March 1952

On 1 Mar 52, PW heard from the 2d Sqd Ldr, 1st Plat, who was a member of a recon patrol that the patrol from the 1st Bn, 19th Regt captured 3 American soldiers on the night of 29 Feb 52 from an outpost in front of the 1st Bn, 19th Regt position

KT3025 captured 3 Mar 52
PW heard that 3 UN PW and 2 M-1 rifles captured two days ago. UN PW were not wounded.

KT3049 13 Mar 52
6 Mar 52, PW heard that a recon plane crashed aprx 5 km to the rear of the 1st Co. Both the plane and the pilot were completely consumed by fire.

KT3057 15 Mar 52
In early March 52, UN liaison plane was hit by AA fire and crashed in vic of DT169495. On 13 Mar 52 PW observed the remains of the aircraft and heard from members of the AA nit that 2 crew members were killed instantly when the plane crashed.

KT3062 13 Mar 52
5 Mar 52, PW heard that a low flying UN recon plane crashed in the vic of SANGCHONGSONG (DT1649)  The plane was beleived to have been hit by the NKA machne gun fire.  The plane burst into flames when it crashed and it is believed the pilot was lost with the plane.

KT3089 17 Mar 52
PW heard from 4th Co on 10 Mar 52 that the 19th Regt ad captured 3 UN PW.  He also said that they disclosed they were with 25 Div.

KT3128 8 Apr 52
15 Mar 52, PW was told that in late Feb 52, a 188th Div captured one British wounded soldier during patrol at Hill 163.

KT3139 6 Apr 52
Pwheard about a month ago that o/a 4 Mar 52 a patrol sent out by the 19thRegt captured 3 UN soldiers.

KT3145 11 Apr 52
In mid Mar 52, PW heard from memebers of his Co taht 1 UN recon plane was shot down by AA guns in vic SANGCHONGSONG (DT1749). The plane caught fire after it crashed and the 2 UN pilots were killed.

KT3156 14 Apr 52
Early Mar 52, the Co CO.told PW that the 13th Div Recon had taken 2 PW (a Pvt and a Pfc) in vic of Hill I056 (DT 1840). The CO further stated that the 2 PW were taken from the 14th Regt, 25th and were taken to the Div Recon Sec for interrogation.

Heard from HMG Plat Ldr 15 Mar 52 that 6 UN soldiers (Negroes and Caucasians) were captured recently by 14th Regt, 1st Div-

KT3214 6 May 52
10 Mar 52, obs 10 UN PW at SOKSA-RI (II Corp Hq) consisting of caucasians, S Koreans, Negroes being taken to rear.

KT3248 22 Apr 52
Heardreport that 13th Div had taken 2 UN PW early in Mar 52.

KT3250 29Apr 52
30 Mar 52 head from plat ldr that 1st Rgt had captured 6 UN PW (1 colored) Date unk

KT3287 9 May 52
Prison Camps for UN PW were located in TIENTSIN, CHINAN, and SHANGHAI.

KT3337 10 Jun  52
Early mar 52, obs 3 UN caucasians PW at vic (DT167524) escorted by 2 guards moving North. They  were captured South of the 19th Regt 13 Div NKA II Corp.

KT3371 16 Jun 52
PW obs 2 US PW in mid-Mar 52 at the Recon Bn, 13th Div vic CHIKTONG-NYONG (DT 1652) ♦ These 2 PW/together with a third one, were said to be captured by elements of the 1st Bn, 19th Regt> 13th Div at vic (DT 1340) in early Mar 52. They were brought over to the Recon Bn'for the soldiers of the English class to practice their English conversation. PW talked to these 2 US PW for a little while in simple English sentences, but stated that he could not recall their names. 1 of the US PW was a Cpl, age 21, said to be a Mexican. The other was a Pvt, age 19, and was said to be a college student. Both men were in good physical condition, and were sent back to the 13th Div stockade on the same day.

KT3403 10 Jun 52
In late-Mar 52, vic of CHIK-TONG (DT 175552), three US PW were seen being marched to the rear. No further details.

KT3458 14 May 52
28 Mar 52, heard from civ in the SINYON-NI (YC 2862) area that an UN aircraft (thought by the Subject's informants to have been a 2-engined bomber) crashed and was destroyed in vic of (YC 1968) at 0100 that morning.

Later that day obs 3 Caucasians (age 30 yr) being marched by his home in SINYON-NI under escort of 4 guards (2 NKA, 2 CCF) equipped with 2 SMG (PPSh-41, USSR), 1 Rifle (USSR) and 1 Rifle (M-1, US). This group was headed in the direction of P'YONGYANG. 3 Caucasians were wearing tan uniforms with zipper pockets in the trouser legs and brown boots.

Also heard that these 3 Caucasians had parachuted from the aircraft. It was said that 4 men had parachuted from the plane but that 1 man was believed to have been killed because his parachute failed to open.

KT3493 8 Jul 52
Mar 52, heard from a native of HASONGWAN-NI that AA gunfire shot down an F-86 an Mar 52. The plane crashed into HASONGGWAN-NI (CT6260) lake.

KT3499 captured 23 Jul 52
20 Mar 52, obs 1 UN plane (single-engine and black in color) about to crash. Pilot parachuted from the airplane but, because of his malfunctioning parachute, was seriously injured, PW went to vic of (YD 343312) where the pilot landed and saw that the pilot was still alive. Pilot was 5' 6" tall, stout, and 23 yr of age. Also obs that the airplane had crashed in a rice field in vic of (YD 337296). 25 Mar 52, learned from men in the 3d Plat, 2d Co, that the pilot later died because of his serious injuries.

In Mar 52, talked with men from an AA gun unit loc on a hill believed to be in vic of (YD 275306) and learned that this unit had downed the UN airplane.

KT3649 20 Aug 52
Mid Mar 52, observed numerous UN and S Korean soldiers in a PW cage at SUAN (BT271870)

KT3652 12 Aug 52
In.late-Mar:52; while PW.3d Bn/was at MYONGDONG-NI (BU 645343), 3d Bn Cultural Off stated that more than 100,000 PW and ROKA PW were massed in the SINUIJU (XE 1839) area.. The subject of PW emanated from the soldiers during a briefing in which they began asking' questions about UN PW, their numbers, and their present status.

When PW was sent to P'Y0NGYANG with 15, trucks, to bring food supplies to the 3d B, observed a US PW driving a jeep with Arty Regt Comdr sitting by his side. The US PW was dressed in a cotton-padded CCF uniform was young, tall, and well built. Later learned, from other ' soldiers, of the Regt that this US PWwas only I8 yr old and spoke Chinese fairly; well.