June 1951

KT 0579 Captured 17 Jun 1951
1 Jun 51, at HWACH'ON, the PW observed 30 US PW who had been captured by the 15th and 12th Armies at PUKHANGANG between 15 to 28 May 51. These PW were marching north with the retreating CCF units.

(Editor) Approx. 122 Army & Marines went missing during this period. Family members should research the area where missing to determine if this sighting applies. The summary (scrub sheet) often provides this info.

KT0581 12 Jun 51
PW heard rumors, while in the PW Camp, that there were aprx 3,000 ROK and 300 UN PW in the NKA PW Camp at the HAPUNG mine area. 7 or 8 ROK and 3 or 4 UN troops were dying daily from malnutrition and exposure to the cold weather* The PW Camp had no walls or barbed-wire fence; therefore, many PW attempted to escape, but those who were caught after several attempts were shot when recaptured.

KT 0766
In the NKA 1st Truck Co, there are two UN PW used as drivers. These US PW ate and slept with the men of the 1st Truck Co and were not guarded. Both PW were from the 1st Marine Div. One was named "Patrick", other unk. "Patrick" had learned to Write and speak a little Chinese, The men of the 1st Truck Co treated these PW kindly and talked to these PW for enjoyment. Both PW dared not attempt to escape. One day, when "Patrick" was driving a truck alone, he was stopped by some NK civilians who took away his clothing and beat him badly, since then he did not leave the Co alone.
(Editor) Could this be John Patrick Barrett or Patrick Frank O’Connor?

KT0768 Captured 9 Jun 51
During the battle at SALMA-RYONG (CS2O898O) the 560th Regt cap­tured more than 300 British soldiers.

KT1169 (Captured 1 Aug 51)
PW observed two ROK and five UN PW (three Caucasians and two Negro) at SOKKYO-RI (BT8378) o/a 3 Jun 51. PW, guarded by NK, were marching northward.
(Editor) Though commonly U.S. Army when captured with ROK, most of the missing that week were seven from a B-29 crew - Unlikely match

KT1909 22 SEP 51
j. US PW (Hearsay):
O/a 6 Jun 51, PW (WANG In Sop) heard from his plat ldr (1st Plat, 3d Co,
1st BN, Replacement Regt, NK III Corps) that more than 3000 American PW
had just arrived at SINGOSAN (CU 6492), and that the PW would be sent to



KT1173 (Captured 2 Aug 51)
In Jun 51, at vic TONGCHON (DU0506), observed 13 UN PW (Caucasians) guarded by CCF soldiers and heading N. One of the 13 was sick and was riding a cow. Another was observed with his hands tied with a cord; PW learned from the guards that he was tied because of his unwillingness to walk.
(Editor) 61 men are missing from June 51

KT1197  (Captured 4 Aug 51)
Aprx 500 US, ROKA, and other UN PW were seen in SUAN (BT7186) on 5 Jun 51, in a barbed wire enclosure, All were believed to have been captured by the CCF
(Editor) Suan was a prison mining camp used in 1951. Many served time here while still in good health.

KT 1222 4 Aug 1951
Early Jun 51, observed US PW quartered in a Primary School in the SUAN Gold Mine Area (BT7396). Observed 30 PW in the yard of the school. CCF troops were guarding the PW.

KT 1283 8 Aug 1951
Early Jun 51 at CHIMDONG-NI, observed aprx 15 US PW who formerly served as advisors to the ROKA 3d and 9th Divt One of the PW was said to be a major, 3 others lieutenant, and the remainder sergeants. These PW accompanied the 300 former R0KA from CHIMDONG RI (Reserve Regt, V Corps) to HABUKCHOM NI; from HABUKCHQM NI, the US PW were marched off to P'YONGYANG
(Editor) Of the 51 missing from early June, most were Air Force and Navy. Of those who were Army, no commissioned officers, only Sgts Alvarez & Zalner. Not a reliable match.

KT 1307 12 Aug 1951
Early Jun 51, at YONGBYON, PW observed 70 Caucasians and 2 Negro PW marching north and guarded by CCF troops.

KT 0998 3 Jul 51
5 US and British PW were observed at SAMBANG RI early Jun 51-They were captured by the 77th Div of the 26th Army. The PW heard that they were being taken to the Army Hq.

KT 1010 9 Jul 51
O/a 4 June 51, PW observed aprx 200 UN PW resting in the mountains in the vic of SEPO-RI (CT5777).

KT 1014 9 Jul 51
PW observed, 7 Jun 51, about 200 UN prisoners at a village, located about 28 km NW of SEPORI (CT 574778). About 25% of them were Caucasians and the rest were Negroes. Saw 4 of the UN prisoners (Negroes) were tied with rope. They were guarded by 4 or 5 armed CCF troops. The majority of the prisoners wore left to themselves with guards standing at a distance. The majority of the UN PW were in good physical condition and they were smoking Chinese cigarettes and were fed rice.

KT 1358 17 Aug 51
Early June 51, the Guard Bn of the Field Hq captured aprx 40 UN guerrillas and 2 US transceivers, in the NAEGUMGANG MYON (DT 1234) area
(Editor) Of the 41 men still missing from early June, only 9 were Army; Of those 6 were 65 Rgt, 2nd Bn. Perhaps a match if this Reg were in the area

KT1452 26 Aug 51
PW saw 4 US PW at (DT190734) traveling North aprx 2 months ago.

KT1486 30 Aug 51
O/a 26 Jun 51, while enroute to the east coast, PW observed 3 captured US soldiers marching north at SINGO-SAN (CU6303). The hands of these Amer were tied with ropes

KT 1083 19 Jul 1951
Jun '51, the PW observed aprx 100 British PW being marched north through SUNCHON. The PW heard that these PW were to be sent to CHINA.

KT 1085 26Jul 1951
27 Jun 51, the PW observed aprx 20 US PW in SINUIJU (XE 1839)
(Editor) Remarkably, only 7 men are still MIA from that week and 4 were from B Company, 15th Regt - Bacarro, Eritano, Kauhini, Roberts. Family members should check their summaries for possible area match.

KT 1103 19 Jul 1951
Observed one UN PW (Caucasian) at HYONG-NI, 25 Jun 51. PW heard from a captured ROK interpreter that said UN PW was a KMAG Advisor, 1st Lt wounded on the left foot.
(Editor) Technically, the U.S. was part of the United Nations assisting the South Koreans in defending their nation from the communist North Koreans. Some of our guys were assigned to be advisors in Korean Military Advisory Groups. No MIA Army men within 2 weeks prior fit this description.

KT 1109 24 Jul 51
Early Jun 51, the PW observed 30 US PW at ICH'ON. The PW heard from a guard that the PW would be sent to P'YONGYANG.
(Editor) 41 men are MIA, POW, or KIA from the first two weeks of June with a good assortment of Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force. It's unlikely that they would be collected together. No assumptions here.

KT 1117 23 Jul 51
10 Jun 51 observed two US PW heading north with the above CCF troops. PW were in good physical condition and were said to be from the US 24th Div.
(Editor) No 24th Div men are still missing from the first week of June
21 Jul 51, Heard from a NK Maj at the 6th Div Rear Supply Point that a large UN PW internment camp was recently constructed at PUNGSAN , N Korea. It was said that several American communists were brought here from Russia to indoctrinate the US PW.
(Editor) No comment

KT 1128 25 Jul 51
4 Jun 51, observed 12 UN PW and 1 ROK imprisoned in a primary school at SOKTAL-LI (BT9341)
(Editor) Not enough useful info. 20 men are missing from this week. No incident area details on any of them.

KT1129 25 Jul 51
4 Jun 51 , observed aprx 30 ROK PW repairing damaged houses at KOKSAN GUN, KOLTONG Gold Mine (BT9795). The PW were guarded by unk number of CCF troops.
(Editor) South Korean prisoners

KT1154 (Captured 24 Jul 51)
Observed 7 or 8 uninjured US PW being marched to the rear by 2 guards. 1 1/2 months ago but did not know whether any of the US PW were officers. PW did not know how prisoners were being treated by the CCF. But understood that prisoners were supposed to be given decent treatment.

KT 1160 28 Jul 51
O/a 20 Jun 51 the PW saw aprx 300 UN PW marching northward under guard (CCF) aprx 10 km north of ANJANG DONG (CT6055)

KT 1167 29 Jul 51
Jun 51, PW saw aprx 200 UN PW proceeding N near ANJANG DONG.

KT1578 6 Sep 51
PW observed 30 UN PW N of YANGDOK in early Jun 51. Each PW carried a ration bag. This group of UN PW were moving north.

KT1601 6 Sep 51
5 Jun 51 while PW was at YONGDOK, he observed 20 UN PW.
About 60% were Caucasians and 40% Negro. They appeared to be in good physical condition and were marching in north direction.

KT1638 6 Sep 51
Early Jun 51, while enroute from YANGDOK (BU9644) to ICHON (CT1662) with the 126th Div, PW observed 20 to 30 UN PW (PW believed they were US soldiers) who were marching northward. They were all in good physical condition.
PW learned from one of his friends who was working with the PW Administrative Unit, 126th Div, that UN PW were quite well treated, and given better food (rice and little amount of meat and vegetables) than the CCF soldiers. Political lectures and propaganda were often given to them. Meetings of daily life accounting and discussions were held, presided over by political officersf or unit leaders, PW also learned from same source that, in Feb 51, a unit of the 42d Army killed 2 French PW at vic H0NGCH0N (DS0272), who refused to be evacuated to rear areas. A severe order restricting troops from following such cruel examples was issued by higher Hq and numerous criticizing meetings were held in lower units to foster better treatment of UN PW.

KT 1660 3 Sep 51
About three months ago PW observed four US PW in the vic of WANGSANG-NI (BU 6579). About 15 days ago PW heard from his Co CO that PW were to be treated with respect and were not to be mistreated in any way,
PW also heard that PW were being taken to an area North of WQNSAN where picked individuals of the CCF were learning English from them.

KT 1668 3 Sep 51
Mid-Jun 51, PW talked with a guard who was. escorting a US PW to the 15th Div CP at SATAE-RI, and learned that the prisoner was a US Navy pilot (believed of a "Skyraider") which was shot down in that area . PW was wearing a fatigue uniform.
(Editor) We have two Skyraiders (AD-4) missing in June: LTJG Harley Stafford Harris KIA 06/21/1951; CDR Charles Ramsay Stapler MIA 06/09/1951
Early Jul 51 at CHOMSA (DT2770), PW observed another US PW at the 15th Div CP, He was wearing suntans and held the rank of Captain who was flying in the area on a recon mission when his plane was shot down,
(Editor) Marlyn Carr Ford F-84 MIA 07/14/1951 was the only Captain missing in early Jul

KT1827 6 Sep 51
PW observed 4 US PW at Sunchon, on 30 Jun 51

KT1880 23 Sep 51
Mid Jun 51, PW observed aprx 30 US PW being marched from CHO SAN by NKA guards.

KT1892 20 Sep 51
PW observed 5 UN PW marching with NK armed escort, in the vic of SIM GO SAN on 18 Jun 51. The Americans seemed to be in good health.

KT 1994 captured 1 Oct 51
Jun 51, PW observed three US PW in the vic of PYONGGANG being taken to the rear.

KT 2005 captured 29 Sep 51
Late Jun or early Jul 51, PW observed some 60 to 70 UN pW, mostly Americans, passing SAMSAN-NI (BT412334) on the way to the rear.

KT 2037 captured 18 Sep 51
The returnee was confined in a NK PW camp at PYODAE-RI (YD5428) during the period 20 Jun 51 tc 23 Jun 51. There were aprx 120 UN PW confined there: 60 US, 30 ROKA, and the remainder consisting of TURKISH, BRITISH, and AUSTRALIAN PW. These UN PW were not required to do manual labor, but did undergo aprx 2 hr of communist indoctrination daily. This indoctrination consisted of reading communist literature (in the PW own languages) under the supervision of a NK versed in that particular language.  The subject considered that the food received by the UN PW was sufficient, consisting of a daily diet of aprx 800 gr (rice, soy beans, vegetables and soy bean paste. The PW could net recall any instances of communicable diseases in the campf he believed all the FV7 were in good physical condition. The subject became friends with the following US PW

FLEMMING, First name unk, Major, KMAG, ROKA. 6th Div, 7th Regt, Caucasian, 36 year*
ALAN, First name unk, Capt, Negro, 22 or 23 HENDERSON, First name unk, 1st Lt, Negro, 23 or 24 yr.
HENDERSON, First Name unk, 1st Lt, Negro, 23 0r 24 yr
TSAO, (fnu), CG, 47th CCF Army.
WANG, (fnu), Bn Cmndr, 2nd Bn, 423rd Regt, 141st Div, 47 Army

KT2037 18 SEP 51
a. UN PW Camp:
The returnee was confined in a NK PW camp at PYODAE-RI (YD5428) during the
period 20 Jun 51 to 23 Jun 51. There were aprx 120 UN PW confined there:
60 US, 30 ROKA, and the remainder consisting of TURKISH, BRITISH, and
AUSTRALIAN PW. These UN PW were not required to do manual labor, but did
undergo aprx 2 hr of communist indoctrination daily. This indoctrination
consisted of reading communist literature (in the PW own language) under
the supervision of a NK versed in that particular language.

KT2327 1 SEP 51
O/a 24 Jun 51, PW saw aprx 200 UN PW in a PW camp in HUICHON (BU 6749).
No further information available.

KT1318 captured 10 Aug 50
16 Jun 51 Saw aprx 200 UN prisoners at CHUNGSAM-NI (CT3970). PW apparently in good health and spirits, including about 30 Turks.

KT1624 13 Sep 51
"KANGDONG Prison Camp" was at SANGGARI (BU 504198) about 14 km S of KANGDONG, The prison camp was divided into five companies. The 3d Co was at (BU .497197) separate from the remainder of the camp. The prisoners of the company were not allowed to associate or intermingle with other prisoners. PW heard that prisoners of 3d Co had radios and lived in far greater comfort than those of other companies. Prison camp area was a former housing area for workers at an anthracite coal mine. Main camp was on south side of a highway, housed in twenty buildings arranged four across and five deep. A barbed wire fence surrounded the prison camp area. The 2d, 4th, and 5th Companies were housed in the main camp while the 1st Co was on the north side of the highway near an apple orchard. When PW left "KANGDONG Prison Camp" there were about 1700 UN PW remaining there. Of the 1700 UN PW all but 90 were ROK W:9 Remaining 90 were as follows: 60 US (3 officers, highest of which was 1st Lt) 17 British (1 officer, a-1st Lt)
8 Filipino  3 Turkish  2 French
By the time he left the camp,6 US PW were ward cases but no US PW had died yet.

KT1744 14 Sep 51
From 26 Jun 51 until 21 Aug 51» subject was interned in the PW camp situated in SANDONG-MYON, KANGDONG-GUN in vie of (BU 503202), at the foot, of a coal mine. This PW Crmp was operated by the HK Ministry of Internal Affairs, with a major of NK Security Forces as its commandant

There were aprx lt700 PW in this camp, among them were aprx 60 Americans, 15 Englishmen, 6 or 7 Filipinos, 3 Canadians, 3 Turks, and 2 French* The rest were ROK. The men were divided into 4 companies, with more than 400 to a company, All foreigners were in the 4th Platoon of the 2d company.

The men were afraid of each other, fearing that there were informers among them. Nobody dared to speak to the foreigners. Therefore subject did not know the name of any UN PW. Of the 60 UN PW, subject only knew that 5 were officers, the highest rank among them was 1st Lt.

KT2412 15 Oct 51
Jun 51, PW observed aprx 100 UN PW being marched toward SINUIJU (XE1839) in the custody of NKPA elements

KT2516 29 Oct 51
Observed 12 UN prisoners, nationality unk, being evacuated N at a point aprx 80 km to the rear of place of capture o/a june 51

KT2558 6 Nov 51
Aprx 1000 US & ROKA PW wereseen on a train at SINUIJU (XE1839) in Jun 51  Train goingtowards HARBIN MANCHURIA

KT2736 10 Dec 51
Early June 51, PW observed aprx 70 US PW (Aprx 20 Negroes) in vic of YANGDOK (BU943). 

KT2873 1 Feb 52
27 Jun 51, PW observed 5 UN PW (2 Negro & 3 Cau) at YONGBYON (YE4011).  These UN PW were resting in a farm house and at the time did not appear to be guarded. 2 Negro and 2 Cau were wounded.

KT2942 captured 21 Feb 52
In June 51, PW saw 4 US PW being evacuated and sent to vic SOP (N suburb of PYONGYANG). They were escorted by 2 NKA soldiers.  One PW wore a shoulder patch which was similar to 24 Div.  All 4 were Caucasian.

15 Jun 51, after PW was captured by the CCF he was sent into NK from YANGGU (DT 1117). With him were 16 UN (American) PW, One UN PW (a M/Sgt) was wounded and two other UN PW were carrying him on a stretcher. PW stated the M/Sgt was wounded by shrapnel in the knee. He was aprx 5 ft 8 in. tall, had blue eyes and light brown hair, and weighed aprx 140 lb., The other PW appeared to be in good health. PW heard from one of the NKA guards that the UN PW were being sent to P'YONGYANG, and then to a PW camp in MANCHURIA,

KT3061 7 Mar 52
In mid Jun 51, PW observed 17 Amer and 2000 ROKA PW at KOI-DONG (CT7484) on both sides of the river in civ houses and caves.

KT3118 1 Mar 52
4 June 51, while passing thru the SAKCHU (XE7372) area, he saw a UN PW camp with 500 to 600 UN PW (Cau & Negro).

KT3159 13 Apr 52
In June 51, in vic if CT605785, PW observed one UN jet plane shot down by CCF AA unit
The pilot used his parachute, landed and was captured by CCF.

KT3168 8 Apr 52
Jun 51, W observed 12 Caucasians and 12 men of other races in . HUICHON (BV6949). These men were awaiting trans and were guarded by armed Interpreters. The men remained there (billeted in a building) for 2 or 3 days, PW learned from the guard-interpreters that the 24 men were captured UN personnel. The men were to. be taken to the rear areas to be shown to the people in an effort to convince the civilians that the .Communists were successful in capturing prisoners. The men appeared to be in good physical condition and wore US uniforms.

KT3255 19 May 52
In early June 51, obs a group f 50 UN PW marching N on a road N of PYONGYANG. The PW included Amer and British

In Jun 51 while on his way to NASAN, obs 50 UN PW being evacuated North.  Eight were Negro, remainder caucasian.

KT3326 28 May 52
In Jun 51, saw 1 US PW (Capt) patient at 33rd Hospital (BU981443) who was recovering from wounds. Another US PW patient was seen with broken leg. There were no markings on roof visible to aircraft.

KT3535 12 Jul 52
In mid Jun 51, obs wreckage of 4 UN planes near SAMDUN RY station (BU5620). Believed 3 of the wrecked planes were jet planes and 1 was B-26.  The wreckage had been trans to SAMDUNG RY Sta, and PW was toldby a sentry the the planes hadbeen downed by AA units of the 38th Army.

In Jun 51, SAMDUNG (BU5620), 1 km N of the SAMGUNG RY Sta, obs 30 US PWin 2 civ houses. There were 80 houses in the area surrounding the two bldgs. There were no markings on bldgs.

KT3593 1 Aug 5
In late-Jun 51, obs 2 UN aircraft (Grumman) attacking trucks in vic of (BT 775332). 1 of the UN aircraft crashed to the ground. The 2"pilots" parachuted from the plane but 1 was killed because of a malfunction of his parachute. The other pilot was captured by NK police in vic of (BT 765337).

The dead pilot Was stout and about 5'7" tall; the captured pilot was 5'10" tall and also stout. The dead pilot was buried in vic of (BT 772326) in an area 6m W of a river-road. The pilot's boots and watch were confiscated by NKA soldiers.

KT3595 4 Aug 52
The 1st time was in late-Jun 51, while PW unit was sta few km NE of SIN CH'ANG NI (BU540657) in reserve. 4 planes came over their area and were bombing RR lines. He could not identify these aircraft except that they were black in color and twin-engine, propeller driven planes. At 1100 hr, 1 of the attacking planes was hit by AA fire and 1 man bailed out of it. Obs the man who bailed out because the man was evidently injured in the jump and could not walk, and therefore was brought back to PW loc and put on horse back and taken away, PW could not identify the man as to nationality but he wore a dark green flying suit.

PW CO told PW that the man was a Major. He also heard CO refer to the crashed plane as a British type aircraft.

The 2d time was 1 wk after the 1st incident in the same loc at 1400 hr. A twin-engine jet with both engines set apart from the fuselage on

the wings, together with 7 similar jets, was circling the psn while some larger UN planes were bombing and the AA guns were concentrating on the larger planes but the jet flew in the way of the AA fire and was hit. Nobody was seen bailing out of this aircraft.

KT3599 captured 19 Jul 52
In late-Jun 51, obs 2 B-29 (US) flying westward over SINNYONG-MYO (XC9787). Suddenly 1 of the planes exploded in mid-air and crashed in the SINNYONG-MYON area. PW noticed that the other B-29 was circling the spot where the bomber crashed; however, the pW had not obs any., parachutes descend from the stricken bomber.