May 1952

KT3237 8 May 52
Obs 1 of the UN planes shot down by AA fire 6 May 52 and also had seen the pilot bail out and land in the vic of (CT105171)

KT3251 4 Maay 52
2 days ago l200hr when Hill 1211 was under UN air attack, a man in AT rifle plat shouted that a UN plane was crashing and that the pilot had bailed out. PW went to entrance of tunnel and obs, through heavy dust from the falling bombs, a UN fighter plane and a parachute falling, far to the N. Next morning when AT rifle plat pers returned from supply dump, 1 of them informed PW that he had met a man who had seen the accident at close range. This man had said that the parachute had been on fire and had not fully opened, but on the chance that pilot might be alive, he and some friends rushed to spot where pilot fell. They found him dead.

KT3281 27 May 52
Heard that there were UN PW camp in PYONGYANG. Most were Amer.
Observed a large PW camp inside city of ANTUNG, Manchuria. Several 2 story buildings.

KT3324 3 Jun 52
20 May 52; heard from the Recon Bn Political Officer' that a recon unit of the 1st Div, III Corps, captured 2 UN PW while on a recon patrol,

31 May 52, obs from vic of Hill 1052 (DT 1840) a low flying UN recon plane (PW called it "Grumman") being hit by AA machine gun fire in the general area of (DT 1541). PW believed the loc to be 3km NW of Hill 1052 (DT 1840). The plane was on fire and out of control. PW, however, did not obs any pilot bailing out. He later heard from the 4th Co CO, 1st Bn, 7th Regt, that 1 pilot was killed in the crash and another man was wounded in his leg and captured by the 13th Div, II Corps. 1 of the legs of the wounded man was believed to have been severed in the crash.

KT3328 8 June 52
Heard 5 Jun 52, that the recon Bn, 1st Div captured 1 US PW (Negro) from a place E of Hill 1026 (DT2441) 31 May 52.

KT3371 16 Jun 52
Heard from fellow soldiers that a UN airplane was shot down by NKA AA MG fire in vic of (DT1547) 13 May 52, 2 UN fliers bailed out from the plane, but one died instantly. The other 1 was captured by the PPSh. Co, 19th Regt, 13th Div.

KT3403 10 Jun 52
In early-May 52, an unk type UN plane was shot down by AA gun fire in the area N of the 19th Regt Rear Svc Sect (DT 154446). Later heard pilot was killed when his parachute failed to open.

KT3424 16 Jun 52
In late-May 52, while the PW was assigned to the 1st Co, Security Bn, 20th Army Group, he read an article in the CCF newspaper "Volunteers" . published by the CCF GHQ in KOREA. The article stated that 2 US Lt had been captured (date unspecified). The 2 US PW had been the pilot, and the navigator of a, US plane shot down by CCF ground fire in the vic of SUNCH'ON (YD 5267). The plane had originally had a crew of 4, but 2 crew members perished in the crash.; The article went on to say that one of the Lt had received 4 years of training in the US Navy prior to his transfer to the US Air Force,, The other Lt was a high school graduate who had joined the Air Force, No further information.

KT3434 17 Jun 52
In mid May 52, one of 4 UN F-80 jet fighters strafing the TAEJONG-NI (CT960546) area was shot down by MIG fire. Pilot did not bail out and perished with the wreckage.

KT3478 15 May 52
In Jul 51, heard from fellow soldiers that a UN plane had been shot down during an aerial combat. The UN pilot parachuted to safety in CHONGJU (XD 9096) area. He was captured and imprisoned in a civ house at CHONGJU. 

KT3489 captured 16 Jul 52
Heard that 3 UN planes were shot down in vic MARYANG-SAN in May 52

KT3538 14 Jul 52
10 May 52, witnessed 4 UN jet aircraft engage4 tapered wing jet aircraft in aerial combat. MISAN-NI (YD4127). Observed 2 tapered wing a/c burst into flames. Occupants bailed out. Heard late that they were Chinese.

In mid May 52, saw what appearedto be 10 US PW in 2 trucksin P'YONGYANG city. Ea truck had 1 driver, an asst driver, and 1 NKA guard. The US PW wearing fatigues seemed to be working with coal (covered in coal dust)

KT3685 24 Aug 52
7 May 52,  obs 7 Caucasians PW carrying bricks from a damage bldg to a truck in P'YONGYANG.