July 1952

Air Intel Inf Report 56-B-4356 pg 5 of 5
Source heard a rumor among Russian prisoners that two (2) American pilots had passed through the transit camp in SVERDLOVSK in Summer 1952

KT3471 captured 10 Jul 52
At the time of capture, PW had in his possession, 1 handkerchief with the name MV ANTONIO RA 30137313, embroidered on it and 1 finger ring that is believed to be American made. When PW was questioned as to how he came into possession of these items, he stated that he had found the handkerchief in a fatigue jacket (GI) near the 38th Parallel (exact loc unk) in Dec 51; and that he found the ring while the 113th Div was in reserve near SONGCH'ON. He stated that he had never seen nor heard of UN PW.

(Editor) We have a missing V M Antonio but his number is different (RA11177063)

KT3506 21 Jul 52
Jul 52, A cook saw 1 UN recon plane hit by AA guns at Hill 188 (CT074132) and crashed 5 road km N of the 2nd Co. and 1 man parachute from the plane.

KT3562 21 Jul 52
In early evening hr, sometime between 5 Jul - 10 Jul 52 PW, while in vic of MARYANG-SAN, obs a formation of 4 UN jets flying over MARYANG-SAN The UN jets, were fired upon by CCF AAMG in MARYANG-SAN area, and that 1 UN jet was hit and burst into flames in mid-air, UN jet seemed to disappear into a ravine 9km NW of MARYANG-SAN. FSf did not obs the

pilot "bail out" and believed he perished in.the crash. PW did not notice ■ whether the 3 other UN jets circled over the crash area. Because of the waning daylight, PW was unable to give a description of the UN jets.

Inmid Jul 52, 3 UN Cau PW in Pyongyang, dressed in fatigues were being shown a bombed bldg by NKA soldier

KT3602 24 Jul 52
27 Feb 52, obs 1 single engined (propeller driven), black colored UN aircraft hit by AAA in vic of (YC 405643) and crashed in vic of (YC 385655). PW approached the wreckage and obs 1 CCF soldier guarding the partially burnt UN plane, (The PW did not remember the markings on the wrecked plane.)

Obs the CCF soldier sever the finger of the dead UN pilot in order to remove the ring. (NOTE: PW was told by a civ 17 Apr 52 that the remains of the UN pilot were still at the plane wreckage and had not yet been buried.)

Learned from a civ that CCF soldiers were seen carting away the  debris of the plane wreckage to vic of (YC 385658).

KT3604 22 Jul 52
Early Jul 52, UN plane shot down vic OCH'ON-NI (DT0357)

KT3616 16 Aug 52
Heard 25 Jul 52 that the 5th Co had captured UN PW. They wre well treated and sent to China.

KT 3618 17 Aug 52
In JUl 52, obs UN PW Camp loc 20 km from SUP'UNG (XE6479). Obs 3 UN PW (Cau) reading books.

KT3619 5 Aug 52
In jul 52, heard that Recon Plat 105th regt ,35th Div had captured 2 US PW CT875608

KT3629 5 Aug 52
Worker's newspaper 20 Jul 52 states taht on 10 Jul 52, UN planes bombed a PW camp at SOSONG-NI (Yd3522) and inflicted wounds on 9 PW

KT3652 12 Aug 52
PW had no info on CCF airfields or other AF installations. In mid-Jul 52, while in the KUHWA-RI (CT082176) area, obs .1 UN single-engine, Recon plane shot down by CCF" AAA Bn. Heard from 8th Btry Political Off, at briefing, that the Recon plane had 3 passengers and that-only the ' pilot was able to parachute safely. The pilot was then captured by the AAA Bn and sent to the rear for questioning.

In late-Jul 52. another UN plane hit by AAA fire and explode in mid-air. The 8th Btry Pol Off stated, at briefing (briefings were

held ea day during roll-call), that there were no survivors and that, the UN plane had been directing UK arty fire. The PoliticalOff stated that the men did not have to fear UN planes because they were well protected by the 'crack" AAA Bn loc in that area.

KT3672 2 Sep 52
10 Jul 52,heard UN made a surprise attack at night and a UN prisoner was taken CT122156