January 1951

KT0427: Captured 27 May 51

13 Jan 51: NKA GHQ received a message from MOSCOW ordering them to send all UN PW excluding ROK PW, to MOSCOW via CHILIN, MANCHURIA. UN PW camp was located at CHILIN, MANCHURIA. CCF and NKA representatives in CHILIN were to furnish transportation for the transfer of UN PW to MOSCOW.

KT0642 Captured 5 Jun 51
PW "A" said 12 US enlisted men (including Pfc "Lew" (?) and Cpl "Martin" not known whether first or last names) and 2 officers (l capt, 1 1st Lt) were captured with him 14 Jan 51 at HOENGSONG. The men were from the US 7th Div, 32d Regt, Tank Co (Attached to 1st Bn, 2d Co).

KT1354 (Captured 10 Aug 51)
Aprx 1500 US PW were interned at P'YOKTONG (YF0600) (early Jan 51. He heard that these PW may be sent to China. Most of the UN PW were suffering from malnutrition and dysentery. An average of 8 US PW per day died. Those surviving US PW were getting thinner day by day.

KT1364 21 Aug 51
At KUMHWA (CT1588) o/a Jan 51, PW observed 23 US PW held by the CCF. US PW appeared to be in good physical condition, wore fatigues, pile-jackets and shoe-pacs with the exception of Chinese type, cotton-quilted winter uniforms.

KT1092 (captured 23 Jul 51)
During January51 to Mid Mar 51 when PW was interned in a PW Camp at KANSO NK observed aprx 1500 US PW.  PW noticed 5 -6 Captains. When last observed in mid March 51, they were being evacuated to China

KT1313 captured 26Oct 50
PW Enclosure at PYOKTONG (YF0600) contained aprx'200 US PW; the majority of whom were colored. A few were wounded. .

No medical supplies were known to have been:given to them. Such requests were often heard to have been made by an American Captain believed to be a medical officer. 'It was heard that many US PW had died enroute to the PW Camp from their.place of capture. PW Enclosure was jointly controlled by the NKA and the CCF. though.,US PW were under constant close surveillance.

US PW were all originally wearing their, summer uniforms, and when the PW departed that enclosure in Jan.51, aprx 50% of the US PW had acquired discarded KKA winter uniforms. .,US PW were believed to have received 600 grams of corn and millet daily. Occasionally> limited amount, of- rice wore observed received.

US PW were not observed to be forced to work, He heard (hearsay) that the US PW would be shipped to MANCHURIA depending upon, the war situation. Because of the lack of' local food supplies in the PYOKTONG area, the escapee believed that the US PW may have been moved to another location.

Observed 4 captured Amer PW near 'South Gate' traffic circle in Seoul during Jan 51. Chinese movie-camerman were taking moving pictures of the 4 Amer PW who wre posing as if they were in the act of being captured,

KT2814 17 Jan 52
Pw held at ANPUNG-NI (YE0762) "Liberation Regiment" until o/a 27 Jan 51. Near HWAPUNG Lead Mine (YE0865). PW observed 200 captured UN soldiers most of whom were US PW and remainder British and Turkish.
PW observed 3 groups (15 each) of dead UN PW, mostly US PW and a few Turks. Death attributed to malnutrition.  Buried in a big trench near camp.. Uniforms removed before burial.

0/a 20 Jan 51, 'the PW observed 200 UN PW, mostly Americans, at the HWAPUNG PW camp. (ROK PW were separated from them by a small field around which a barbed wire/fence,was constructed..) The PW claimed UN PW (not ROK) were wearing US winter uniforms and looked tired, cold, and sick. It was rumored in thePW part of the camp that these PW received,the same, food rations as ex-ROKA aid that most of them did not wear chvrons, patches, or insignias. The PW also claimed that a CCF unit controlled this camp. It was rumored that the condition of the UN PW were grave with many dying from dysentery, and other .diseases. The PW stated that the only time he saw: US PW working was in the morning when they chopped wood. PW stated that the morale seemed-extremely low.

Aprx 150 civilian captives were turned over to the custody of the NK Security Force at CHONGJU, after which they were marched under the escort of aprx 80 guards from CHONGJU via KUSONG (XE9228) and CHOAK-TONG (XE684O) to an abandoned iron mining camp at CHONMA-DONG (XE6348), arriving at the latter location 5 Jan 51. There, PW group of civilian captives joined aprx 80 Caucasian PW, 2 Negro PW and aprx 80 ROK PW,

The compound area of the CHONMA-DONG PW Enclosure was aprx 100m square and was enclosed by a fence aprx 12 ft high with 5 strands of electrified wire strung along its top. There were no signs of markings indicating that it was a PW camp. Within the compound area were 8 barracks-type wooden buildings with plaster walls, each equipped with Korean-style heated floors. There were 5 rooms capable of sleeping 25 men each in each of the buildings. The ROK PW, the Caucasian PW and the civilians were segregated. All guards observed by the PW during his aprx 1 month's stay in the CHONMA-DONG Enclosure were NK Security Forces personnel, PW reported that he knew of no cases of guards mistreating the PW during his stay at the camp.

KT3077 16 Mar 52
10 Jan 51, while at MAANSAN (phoenetic), PW observedaprx 4-5 UN PW on their way to the rear.

KT3203 15 Apr 52
detained in NKA camp 12 km E of PYOKYONG (YF0600) Jan51 with 200 ROKA and 20 US PW.

KT3347 13 May 52
In late Jan 51, saw 27 US PW at KANGDONG (BU4837). Some were former US Army advisors attached to 5th ROKA div. They were mistreated.

KT3479 8 Jul 52
In Jan 51, at LAOTOUKOU, MANCHURIA, after completing trng for assignment to NKA units, 3920 PW were sent to unk destinations

KT3602 24 Jul 52
In mid-Jan 51, obs 27 Caucasian PW and 50 ROKA PW being marched : through .SARIWON (YC 4064). The Caucasian PW were wearing US army sweaters and fatigue pants, but some of them had no footwear. The men, all unshaven and without caps, looked tired. They seemed to be marching from NAMCH'ONGJOM (BT 7346) in the direction of P'YONGYANG.

Escorting the Caucasian and ROKA PW were 8 NKA soldiers, (l Jr Lt, 7 Sgt), all armed with either a SMG, PPSh-41 (USSR) or Rifle, "MOSSIN-NAGANT" (USSR),

The Caucasian and ROKA PW were being hurried by the NKA guards and passed through SARIWON without pausing.

KT3696 24 Aug 52
Late Jan 51, obs 3 US PW at Field Hosp in vic MULGAE-RI (BT6651).