June 1952

KT3318 2 June 52
1 Jun 52, obs 2 objects dropped from a UN Plane that was on fire.
Later that night, heard that a UN obs plane crashed 1200 hr, 15m W of the 172nd (7th) Regt Food & Clothing Dump vic (DT162466). They further stated that the 2 UN aviators parachuted down safely and were taken prisoner by CCF unit.

(Editor) Robt Madden & Ralph Olivette (LT-6G) were downed on 06/01/1952 near Hill 884 and returned in Big Switch.

KT3332 12 Jun 52
Told by hs fellow soldiers that several UN PW (Amer) had been sent to PEIPING for political training.

KT3350 16 Jun 52
560th Regt captured 1 UN PW (Amer) in late May early June.
Most of UN PW were sent to MUKDEN. Small number confined at PYONGYANG were killed during a bombing of the city by UN planes.

KT3376 15 Jun 52
Plat ldr told PW that they had captured a UN Chinese 6 days ago (11 Jun 52) on Hill 191 (CT293353) unk whether Chinese-American. Also captured  several UN soldiers on hill 290(CT283376), but these later escaped.

KT3403 10 Jun 52
In early-Jun 52, heard a UN recon plane was shot down by ground fire vic of 19th Regt Rear Svc Sect, Occupants of disabled plane parachuted to safety and were rumored to be in custody of Med Sect, 19th Regt, for treatment of minor injuries. PW also heard that of these two men, one was a Capt and the other a 1st Lt.

KT3414 28 Jun 52
PW camp is loc in primary school bldg at P'YONGYANG (YD3720) All PW are ROK.  UN PW are sent to Manchuria.  Heard there are aprx 13,500 PW in hands of CCF & NKA.

KT3415 28 Jun 52
The vilalge of SANGSU-RI (YD521265) is a UN PW camp.
PW in civ houses. ROK PW restricted to house, others are allowed to go as far as river.

KT3418 2 Jul 52
25 Jun 52, Pw obs one UN pilot taken by Recon Co 113th Div at CT400457.  Heard that another pilot from same a/c was taken by the 114th when A/c  crashed east of HAHOESAN(CT4345) two hrs before sunset.

KT3443 5 Jul 52
27 Jun 52, CT343388, 1500 hrs, UN aircraft shot down by CCF AAA fire. Next day, learned that a UN pilot had been captured by 114th Div.

KT3451 6 Jul 52
29-30 Jun 52 vic CT089168, saw a UN pane hit by AA fire. Plane crashed somewhere to the NE of the 9th Co. Saw one parachute from the plane, but did not know where landed.

KT345 3 Jul 52
25 Jun 52, PW Plat Ldr told him that a UN helicopter had recently-been shot down in vic of Hq of the 130th Regt 10km N of the 7th Co psn' on Hill 404 (CT 569442). The Plat Ldr claimed that the AAMG Co, 130th Regt, 44th Div, had shot down the UN craft and that the UN pilot was captured alive.

KT3482 6 Jul 52
1700 29 Jun 52, CT074141, heard airplane being shot down by AAA fire from KUHWA-RI (CT082176). Told that the UN plane was a spotter.

KT3483 captured 6 Jul 52
On the afternoon of 8 Jun 52, obs at KUHWA-RI, a single engine UN aircraft, believed to be a small fighter, which had-been shot down by AA Gun loc in KUHWA-RI (CT O75175) area.

On the following day, PW heard from his comrades that elements of the 56lst Regt, 287th Div Captured the UN pilot who parachuted from the plane.

KT3516 captured 2 Jun 52
1 Jun 52, Saw a UN plane shot down by AA arty in vic DT148429. Pilot bailed out safely and believed to be PW. His vantage pt was on Hill 1052 (DT1840)

KT3522 12 Jun 52
Two weeks ago, saw UN aircraft shot down by AA fire.  Two occupants parachuted into 19th Regt area and were taken prisoners ( one was wounded) 

KT3536 captured 13 Jul 52
Early Jun 51, obs 1 US PW hospitalized at SUNGH'ON Hosp in SUNCH'ON.
Heard (from civ) that the' US PW was from SUNCH'ON COCOON High Sch PW Camp at (YD534679) and that he was undergoing treatment at the Hosp for beriberi.

20 Jun 51, SUNGCH 'ON was subjected to an air attack by 4 UN aircraft.
Obs the aircraft score a direct hit on a bridge near SUNCH'ON at (YD539679), where 4 AA pieces were emplaced nearby. .
21 Jun 51, heard from his friend that 12 US PvY were shot and killed by the UN aircraft. PW heard the 12 US PW had been sent to the bridge to wash themselves. PW friend stated that the us PW were buried on a mountain at (YD533683). . .' Also heard from citizens that 12 PW were buried where they fell. FW heard that the US PW had been buried by: civ internees who were confined at the SUNCH'ON Scty Police sta at that time.

KT3653 captured 12 Aug 52
In Jun 52, 91st Regt, 31st Div captured 4 US tank drivers after destroying3 and capturing 1 US tank in the 12th Army sector. Men were being sent to China for pol indoctrination.

KT3679 19 Aug 52
In early Jun 52, read newspaper which stated that UN aircraft had bombed PWS camp loc at KANG-PONG (BY4837) and that 80 PW had been killed in the  attack.

KT3688 16 Aug 52
In early Jan 52, obs a 2 engine aircraft burst into flames during a raid by a group f 2 eng UN aircrafton P'YONGYANG. Obs 2 parachutes descending  and later heard that they were captured.

32 Jun 52, a Caucasian PW was captured at PAKTALLYONG DT215482 and sent to NKA GHQ.