May 1951

KT 0841 31 May 51
0/a 28 May 51, observed 20 US prisoners with 30 to 40 male and female Chinese nurses walking south from HWACHON.

KT0269 Captured 27 May 51

(1) During the recent battle, PW Div received about 45 UN PW, all of them were Americans taken between the period form 14-20 May 51. They were registered by the Div Liaison Section, questioned briefly, and sent to Army Hq. He remembered almost all of them wore the "Red Indian" shoulder patch of the US 2d Div. One had said he felt weak, but all others were apparently in good physical condition. They were supposed to be given the best treatment the CCF could afford. He did not know where they were sent. Most of the UN PW were enlisted men, source observed two of them looked old, and thought they might be officers.

(Editor) Eighty-nine men went missing from 2nd Division during that time. Forty-eight were listed as POW. If we had birth date information, we might be able to identify the older men.

KT 0270: 31 May 51
(1) Between 14 and 22 May 51, the 12th Army received approximately 200 UN PW, all of them Americans. They were processed at Army Hq and sent back to rear area within 1 or 2 days.

(Editor) Note that 122 men are still missing that were unaccounted for during this period. About half are listed as POW. The other MIAs may have been among them.

KT 0554: Jun 51
May 51, in the CHUNCHON area, he observed aprx 100 UN PW. The PW understood that these prisoners would be taken to ANTUNG.

KT 0561: 7 Jun 51
10 May 51, the PW observed aprx 500 ROK PW. All of these underwent interrogation which questions included their names, ranks, units, present strength of units, their missions, names of their officers, last known locations of units.

After the interrogation these PW were sent to the Corps Hq where they were to undergo 1 month of communist indoctrination. After the indoctrination is completed, the ex-ROKA troops would become ful-fledged NK soldiers.

KT 0563: Captured Jun 51
25 May 51, the PW observed aprx 800 ROK PW and 20 US PW, (whom the PW believes were advisors to ROK units) at HYON-NI (DT4101). These were captured by the CCF in that area.

(Editor) If the families know where their serviceman was taken and when, this might be valuable information.

KT 1265 11 Aug 1951
When PW was stationed at the 35th NK Field Hosp of NAMJONG NI (BT 7295), he passed near the UN PW Camp once in Apr 51 and once in May 51. The former company housing projects near NAMJONG NI Police Station { BY 715951) were being used by the CCF as a PW Camp. During observation, there were aprx 300 UN PW held at this enclosure, According to villagers these PW would be moved to another area at night in groups of 15 to 20 commencing around mid Jun 51

KT 0571: Captured 11 Jun 51
The PW had seen 3 US PW at SUAN carrying supplies and performing manual labor for the CCF; he claimed to have given them some cigarettes because he liked Americans and had formerly worked with them at KUMMING, CHINA. They were to be taken to PYONGYANG and then to MANCHURIA, according to the guards.

KT 0576: Jun 51
At CHONGSOKTU RI (YC5339), the PW noticed the North Korean intelligence Hq in a well constructed air-raid shelter. Aprx 100 men were observed in that shelter, the area was guarded by 1 Plat of NKA troops.

When the 2d engagement experienced by the PW 15th Army was over, the PW observed aprx 100 US PW and 200 ROKA PW o/a 15 May 51, marching in front of a column of CCF troops toward the north near the YANGGU (DT1117) area.

At CHONGSOKTU RI (YC5339), the PW met 1 US air force Major in a mountain cave. He believed that the aircraft (presumably a Thunder Jet F-80 piloted by the US AF Major) had been shot down near the area. The PW talked to the US pilot and assured him of safety and good treatment. The CCF 85th Regt CO offered the US pilot his own rations (pork chops & beef) and the US pilot appeared quite light-hearted.

(Editor) Prior to June 1951, these planes went down with pilots having the rank of Major
Oct 2, 1950 F-80C Thomas Ellis Myers
Oct 8, 1950 F-80C Joseph Wisler Bowman
Nov 1, 1950 F-80 Frank Louis Van Sickle
Nov 7, 1950 F-82 Adma Peter Tymowicz
Dec 6, 1950 F-51 Kenneth Sherrill Hodges
Dec 18, 1950 F-80 Roger Clinton Woodard
Mar 19, 1951 RF-80 Horace Herman Myers
Apr 10, 1951 F-51D Herbert Wendell Andridge
If the families know where their serviceman went down, this could be valuable information.

KT 0811 Captured 14 Jun 51
In early May 51, while in the 21st Field Hospital in HAAM-NI (CT4560), PW observed two US PW wounded in the feet, being sent to another hospital to the rear.

KT 0904 Captured 6 Jun 51
31 May 51, at KUMHWA, observed two US PW being taken N.

KT 0909 Captured 8 Jun 51
Mid May 51, PW observed a group of aprx 70 US prisoners. Few days later, PW observed another group of aprx 10 US prisoners. All these prisoners were being sent to the rear. None of the prisoners were wounded.

KT 1362 20 Aug 51
25 May 51 UN Bombers bombed a camp for UN PW (1500 UN prisoners) at NAMJONG-NI. There the PW observed aprx 100 UN soldiers killed by the bombing. There were many deaths due to starvation but in late May the UN PW were all evacuated north.

KT 1368 22 Aug 51
Mid May 51 when PW was assigned to the Honor Guard Bn, he observed aprx 8 US prisoners of war being marched through the city of P'YONGYANG. PW were guarded by 2 CCF armed guards. They looked healthy an PW observed no stretcher cases.

KT1398 22 Aug 51
22 May 51, two days after being taken prisoner by the CCF, PW observed aprx 15 US prisoners in the vic HYON-RI (DT069298). He described three as wearing gold oak leaves and six as wearing double silver bars. PW heard from an NK guard that the UN PW were to be evacuated to CHINA.
(Editor) I've been told that we're looking for 3 Majors and six Captains. But since the military promoted everyone posthumously after the war, we're looking for Majors and Lt Cols. For the 10days prior we only have 3 Majors - Baker, Carrier, Farthing -missing May 18 & 19. If the location matches, this could be pertinent.

KT 1076 Captured 17 Jul 1951
About 2 months ago he saw 30 US and English prisoners at place near the 38th parallel. He did not know where they were taken, but heard rumors from soldiers who handle PW that prisoners are taken to TIENSTIEN and SHANGHAI, CHINA
(Editor) Date is too vague for assumptions

KT 1450 23 Aug 51
19 May 51 PW WonN Chon Suk observed aprx 20 US PW at Hyon-Ri. PW heard from an NKA guard that the US PW were to be evacuated to P'YONGYANG.
(Editor) Suk was recalling 3 months prior. We are missing 120 men from that time frame

KT1500 27 Aug 51
O/a 30 May 51 PW observed 2 US PW in the vic of YANGDOK (BU9644)

KT 1513 31 Aug 51
O/a May 51, PW saw 13 UN PW at TOKSUN-NI south of P'YONGYANG. PW was told by plat ldr that 8 were Americans and the remaining 5 were British.

KT1520 31 Aug 51
While staying in PYONGWON (YD2050) area, from mid-Apr 51 to late May 51, PW observed several groups of UN PW numbering from 10 to 100, marching north on the highway, PW were escorted by CCF troops. PW believes these men were being taken to CHINA for indoctrination. During May 51:/ the 1st Co was given eight US PW and five British PW to guard. A week later, these PW were given to the P'YONGWON prefectural government for unk reason. So far as PW knew, UN PW were treated as well as CCF troops. PW knew of no atrocities by CCF soldiers.

KT 1523 28 Aug 51
PW observed aprx 30 UN PW marching barefooted, north at TAECHON (YE1322) May 51. The 30 UN PW had hvy packs on their backs, which PW believed contained corn for PW rations. UN PW appeared weak and under-nourished. PW heard that UN PW were being marched to Manchuria and also that there was one UN officer in the group.

KT 1132 24 Jul 51
Observed six US PW (5 caucasians and 1 Negro) at SHINANJUNG-NI (CT8776) o/a 10 May. The PW were guarded by two NK soldiers.
(Editor) Within the 10 days prior, 4 B-26 crew, 10 B-29 crew and 6 other pilots went missing. Race information would be helpful.

KT 1137 24 Jul 51
10 May 51, observed 6 UN PW, (5 White and 1 Negro), at SHINAN.
They were traveling toward WONSAN.
(Editor) See KT 1132

KT1153 26 jul 51
Late May 51, observed 20 UN PW heading towards CHORWON (CT 4334) from HWACHON (CT8718) guarded by CCF troops.
(Editor) More than 130 men are missing from late May
Early Jun 51, observed 2 UN PW at ICHON (CT1662). An English speaking Chinese w .

KT 1156 26 Jul 51
Late May 51, the PW observed 20 US PW guarded by CCF troops moving north from HWACHON (CT8717). Early Jul 51, the PW observed 2 US PW being questioned by an English speaking CCF soldier in ICH'ON (CT1565).
Editor) Too vague

KT1168 28 Jul 51
May 51, at vic of P'YONGYANG (CT5152), observed aprx 300 UN PW (ROK and American) heading north. The PW were guarded by CCF troops.
(Editor) Common transfer to P'Yongyang to Manchuria.

KT 1573 21 Sep 51
20 May 51, in the vic of YANGGU (DT1117), PW observed 2 US (Caucasians) PW whom he heard were to be taken into MANCHURIA

KT1634 5 Sep 51
May 51, PW observed aprx 20 US and British PW who came to KOKSAN (BT9795) from the S to draw flour and rice. Each man was observed carrying away 50 lb bag. PW guarded by an armed CCF soldier.

KT1737 15 Sep 51
O/a 20 May 51 at a place aprx 7 km NW of place of capture PW observed three US PW (2 Negroes) who had been captured by a plain clothesman of the 229th Regt. it was generally understood by the troops that the three PW were to be taken to CHINA for indoctrination.

KT1829 11 Sep 51
O/a 25 may 51, . . . . UN PW at SINUIJU (XE1839) repairing roads which had been damaged by UN aircraft. Among the 600 UN PW, aprx 250 were Caucasian and one negro.

KT1838 16 Sep 51
PW (B) states that 18 May 51 when he was captured by the CCF, he saw aprx 200 UN prisoners. After marching with the UN PW for about 15 days PW was separated from the group.

KT 1931 captured 27 May 51
Twenty seven PW, including 10 US troops, 10 ROKA tropps and 7 British Commonwealth troops were captured during the course of this battle. Included among the PW are 4 lightly wounded and 6 seriously wounded.  All PW are sent to Manchuria according to the Rgt Political Commissar. They are marched at night only. Routes used are unknown. PW heard that a PW camp is located at LIAOYANG, Manchuria. 

UN dead are buried with all their clothing and personal effects in either individual or mass graves, depending on the time available. The graves are marked  "The grave of US soldier" in Korean. No record is kept of burial sites.

KT 2025 captured 23 Sep 51
the PW saw 2 sick British PW at SINANJU in May 51. They had no jackets on.

KT 2028 captured 18 Sep 51
PW estimated that at least one US plane was shot down daily on the front lines as he frequently observed US pilots being escorted to the II Corp.

KT2144 7 captured AUG 51
O/a 8 May 1951, a fleet of US B-29 bombers attacked SUNCH'ON Airfield and dropped and estimated 180 bombs,
60 heavy bombs with delayed fuze, and 120 AP bombs (count by Eng Bn, 140th Div).

Two US PW were forced to demonstrate the technique of neutralizing delayed fuses by digging out an unexploded
heavy bomb imbedded in the runway. (Hearsay from Engineer Staff Officer).

KT2354 23 OCT 51
k. UN PW:
May 51, PW observed 40 UN PW. One of them was wounded on the right hand. PW heard from the 1st Bn, 398th Repl Unit CO tht the PW were going to be sent to RUSSIA.

KT2158 9 OCT 51
i. UN Prisoners:
19 May 51 PW-B observed 10 American Prisoners guarded by 2 CCF soldiers, marching on the road in the SINGO SAN area (CU 6002). One of the PW wore a Captain's bar and the others were without any insignia. One ROKA prisoner of the 7th ROKA Div told PW-B that the American Capt was the advisor of the 7th ROKA Div.

KT2161 7 OCT 51
m. UN Prisoners:
During their internment after they were captured by the CCF during the May 51 campaign, PW observed 3 KMAG officers 7 May 51 being marched N. to and unk place N. of INJE (DT 2714). One of them was a captain.  PW LEE, Hyong Mo observed 1 US PW at an unk place aprx 12km N. of HOEYANG (CT 7985) on 25 Aug 51. PW heard that this US PW was a Marine captured by the NKPA after his jeep was ambushed.

KT2208 6 OCT 51
m. UN Prisoners of War:
PW observed a US Major (name unk), former 3d ROKA Div KMAG officer vic YANGGU late May 51. Also observed 4 US PW. PW was unable to speak to the Major. PW believes that the Major was captured by CCF mid-May 51 at vic INJE.

KT2327 1 SEP 51
PW say 2000 PW, both causasian and colored, during several trips he had
made to the ULLRI PW camp in PYONGYANG (last trip made on 10 May 51). The
PW in this camp were occasionally put to work repairing roads which had
been bombed in the PYONGYANG area.

PW was in the SINUIJU PW camp area, located aprx 1 km W of the SINUIJU
RR station, from 20 May 51 to 20 Jun 51. UN PW there were temporarily
housed in a 2 story building; all UN PW coming into that camp were
evacuated to CHINA. PW witnessed 2 shipments (aprx 700 PW) leaving for
CHINA. Final destination unknown.

KT2025 23 SEP 51
g. UN PW:
The PW saw 2 sick British PW at SINANJU in May 51. They had no jackets on.

KT1921 20 SEP 51
s. US Prisoners:
25 May 51 aprx 60 km SE of SINUIJU, PW observed more than twenty US PW
walking on a highway from the front lines toward MANCHURIA.
Late Jul 51. vic of ONMASAN (CT560590) PW heard his Co Political
Officer say, the PW of the ROKA were sent to the NKPA for interrogation
and imprisonment. The PW of the other UN forces were taken to the CCF
for interrogation and imprisonment.

KT1157 (captured 25 Jul 51)
Mid May 51, the PW observed 6 ROK PW being marched to  the 24th Div HQ in Wonsan

KT1253 (captured 2 Aug 51)
May 51, PW heard that al US PW were shipped to SHANGHAI for indoctrination and propaganda purposes.

KT 1265 (captured 11 Aug 51)
When PW was stationed at the 35th NK Field Hosp of NAMJONG NI (BT 7295), he passed, near the UN PW Camp once in, Apr. 51 and once in May 51, The former company housing projects near NAMJONG NI Police Station ( BY 715951) were being used by the CCF as a PW Camp. During observation, there were aprx 300 UN PW held at this enclosure. According to villagers, these PW would be moved to another area at-. night in groups of 15 to 20 commencing around mid Jun 51

KT2422 24 Oct 51
O/a 18 May 51 when PW were captured by theCCF,they observed aprx 200 UN PW believed to be from the US 2d Div 38th & 23rd Regt  UN PW are believed to ahve been taken to MANCHURIA  The UN PW appeared to be in good health when last seen

KT2425 26 Oct 51
18 May 51 Two American Military Advisors of the 9th ROKA Div werecaptured by  the  CCF at HYON_NI (DT4101). They were taken to YANGU by CCF MP  Names & rank unk

KT2449 6 Oct 51
17 May 51, PW, then with the G-2 Sec, 9th Div, ROKIII Corps, and 3 others were captured by the CCF at HYON-NIE (LT 4000) . They were immediately placed under the guard of the 7th Co, unk unit of the CCF, It was the PW understanding that this 7th Co normally turned over all ROM PW to tho NKPA. For some reason, possibly because the CCF learned that they could operate vehicles, those 4 PW were not turned over to the NKPA, PW claimed that it was also customary for the CCF to rotain PW with sig, knowledge and/or experience.

The PW held by the 7th Co were 1 American Major formerly with KMAGG, 7th Div, ROKA III Corps, 4 other Caucasians, and aprx 15 ROK personnel. The only information available on the 4 Caucasians PW was the information offered by other PW that the four had been captured at KAPYONG (CS6988) o/a Mar 51,

PW of tho 7th Co were not placed in enclosures, but moved with the Co and were under constant guard. However, PW and 3 othor ROKA PW managed to make an escape 16 Jun 51 and headed S., only to be captured by tho RKPA aprx 8 km NW of YANGGU (BT1117) and assigned to tho Litter Bn, 6th Div, NKPA V Corps.

12 Oct 51, at the PW Camp of the US X Corps at KANDAE (DS3798) where the PW was confined after being captured by UN Forces, he was told by a fellow PW an former ROKA formally with the 8th Regt, 7th Div, ROKA III Corps, (The same Div as the KMAG officer), of an American Major whom the latter had seen in tho KANDO PW Camp in WONSAN (CU6536) while he himself was confined there. From the description given him by this former ROKA, the PW is convinced that the American Major now at the KANGDO PW Camp is one and the same with the major he had seen in the hands of the CCF 7th Co,

The KANGDO PW Camp is said to be located within the city limits of WONSAN

KT2469 25 Oct 51
O/a 28 May 51 PW TU observed over 100 US PW at a food supply dump receiving cakes and canned beef. PW said food the US PW received was much better than the CCF EM got.

KT2558 6Nov 51   
May 51 PW was told that Maj Gen Dean wasthen in Moscow

KT2676 10 Dec 51
10 May 51, PW observed aprx 5 Caucasians in civ clothing, riding in 1 jeep in PYONGYANG

KT2817 1 Dec 51
In late May 51, PW observed 1 US (Cau) PW at YANGGU (DT1117)and was told he was an advisor to the 27th ROKA Regt with rank of Major.

KT2833 12 Jan 52
On 16 May 51, while passing through SAKCHU (XE 7472), the PW observed 20 UN PW (Caucasian and colored) playing volley ball in a courtyard surrounded by 6 buildings. (The PW thought that it might have been a school at one time.) These buildings were located 300 m SE of the SAKCHU RR station... The PW learned from a villager that the UN PW would remain there for 1 week, then be sent N. possibly to KANGGYE (BA. 9837). The 6 buildings were used to quarter transit UN PW.PW appeared to be in good health,

He observed 2 UN PW ( 1 Caucasian, 1 Negro) in a hospital at SUPUNG XE6579)* Observed the 2 sick UN soldiers while he, himself, was a patient in the 55th Field Hosp located at SINPUNG-DONG (XE 6577) during Apr and May 51These UN PW were being treated for seme type of stomach disorder. They could net keep their food down; they received the same treatment as NKA. patients*

The PW estimated the hospital as being capable of handling l,600 patients* ,. No foreign medical personnel were observed by PW.

KT2968 captured 1 Mar 52
Prior to his conscription into the NKA. Oct 51 PW traveled from SANGPYONG-NI (YF 1002) where his home was located to the markets in PYOKTONG (YF 0600), a distance of aprx 6 km on the average of once per week. During these trips, he frequently saw US and other UN PW (no ROK PW were observed), whose numbers PW estimated at aprx 300, There were no enclosures noted in PYOKTONG, but aprx 250 of the estimated 800 homes in the village were being used to house these PW. The remaining 550 houses were being used by civilians. PW did not know what means were employed to keep the PW and the villagers segregated.

These PW appeared to be in good physical condition and that some were wearing uniforms while others were wearing navy blue coveralls*

Frequently saw groups of aprx 50 of these PW escorted by 1 CCF guard performing fatigue details such as cutting firewood or building walls, A few of these aprx 300 PW appeared to be exempted from work and presumed that they were officers.

These PW arrived at PYOKTONG during May 51. He reported that no additional PW were known to have arrived in this area after May 51 and believed that the group that was present as of early Oct 51 was the group that had arrived in May 51

PW camp was under the jurisdiction of CCF. PW saw no CCF personnel other than those observed guarding the work details.

KT3009 captured 22 Feb 52
In May 51, the PW observed 5 CCF guards march aprx 30 Cau PW N on the road to ICHON.

KT3099 14 Mar 52
25 May 51, while PW was marching with 12th Army to KOKSAN (BT9795) he observed 6 UN PW (Cau) on a 4 x4, 3/4 ton truck (US). One  PW was driving. Two CCF officers (unarmed) were with him. The truck was heading north.

Obs 19 May 51, when held captive at KYO-DONG, HONGCHON-GUN, 3 American soldiers of which 2 were believed to be officers, Heard from a ROKA S/Sgt that 3 American soldiers had been advisors to ROKA unit. 3 American PW were separated from ROKA PW just N of the 38th Parallel when enroute from KYO-DONG, CHON CHON-GUN to TAEMOK-NI(CU5506). Descriptions of 3 American soldiers were as follows:

A. Height 5'8", age 35; light brown hair, blue eyes, pointed nose, white teeth, med neck, protruding adam's apple, rosy cheeks, light complextion, believed to have worn glasses because of the aftermarks on the nose, eye brow protruded out, but eyes were not deep set, long oval face, and slim build.

B. Height 5'7", age 32, light brown hair, blue eyes, pointed nose, slightly thick lips, prominent jaw,, oval shaped face, deep set eyes, protruding adam's apple, med neck, fat build, rosy cheeks, light complexion, wore a gold band ring 3d finger left hand with the stone missing and wore a gold wrist watch on the left wrist,

C. Height 5'9", age 32, brown hair, deep blue eyes, flared nostril-nose, white teeth widely spaced> believed to have worn glasses because of the aftermarks on the nose, eyes were deeply set, round fat face, heavy unshaven beard, wide jaw, thick neck, broad shoulders, large build, light complexion, and was believed to have been wounded in the right leg because he was limping and had to lean on PW "B" with hi3 right arm. ,

KT3206 4 May 52
In May 51, obs 50 - 60 UN PW in vic of MUNDUNG-NI. Obs they were in American fatigues, with few wearing fatigue caps.

KT3210 9 May 52
UN PW captured by CCF were sent to (1) HSUCHOW, KIANGSU Prov,(2) TSINAN,SUNTUNG Prov, (3) TIENTSIN, (4) SHANGHAI and (5) KAIFONG in China in Apr and May 1951

KT3243 15 May 52
Obs 250-UN PW (Caucasian) in NK in May 51.

Learned from an officer of his Co that many UN PW were sent to ANTUNG after the 5th Offensive in June 52.

Heard from the Director of the Political Dept, 583d Regt 15 Apr 52 that, some UN PW had been killed by CCF soldiers because-of lack of trans to send the UN PW to the rear during the 5th Offensive,

In May 51, obs 70 US PW marching towards KUMHWA (CT6438) guarded by CCF troops.

KT3382 8 Jun52
In May 51, PW saw 20 UN PW at night in loc near the 38th parallel being marched North.


May 1951