Caucasians) .pass by on their way to construct air raid shelters.

KT3190 28 Apr 52
PW stated therearly part of Feb 52, he observed 4 Amer PW (1 Negro) being escorted to the rear at SANGHWANGGAEGOL (CT106202). PW heard that the Amer PW were captured at MARYANG-SAN (CT185222).

KT3206 4 May 52
25 Feb 52, heard from Plat Ldr that 2 days earlier recon unit of I NKA Corps, probing vic of Hill 564 (DT 3954), discovered units of UN troops and attempted a surprise attack. In the ensuing melee and confusion^ Recon Plat succeeded in capturing 6 UN soldiers. However3 recon plat decided to kill 5 of the 6 men captured for the following reasons: It was too much of an inconvenience to maneuver efficiently with such an abundance of PW; although originally> the plat intended to capture as many PW as possible, the UN machine gun emplacements further uphill were in threatening psn to wipe out Recon Plat if it did not move out as fast as it could. Therefore; 5 of the 6 captured men were killed on the spot.

KT3231 25 Apr 52
In mid Feb 52, while at KOEYOM-NI, obs 4 UN Jet planes flyingin formation. He saw i UN jet aircraft shot down by AA guns firing from HAYU-NI area. The UN plane crashed to the ground and burst into flames. Plane was a total wreck and he was unable to determine type. Observed the charred remains of a body amid the wreckage.

KT3249 23 Apr 52
PW obs 3 UN PW at SAKSA-RI (DT1657). First Aid Station in early Feb 52. 2 litter patients; the other one walking

The 1st Plat Ldr told the troops in late Feb 52. that a recon unit from I Corps captured 6 US PW (Marines) in vic of Hill 591 (DT 366518). In attempting to return to their own lines, the patrol was pinned ddown by US MG fire and found it difficult to retreat.. The patrol,therefore killed 5 of the PW to facilitate traveling and returned with only 1 PW.

Through the interrogation of the PW, it was learned for the first time that the 1st Marine Div was confronting a part of the III and I NKA Corps

KT3333 19 May 52
In early Feb 52 while in PYONGYANG, obs 9 Cau UN PW drawing water from a stream.  2 NKA guards.

KT3438 26 Jun 52
In early-Feb 52, Subject was told by local residents of YONHWA-RI (BT 973950) that there were UN PW in HUNGDONG-NI (BT 974946). Subject went to HUNGDONG-NI early one evening and there he saw aprx 130 Negro and 20 Caucasian UN PW. They were sitting "on the ground in the yard of a civilian house. Observed 10 NKA soldiers (unit unk) each armed with a SMG. PPSh-41,, and 5 NK Police each armed with a pistol (type and make unk; guarding the UN PW.

The local residents told the Subject that the UN PW had been marched there from the south and had arrived via SONGHANG-NI (BT 980916).  UN PW were being taken to SUAN gold mine (BT735963) area. In Mar 52, from Peddler, large number of UN PW at SUAN gold mine.

In mid Feb at CHOKSONG-NI (BT976946) obs a crowd wathcing 7 UN pilots in Police station guarged ny 1 policeman armed with SMG, PPSh-41. Pilots were wearing leather jackets, pilot's coveralls and no caps. They had been captured after 3 UN planes were shot down by CCF AA units in vic MAGA-RI (CU03038).

Also heard that 2 other UN planes were brought down in vic TOHWA-NI (CU060046)

KT3546 18 Jul 52
During his internment at NO 37 Hosp in vic of NAE-RI (YD489309 Oct _51 - early-Feb 52 obs 20 UN PW make wkly visits to receive med treatment from the 7th Chinese Team, International Red Cross, (This team was quartered in the hosp.)

US PW appeared to be without any serious illnesses and were well clothed and clean shaven.  Noticed that a cordial atmosphere existed between the doctors and the US PWS. Heard a Japanese speaking US PW conversing with a Korean interpreter, .

PW made acquaintance with this US PW and learned that he (US PW) had been sta in NAGOYA, JAPAN for 2 yr. Also learned that the US PW had been a Sqd Ldr of a US Arty unit prior to his capture.

The US PW stated that the US PW Camp (80 US PW) was loc in vic of SOGU (YD 508271). On 1 occasion, obs 2 US Negro PW at the No 37 Hosp. and was told by 1 of them that there were 5 US Negro PW in the US.PW Camp at SOGU.

Obs 4 US PW playing soccor with NKA troops*

In Jan 52, US PW stated that a Co grade US PW was in the group which made wkly trips to the Hosp*  At this time, the US PW also stated that all the US PW received the same amount of food and type of clothing as the NKA soldiers. .

KT3565 6 Jul 52
Late Feb 52, vic DT178655, obs 1 UN aircraft (single engine) on fire and flying South

KT3566 captured 24 Jul 52
In Feb 52, in vic of HANCH'ON (YD 082422), obs F-80 fighter plane (US) flying S, The plane suddenly burst into flames, and the pilot "bailed out". The plane crashed near the seacoast and 8 fighter planes, F-80 (US), arrived immediately to protect the downed pilot, 40 min after the crash, a helicopter rescued the pilot. Obs all this from a distance of 2km. Later, heard that 1 Plat from SMG Bn, 109th Tank.Regt (which was responsible for scty in that area) had attempted to capture the downed pilot but -was prevented from doing so by the 8 fighter planes, F-80 (US).

KT3658 30 Aug 52
20 Feb 52,  saw 2 Amer prisoners (fliers, believed to had parachuted down) being taken away by the NKA MP at P'Yongyang.