July 1951

KT 1304 13 Aug 1951
0/a 25 Jul 51, at vic (CT606443) PW observed one US PW being sent to the rear.

KT 1337 15 Aug 51
PW observed one PW o/a 1 Jul 51 at the 32d Regt Hq, at SATAE'RI (DTl640)t The PW was wearing a US fatigue uniform, appeared in good physical condition, and was being marched .toward the Regt CP. According to rumors, the PW was shot down from a plane.
(Editor) This may fit as many as 26 men. The incident location will narrow the match.
PW again observed another US PW, a Marine, being taken toward the 32d Regt CP o/a 4 or 5 Jul 51 at SATAE RI (DTl640). Later it was learned that the Marine was captured when his 19-men recon patrol engaged a NK patrol. The men of the Marine patrol carried BARs. This Marine revealed, during interrogation that he landed at PCHANG, moved up to place of capture via CHEGH0N, WONJU end HONGCH'ON. US PW stated PW came to KOREA upon graduating from high school.
(Editor) This is the kind of stuff we dream of finding, but no one fits this description in this time frame.

KT 1360 16 Aug 51
15 to 23 Jul 51,at the II NK Corps Hq, the returnees were interned with an American pilot whose plane had been shot down by a NK AA MG unit in the vic CHANGJON (DT2989) late Jul 51. The pilot informed them that his name was Capt Jim WILKINSON
(phonetic), age 30, a pilot of a F4U. (Navy fighter plane) who had served in the Air Force for 11 years, based at PUSAN. He overheard from a NK guard that this officer would be evacuated to PYONGYANG and then to CHINA.
(Editor)According to Tim Casey, Association of Korean War Ex-POWs, he is obviously talking about Capt James V. Wilkins, USMC pilot, shot down and captured 3 Jul 1951, released 5 Sep 1953. He was taken to Camp 12 at P'yong-yang, then on to Officers Camp 2, but NOT to China. Sad story here was the Navy rescue choppers that was sent in to pick up Wilkins was also shot down, pilot and enlisted crewman captured. The chopper pilot died in camp and the enlisted guy survived and was released in 1953. The Navy chopper pilot was awarded the Medal of Honor.

KT1386 22 Aug 51
15 Jul 51 PW saw two US PW at Chinese hospital in YANGDOK

KT1465 28 Aug 51
O/a 2 Jul 51, when PW went to SUNCH'ON (YD5367) to get Engr equipment, he observed aprx 11 UN PW unloading freight cars. There was 1 Amer officer, 3 Negroes and 7 ROK.
(Editor) If this location matches any serviceman's incident area and time is close, please let me know.

KT 1502 27 Aug 51
O/a 18 Jul 51 PW observed 50 UN PW (Caucasian) at MUNCHANG-NI BU6036, led by aprx 6 CCF guards, PW were told by their Bn Comdr that UN PW were being taken to the SINCHUNG mine, vic SUNCH'ON YD5367

KT 1136 30 Jul 51
O/a 11 Jul 51, heard from other soldiers that 2 American pilots who had bailed out of damaged aircraft had been captured aprx 2 km N of KACHILBONG.
(Editor) During that week we lost
B-26 - George Senior, Donald Tegt, William Watson
F-4U - Calvin Currins, William Garmany
F-51 - Joseph Barbasa, Eugene Ruiz, Walter Pitman
F-80 - Irvin Taylor, Charles Blomberg, Cecil Mohr
F-84 - Marlyn Ford
T-6 - Howard Howell, Rex Miles
Family members, check your summaries for location

KT1581 5 Sep 51
The PW observed 200 US PW in a building located inside the south gate of PEIKING 15 jul 51

KT1640 6 sep 51
PW stated that he saw 100 Caucasians PW and aprx 50 ROK PW at a camp in PEIPING in the middle of Jul 51. PW seemed to be in good health and fairly well treated.

KT 1679 9 Sep 51
10 Jul 51 when PW was en route to MUNCHANG-NI (YD5859), PW observed aprx 30 UN PW (12 ROK) riding a raft in the TAEDONG River. These PW were billeted and quartered on an island situated in the TAEDONG River at (YD5658). PW appeared underfed and undernourished, No observation of stretcher cases among UN PW. 4 armed CCF guards.

KT 1706 5 Sep 51
O/a 10 Jul 51, PW Kim observed 2 US PW (Caucasians) carrying a bundle of NKA uniforms each from an unk hospital to another unk hospital in YONGDOK. PW Kim's friend who was with him at the time carried on a pen conversation with the US PW and found out that they were American and one of them was 24 years old. They wore clean fatigues without any insignia, boots, and appeared in fairly good condition.
(Editor) Either they were recently captured or both had some medical background that was useful. Though many were about this age, it helps narrow down the possible matches

KT1754 17 sep 51
30 Jul 51, PW heard from Bn CO that UN PW camp was located vic CHANG AN SA (DT1873).

KT1758 12 Sep 51
At the end of Jul 51, PW FAN heard from his 4th Co Political Officer that there were many UN prisoners in CHINA, fully fed with flour and rice.

KT1864 20 Sep 51
18 Jul 51, PW stated the he saw one UN PW (Caucasian) at CHA GAN SA vic (DT1873). He was told by men of Recon Co that the PW was a UN Air Force member. UN PW appeared in poor physical condition and was dressed only in his under clothing.
(Editor) About this time, we lost the following Air Force men:
Ray Decker, Marlyn Ford, John McGuinness, John McNulty, Joseph Murray, John Starck.
Families should check the incident area for a match and contact the editor.

KT 1626 Captured 5 Sep 51
PW observed a group of 12 UN PW composed of US,Turkish and British soldiers, in the vic of SIBYON-NI (BT9942) leaving for unknown destination, UN PW appeared to be gay and cocky, their person al appearance was neat and they whistled while they walked. One CCF guard escorted them.

KT 1925  Captured 24 Sep 51
O/a 20 Jul 51, PW observed two British PW in the vic of SOSAN-NI, (YD3486). One of the PW was wounded in the upper left arm.

KT 1929  captured 27 Sep 51
1 SEP 51, PW observed 27 US soldiers escorted by two NK soldiers in MUNDUNG-NI area.

KT1925 25 SEP 51
p. UN PW:
O/a 20 Jul 51, PW observed two British PW in the vic of SOSAN-NI,
(YD3486). One of the PW was wounded in th upper left arm.

KT1989 27 SEP 51
t. UN Guerrillas:
25 Jul 51 to 26 Sep 51, Pw heard his Co Political Officer say that UN
Forces always used airplanes to drop agents in the rear areas of the
CCF. These agents wore Korean civilian clothing, CCF uniforms or NKPA
uniforms according to the area in which they were dropped.

KT1117 (captured 27 Jul 51)
21 Jul 51, heard fromanNK Maj at the th Div Rear supply point that a large UNPW internment camp was recently constructed at PUNGSAN NK. It was said that several American communists were brought here from Russia to indoctrinate the US pw

KT1463 24 Aug 51
PW observed aprx 35 US PW at YANGDOK

KT1566 31 Aug 51
PW observed groups of captured UN soldiers, the majority of whom were Americans, 6 or 7 different occasions within the past few months in NK. The largest group of captured.UN soldiers consisted of less than 100 persons The PW considered treatment of the captured UN soldiers to be good, _ They were fed the same food that the CCF soldiers were. He heard that all captured. UN soldiers were sent to CHINA.  All of the above observations were made of moving groups of UN PW.

KT1762 13 Sep 51
While interned at the KANGDONG PW Camp the following UN PW -were identified by PW

HALL, George, 22, Sgt, Unk, US Div, Captured byCCF in early '51.

YOSHIDA, (fnu), 19, Unk, Unk US Div, Territory of Hawaii. KIM, (fnu), 21, Unk? Unk US Div, Territory of Hawaii. KIM was acting as an interpreter in PW Camp. He spoke fair Korean, ".

There were 2 US pilots interned at the KANGDONG PW Camp, 1 Jet Fighter pilot; (1st Lt), The above Jet Fighter pilot was captured by CCF unit In vic of WONSAN (CU 6535)., PW observed tattoo (snake 6" x 1") on left arm of the Jet Fighter pilot. The night fighter pilots was captured in vic of IMJE (DT2813) Rank: Lt.

-Both of the pilots wore pilot clothing. Shoes worn by pilots were black Chinese rubber shoes.

KT2446 13 Oct 51
Jul 51 the PW saw 4 US soldiers being amrched north from CHUNGCHONG SONG  Name & rank unk

KT2454 21 Oct 51
Early Jul 51 at YUSANG-NI (BU6469) PW observed 6 Caucasians PW resting in front of anunk field hospital. They were slightly wounded, but appearded to be happy (smoking & singing)  3 days later, PW observed 1 Caucasian PWand aprx 100 ROKA pw being marched north.

KT2552 31 Oct 51
O/a 1 Jul 51 PW observed a USAF pilot CAptin a house located in YUJOMSA(DT2770)  PW was told this pilot had parachuted from his plane after plane hadbeen destoyed by NK AA guns.  Pilot not injured.

KT2670 1 Dec 51
Jul 51 observed 1 Cau PW and 4 Negro PW (US)being escorted northward by 3 NKA guards in PYONGYANG.The 5 UN PW had their hands tied behind them with rope. They were thin and malnutritioned.

KT2674 27 Nov 51
Observed group of 10-20 UN PW (Cau & ROKA) marching northward at KOKSAN in late Jul 51.

KT2731  21 Dec 51
0/a 15 July.1951 vie of SUPUNG (XE 6577) while PW in 35th NKA Field Hospital, an entertainment committee consisting of well known movie actors, actresses and a motion picture projection team from YANG arrived to entertain sick and wounded*

With this committee were aprx 30 US PW (10 Caucasians, 20 Negroes) 0

The motion picture projection team demonstrated t&etoiqiies of taking pictures. For 2 hours PW "watched them take some scenes to be used in propaganda movie,, utilizing US PW#

One scene consisted of several US soldiers forcing Korean laborers to load logs on 2 US trucks (with 2 Negro drivers) while a US jeep toured immediate area keeping constant observation on detail* -

Another scene of 2 machine gun positions (built with straw sacks filled with sand) with US flag flying in background, Entire group of US PW had helmet liners and fatigue uniforms on while occupying position*

Third scene taken with NK actor in US military police uniform (complete with white helmet liner and white pistol belt) administering beating to NKA soldier while an actor in a South Korean police uniform looked on.

KT2736 19 Dec 51
Late Jul 51, PW also observed US PW escorted by two armed Chinese in vic of NAMJWA-NI (CT255620).  One was an Atry Observer who parachuted from a damaged airplane.

KT2765 17 Dec 51
I nearly Jul 51, PW heard that 30 US PW had arrived at this camp (CHONMA-DONG Camp#3 (XE6548) but only remained for a shortperiod.  PW were to be taken to the NKA front line and released.

KT2798 31 Dec 51
1.6 km NNW of the HAERHPIN RR Station and 500 m SSW of the HAERHPIN RR Bridge #1. Located in the former Pristan Park (See figure VIII-51, HAeRHPIN, JANIs 74) at the intersection of MINCHUTA-CHIEH and TIENCH'LAOKUNG-LU

PW was appointed Div representative on a detail assigned to escort 50 UN PW from 204th Div Hq in MABY0NG-NI (not located on available maps) KOREA to the camp in Jul 51 PW stayed in the compound for aprx 8 hours and then returned, to KOREA.

In Jul 51, 1800 UN prisoners were undergoing processing here* These include 100 US Caucasian troops, 300 US Negro troops and 200-300 Turks,; (IN:' PW was unable to distinguish between Caucasian personnel in the UN command.) The rest were all ROK troops. The Turks were tabbed as "trouble makers" and were consequently isolated from the other prisoners and interned in unidentified guardhouses in the administrative part of the compound

In early Jul 51, PW observed 30 UN PW arrive in CHONMA_DONG. The PW believed these PW were Americans and were sent to the front lines for release the next day.
PW heard that a UN PW was lcoated at PYOKTONG (YF0600)

KT2862 1 Feb 52
In late Jul 51, PW observed 8 UN Prisoners (3 Cau and 5 ROKA) marching along road in vic YONGBYON guarded by 4 NKA guards.

KT3188 28 Apr 52
Mid Jul 51 in vic of (CT1367) PW obs another UN jet plane shot down by CCF AA (loc in vic of (CT1068)). This jet plane was flying in the sky in vic of (CT1367) with 3 other UN jet planes in a line formation around the mountain top in vic (CT1367). PW obs all this from a distance of 10 km. Because of the high mountains between him and the plane, PW did not actually see the plane hit the ground.

KT3299 13 May 52
In late Jul 51, obs 50 UN PW in a bldg guarded by CCF troops 1 km East of MUKDEN (SHENYANG) RR station.

KT3422 11 Jun52
While the captured personnel of the 8th Regt ROKA were being marched from YANGGU (DT1117) to SINGOSAN (CU6301), observed 2 Caucasians (U.S. Officers) who had been military advisors for the 8th ROKA regt.