These documents came from the Allied Translator & Interpreter Section - Far East Command. Note that the original interrogations may have been conducted by the Army or Marine Corp, then edited and reproduced by ATIS. Most of those interviewed are prisoners (PW) captured from the other side, but many are our servicemen who were behind enemy lines and managed to escape.  


Click HERE to review the Sightings of Americans behind enemy lines, sorted by estimated or recalled sighting date. The file number is given first, followed by the capture date. My (Editor) notes indicate my opinion as to whom the information might relate. These are only my personal opinions, not supported by fact or any Government agency.


Keep in mind that most statements are regarding incidents that occurred months before the interrogation and details/dates may be confused.  Some of those men sighted may have subsequently returned. If you recognize someone, returned or not, please let us know immediately. 


As you will note, references are often made to age, race, rank, unit, height, hair color, etc. We need for all families of Korean War missing servicemen to send us their loved-one's information and contact information on the family to help identify these men.


Please note the following abbreviations and what I assume each one represents:


CCF      Communist Chinese Forces

EM        Enlisted Man (non-officer)

KT        Korean Tactical

NKA      North Korean Army (Our enemy. We now have evidence
            that they were assisted by China & Russia)

PW       Prisoner of War. (Often the one interviewed, captured from
            the opposing forces, but also our guys if preceded by UN or

ROKA    Republic of Korea Army (The Army we were helping to keep
            their country free from the communists)

UN PW  United Nations Prisoner of War (Could be American, Italian,
            British, Turk, etc)

US PW   Usually our guys, though often confused with Europeans.

ARMY    Note that divisions, regiments and other references are
             similar on both sides. It's often difficult to distinguish.


Read all the reports with sighting dates on or after the incident date of your missing loved-one.


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