March 1951

KT 0301: Captured 26 Apr 51

a. The Internal Affairs Office Policeman (NK Civil Police) marched them (PW Kang and aprx 180 other captured ROKA soldiers) and aprx 30 captured US soldiers to KUMHWA (DT6438), arriving o/a 5 Mar 51. From there, the captured ROKA and US soldiers were marched aprx 2 km west to a village which was serving a PW camp.

PW (Kang) talked at the PW enclosure in a village aprx 2 km west of KUMHWA to two of the Americans, who where Japanese Nisei, who told the PW that their names were FUJIMOTO, (fnu) and TANUE, (fnu) respectively, that their homes were in HAWAII, and that they were from the US 2d Div. NKA guards appointed FUJIMOTO as Detail Commander of the 30 Americans and TANUE as Ass't Detail Commander.

One of the 30 captured American Caucasians fell ill and died during the first part of Mar 51. There was only one wounded American in the group of 30. He had a gunshot wound in his right arm and he received no treatment.

The captured ROKA and American soldiers were fed 600 grams of boiled wheat daily which was not adequate.

(Editor) Our records show Junichi Fujimoto 5th Cavalry (POW) died 7/15/1951 and Kiyoshi Tanouye 5th Cavalry (POW) died 4/3/1951. If the families don't have this document, they should. We don't know how valid the death dates are. We do know that returning POWs Elmer Thompson and Robert Kojima gave some information on these men during debriefing.

KT 1132 24 Jul 51
O/a 5 Mar 51, at CHUNCHON (CS8894), observed aprx 500 ROK PW heading northward.

KT 0269 Captured 27 May 51
(3) In mid-March 1951, PW observed aprx 15 UN PW in the city of ANTUNG, MANCHURIA.

(4) PW did not know the location of any stockades for UN PW in KOREA, but he thought there must be one of considerable size somewhere around SINUIJU.

KT 0561: 7 Jun 51
PW also observed 4 US PW at ANHUNDONG (DS4061) 25 Mar 51. PW heard from his plat ldr that these were to be sent to MANCHURIA.

KT 0584 Captured Jun 1951
Aprx 100 US PW were seen in SUAN (BT7187) as held by NKA 15 Mar 51; these UN troops were believed confined in a PW Collecting Point.

KT0770 Captured 10 Jun 51
0/a 30 Mar 51, at vic CHANGDAN (CT0301), PW observed aprx 100 US PW being guarded by elements of the 98th Army!(?). (IN: PW insisted that he had talked to men who stated they belong to the 98th Army. The 12th Army was relieving the 98th Army which was being returned to China.)

KT 1344 17 Aug 51
25 Mar 51 PW observed 3 UN PW at HOEYONG in the hands of CCF. They were in fairly good clothing but health was poor. They were in an empty house. PW also heard on same day that there were aprx 100 more UN PW at same location, but didn't see them.

KT1463 24 Aug 51
PW observed aprx 35 US PW at YANGDOK. The PW saw (Mar 51) one US PW enclosure at SUAN Mine official's home.

KT1567 29 Aug 51
PW observed aprx 10 US PW passing through SUAN (BT7181) early Mar 51,. He was told by the CO of PW guards that the destination of the US PW was T'AEO-MYON (BT87794)

KT1569 27 Aug 51
PW personally observed 3 US B29s shot down Mar 51 He further saw several (5 or 6) flying personnel parachuting down. 5 days later, PW saw 1 US air PW apparently an airman, with hands tied behind his back, walking on the streets of SINUI'JU guarded by 3 NK troops.
(Editor) We have a match on 1 B-29 from 345th Bomb Sq, assuming the incident area also matches. Wished we had more detail on the airman in Sinuiju.

KT 1086 13 Jul 1951
Early Mar 51, at Antung observed aprox 483 UN PW (300 US (colored troops), 60 US (white) and 125 ROK detained in a PW Camp at PATAOKOU. These PW ate rice, salted fish, and vegetables and appeared to be in poor physical condition
(Editor) When numbers are this high, it would be foolish to speculate on who these might be.

KT 1091 23 Jul 1951
During Jan 51 to mid Mar 51 when PW was interned in a PW Camp at KANSO, N Korea, observed aprx 1500 US PW. PW noticed 5-6 Captains, When last observed in mid Mar 51, they (PW) were being evacuated to China.
(Editor) Most camps in N Korea were considered holding areas. Eventually, most US PW were shipped to China and/or Russia

KT 1761 10 Sep 51
SUKCHON Mar 51, observed 1 US jet plane crash after an aerial combat with Russ MIG. Heard from trooper that pilot was killed in the crash.
18 jets went down in March 51. Families should check incident area.

KT 1826 (Captured 10 Sep 51)
UN PW Camp:
1 Jan 51, the PW's home village, Pyonapong (YF 1006), was enclosed in a barbed
wire fence and the enclosure was then declared an UN PW Camp.
The populace remained within the enclosure until it became overcrowded,
PW and his family were then relocated to a neighboring village, TONGJU-RI (phonetic). The UN PW appeared ragged and in poor physical condition. Many were suffering from dysentery and typhus. The UN PW were
given uncooked rice and millet daily, but because most of them did not know how to prepare the food, they frequently sought his home (when in the enclosure) and begged for food.
The populace was forbidden to fraternize with the UN PW, but children were not prevented from playing with them. The PW had his younger brother, age 7, take the UN PW "ame" (a glutinous rice Jelly) and Korean cigarettes. The UN PW shared all food and cigarettes among themselves and they were admired for it.
By 21 Mar 5l, the camp contained 2,000 UN PW. Aprx 5 UN PW died daily and were buried in a cemetery located aprx 1 km SE of the camp. Crosses were put over the burial places and English words were inscribed on them which the PW believed to be the dead UN PW name.
Mid-Jan 51, PW observed a US female PW being marched into the PW enclosure (PW believed she may have been a nurse). The only details that the UN -PW were observed engaged in was chopping firewood for their own use. The majority of the UN PW were US (Caucasians and negroes). Then were aprx 100 Turkish UN PW. The enclosure was guarded by CCF troops armed with M1891/30 rifles.
25 Apr 51, PW returned to his home from the grenade manufacturing plant on a sick leave. He observed a great deal of improvement in the UN PW. They were engaged in sports activities and appeared much healthier. It was believed they were being fed "European" food, A dispensary was also believed to have been constructed and this materially decreased the death rate among the UN PW.

KT 2005 captured 29 Sep 51
In early Mar 51, while at ANTUNG, PW heard from civilians that thousands of UN PW werre in the surrounding villages of ANTUNG, having better food than CCF soldiers. They were given books to read and lectures everyday.

KT 2037 captured 18 Sep 51
O/a 26 Mar 51 the PW saw 100 UN PW at Antung.  PW heard from his CO that these UN PW would be sent to MUKDEN.

KT2072 1 OCT 51
g. UN PW:
O/a 26 Mar 51 the PW saw 100 UN PW at ANTUNG. PW heard from his Co CO that these UN PW would be sent to MUKDEN.

KT2005 29 SEP 51
o. Prisoners of War
In early Mar 51, while at ANTUNG, PW heard from civilians that thousands
of UN PW were in the surrounding villages of ANTUNG, having better food
than CCF soldiers. They were given books to read and lectures everyday.
Late Jun or early Jul 51, PW observed some 60 to 70 UN PW, mostly
Americans, passing SAMSAN-NI(BT412334) on the way to the rear.

KT1076 (captured 17 Jul 51)
About two months ago (May51) he saw 30 US and  English prisoners at place near the 38th parallel. he did not know where they were taken, but heard rumors from soldiers who handle PW that prisoners are taken to TIENSTIEN and SHANGHAI, CHINA.

KT1092 (captured 23 Jul 51)
During January51 to Mid Mar 51 when PW was interned in a PW Camp at KANSO NK observed aprx 1500 US PW.  PW noticed 5 -6 Captains. When last observed in mid March 51, they were being evacuated to China

KT1463 24 Aug 51
PW saw (Mar 51) one US PW enclosure at SUAN Mine Officials's home

KT2561 8 Nov 51
Aprx 8 months ago (Mar) while in a hospital in NK, he observed a UN PW working in hosp dispensing medical supplies. Good physical condition,friendly, not under guard. Name unk

KT2704 15 Dec 51
0/a 10 Mar 51 PW saw aprx 150 captured UN soldiers led into a school building which was totally destroyed shortly thereafter by UN planes, killing all UN personnel.

According to the PW, school building (the 11th Elementary School in PYONGYANG) was not marked as a PW barracks, and until the previous day, had been under constant aerial attack because it was being used for other military purposes« Before UN soldiers were led into building, they were forced to exchange clothing with shabbily dressed NKA soldiers... PW did not know reason for exchange of clothing but believed that • NKA soldiers thought it would be a shame to have such good clothing destroyed*.

The following day NKA informed general public that UN planes had killed UN personnel, and labeled this as UN "ignorance11.,

0/a 12 Mar 51 PW observed aprx 1,000 UN PW marching N in column just outside of PYONGYANG, Saw group of 50 UN PW marching N on 20 May 51 while he was in HAEJU (YC 3713)

KT2907 14 Feb 52
PW, in the ROKA for 3 years prior to his capture by the CCF Feb 51, was one of aprx 200 UN PW in the prison camp at HWACHON CT 8717) Mar 51. He had escaped the CCF once, but had been recaptured, Aprs 200 PW (aprx 80 Caucasians and Negroes and about 120 ROKA) were forced to march N to YUGOK (CT 846O) where they joined another group of aprx 200 PW (50% Caucasian and 50% ROKA) and marched to the KANGDONG (BU 4837) PW compound arriving 1 Apr 51, (The movement to KANGDONG was made because of the threat imposed by advancing UN Forces,) There were aprx 2,000 UN PW (400 Americans, English and French and 1,600 ROKA) held captive in the KANGDQNG -PW enclosure,' All UN PW were detailed on a rotation basis to  bring logs from nearby forests, to construct bunkers, and to cultivate the farmlands in the KANGDONG area for aprx 1 month.

KT3040 14 Mar 52
22 Mar 51, while PW was a civilian,he observed 300 Cau prisoners being guarded by CCF unit, marching in dbl file along main road leading to MANCHURIA, in the vic of P'YONGYANG. The prisoners looked weary and tired.

KT3116 1 Apr 52
In mid Mar 51, PW observed 20 Cau and 10 ROKA PW in vic KACHIL-RI (BT7687).  The 30 UN PW were being escorted by 3 armed NKA guards in dir of PYONGYANG (YD3720).  PW presumed they were being sent to Manchuria.

KT3309 15 May 52
In earlyMar 51, while PW was marching with 583d Regt in a village E of KUHWA-RI (CT079175) he obs 33 UN PW, 3 ROKA female PW, and 10 ROKA male PW in or about civ houses.  The UN PW (Cau) were wearing OD pants, OD sweaters, and combat boots, but no hats. About 300 UN PW were in the vilalge

KT3314 16 Jun 52
In early Mar 51 vic KANGDONG(BU4837) obs some Caucasians near 2 bldgs. He was told that 40 UN officers were confined there.

KT3503 16 Jul 52
In Mar 51, at CG'O-DO(island) (XC6066) a Grumman plane madea forced landing, after being hit by HMG fire (hearsay). the pilot was later picked up by UN helicopter.

KT3536 captured 13 Jul 52
Early Mar 51, obs 13 US PW being led into SUNCH'ON COCOON High Sch at SUNCH'ON (YD5267). (NOTE: This High School trained students in care of silkworms.) Believed the US PW had been to the local police sta to be interr.
A few days later, P'W and friend, curious to see the UN PW, went to the sch. At the sch, obs 12 UN PW lying on the floor of the sch dormitory.
They were all wearing their fatigues and combat boots. They seemed to be in poor health, and they seemed too weak to walk. 1 of the UN PW was trying to smoke corn silk. There were no guards in the dormitory at that time.

KT3615 13 Aug 52
4 Mar 51, saw group of 30 UN PW going North toward Yalu River.

27 Mar 51, obs 7 US PW at CH'ONMA-DONG (XE6348) who appeared very haggard. These US PW (all Cau) could not eat the rice & bean soup given them.