January 1952

KT 2800 15 jan 52
PW heard taht 3 UN soldiers had been taken prisoner by CCF, one UN soldier had been wounded and was later shot by the CCF, During Div Interr PW denied saying this.

KT2823 15 Jan 52
3 Jan 52 PW heard that 1 soldier, WIA, was shot down by the CCF when he was heading for the UN line at dawn.

KT2834 20 Jan 52
Subject saw two Amer PW 20 days ago, being led to a stockade in vic CT882608. Their cond appeared to be good.

KT2879 5 Feb 52
20 Jan 52, Political Officer of 1st Co, 1st Bn told PW that 3 UN PW were captured by Recon Plat l4th Regt, PW heard that the UN PW revealed their unit identification as the 32d Regt, Until that, 1st Bn did not know the identity of the unit opposing them.

KT2949 captured 17 Feb 52
Jan 52, while in vic SOBANG-SAN, PW observed 3 UN PW (2 cau, 1 Negro) being marched N under guard of 2armed CCF soldiers. One Cau had what appeared to be a gash on the left side of his face which had not been bandaged.

KT2960 captured 28 Feb 52
In early Feb 52,PW observed 3 Amer PW being taken to the rear by elements of Recon Bn27 Div. PW stated that 3 Amer PW belong to 7th US Div.Captured in vic DT2041 while patrolling area.

6 Jan 52, PW observed a wounded UN PW at the 31st Hospital, II Corps, PW described the UN PW as having blond hair, 5'10" in height, average build, and was wearing a field jacket and fatigue trousers, PW heard that the UN PW did not want to eat food given by the NK medical aid men but wanted only to drink liquor. Later PW heard that the UN PW was transferred to the 32d Hospital, II Corps and died.

On 1 Mar 52, PW heard from the 2d Sqd Ldr, 1st Plat, who was a member of a recon patrol that the patrol from the 1st Bn, 19th Regt captured 3 American soldiers on the night of 29 Feb 52 from an outpost in front of the 1st Bn, 19th Regt position..

In early Jan 52, while at the 460th A U at SOPUNG-NI (CT 8188), , the PW observed 4 dark, propeller driven, UN planes (which PW believed to be Grumman) flying over HOETANG (CT 8084).. AA guns opened fire from the tops of Hill 536 )CT800857) and the hill at CT 795848. One plane was observed hit and 2 men parachuted out after it burst into flame; Later in;the day the PW was informed by the Officer of the Guard that the plane had crashed in the vic of TONAM-NI (CU876013), while the 2 crew members had landed in the vic of ORANG-NI (CT 827946) and, according to a report received by the officer, had been captured by CCF troops.

1 hour after the plane had been' shot down 6 UN planes, which the PW believed to have been F-51, circled the HOEYANG area for 15 minutes and were fired upon by.AA guns.

The PW at the time also observed a dummy plane, made of wood, on top of the hill at CT 795848.

KT311923 Mar 52
In early Jan 52, PW observed 1 US PW dressed in an overcoat and guarded by 3 CCF being marched northward toward the rear. This PW was from US 24th Div.

KT3156 14 Apr 52
Late Jan 52, PW heard from the Co CO that 3 UN PW were taken (a Pfc & 2 Pvt) from 7th Div. A UN patrol was ambushed by elements of 1st Co, Recon Bn, in vic of SOHUIRYONG (DT 2141) and the -above 3:PW Were taken,

KT 3188 28 Apr 52
Mid Jan 52 in vic of (BT7981) PW obs 1 UN jet plane shot down by CCF AA in vic of above place. Jet plane was flying in the sky in vic of (BT7981) with 3 other UN. jet planes in a line formation. The plane that was shot down was the second'.or the third plane. PW observed the plane when it hit the ground; it burned at a distance of 2.5 km. PW was told by other EM of his Co that the pilot of this plane was killed in the crash,

At a Pol mtg early Jan 52, heard that UN Planes bombed a PW enclosure in PYONGYANG and inflicted casualties on their own men (UN PW)

KT3300 9 May 52
In the area S of SARIWON in early Jan 52, obs 140 ROKA and 10 US PW marching towards SARIWON guarded by NKA soldiers.

KT3334 24 May 52
Heard at a Co briefing 20 MaY 52 that units had captured 1 female UN spy and 5-6 line crossers in Jan 52. 

KT3424 16 Jun 52
In mid-Jan 52, PW'was apprehended by members of the Security Regt, Adv Hq, Chinese People's Volunteer Army at UNSAN. On that occasion, the PW observod aprx 40 UN PW being escorted to CH'.ANGSONG by members of the Security Regt. The 40 UN PW were all Caucasians except for 2 Negroes,

KT3542 12 Jul 52
In late Jan 52, obs 10 UN jet aicraft (F-80 & F-86) engaged by 8 MIG-15s in dogfight over KAECH'ON (YD4998). 1 plane was shot down. Unk if friend or foe.