November 1951

KT2626  captured 24 Nov 51
In ANTUNG aprx 200 m N of ANTUNG RR Station, Three red brick buildings, one 2-story building, 30 x 8 x 9 m, and two 3 story buildings, 50 x 8 x 12 m, all with gray tile gable roofs.

Buildings were unenclosed and are on the main thoroughfare.

More than 300 prisoners, presumed to be Americans, were observed in these buildings. Less than 50 Negro soldiers were observed; the remainder were all Caucasians. The buildings appeared to be permanent billets for UN PW.

KT2929 10 Feb 52
In late Nov 51, while marching E in the central sector, PW observed aprx 30 captured UN personnel.(3 orientals, 15 Caucasian, 12 negro).
The group was escorted by aprx 8 CCF guards, and was marching W. Some wore summer fatigues while others wore CCF overcoats.

KT2947 captured 24 Feb 52
Nov 51, PW observed a B-25 UN bomber shot down near CT 201605 by CCF AAG fire from a hill in the Vic of CT 160625;. one (l) of the three (3) plane members was dead, one (l) wounded and the other captured unharmed. PW heard from his Plat comrades that two (2) of the captured UN pilots were evacuated to the rear and well-treated. PW learned later from a published statement that one(l) of the AAG Bn members who took the captured UN pilots' lost boots without permission was punished.

KT2919 captured 17 Feb 52
Mid Nov 51 Hill 227 vic CT159190, PW heard that 3 UN soldiers were captured and their hands bound.

KT2920 19 Feb 52
PW observed aprx 1000UN PW in an enclosure within the city limits ofP'YONGYANG in mid Nov 51

KT3246 13 May 52
Obs UN PW in MUKDEN and FENG FANG CHENG, MANCHURIA in late 1951 and also at ANTUNG, He claimed to recognize British troops and some negro troops. The number of PW. ranged from 100 in MUKDEN to 30-40 ea in FENG FANG CHENG and ANTUNG. PW said that he had never seen any wire enclosing the PW areas, but guards were posted. Political indoctrination classes, he heard were held daily and the UN PW moved about with the utmost freedom.

KT3315 31 May 52
In Nov 51,  obs a PW camp loc 1 1/2 km from the YALU River in the ANTUNG district.  At that time, obs 50 PW (Amer) exercising outdoor. The camp appeared large enough to hold 500 men.

KT3370 25 May 52
In Nov 51, 1 Grumman was shot down in an area 3 km W of KUSAN-NI (YD 0213) by the 25th Regt, 10th Mecz Div. 3 Grummans flew over the damaged plane, giving protection to the pilot, until the 3 were relieved by 8 other Grummans, The pilot was picked up by a helicopter at midday. The 25th Regt suffered 4 men KIA by MG fire from the protecting planes as the unit attempted to capture the UK pilot. Obs the happenings from a distance of 3 km.

KT3424 16 Jun 52
While' the PW was in the UNSAN area from Jul 51 to Jan 52, he went to CH'ANGSONG (XE 7485) in late-Nov 51 or early-Dec 51. In CH'ANGSONG, observed 1st PW Regt PW Control and Training Section, Political Dept, Chinese People's Volunteer Army. Talked to an instructor of the 1st PW Regt and was given the following information concerning conditions in the 1st PW Regt:

1. UN PW were segregated according to nationality. The reason for this 'segregation was that -US PW could not get along with British and Turkish PW.

2. The 1st PW Regt consisted of aprx 3,000 UN PW, most of whom were Americans

3. UN PW wore the same uniforms as issued to CCP soldiers, and same amount, of clothing issued to a UN PW was identical to that issued a CCF soldier,

4, UN PW received the same food rations as did GCF soldiers. The meals were prepared by CCF cooks and each PW Co ate as a unit during meals. 2 UN PW ware selected from each Co to supervise the kitchen and the distribution of food during meals, ;;

5, UN PW lived in straw huts.

6, Each PW was issued 1 smoking pipe and a monthly tobacco ration consisting of 2 bags of "ADVANCE", a Chinese manufactured pipe tobacco,

7. Each UN PW was issued 2 pencils, note book, and 2 magazines. One magazine was an English edition of the CCF paper "People'.s Daily", while the other magazine was an unk English magazine published in SHANGHAI. Each day the UN PW received 2 hours of political indoctrination.

In late-51, PW read a CCF paper named CHANCHINPAO ( ) in which he noticed an article dealing with a US Air Force Lt Col captured by the CCF. The newspaper stated that "On xx at xx, a formation of 4 US planes attacked CCF ground forces. The lead plane was damaged by CCF AA fire, and the pilot of the plane bailed out, while the other 3 planes ... covered the pilot with MG fire. 2 messengers were sent out from the AAA unit to capture the US pilot who had landed safely. At that time, a US helicopter excorted by 8 P-51 Mustangs appeared and tried to rescue the downed pilot. The helicopter was unable to rescue the US pilot, and the 2 messengers brought back the pilot alive, and it was discovered that the pilot was an Air Force Lt Col,"

KT3595 4 Aug 52
The 3d time was 30 Nov 51 while PW and his unit were- enroute back to the front line. After leaving SIN:CH'ANG-NI and marching 3 nights, they stopped to rest at a loc 10km S of SAMDUNG (BU57O193) and at 1000 hr, he saw 1 of 2 planes which were flying S shot down by AA fire. These planes were the same twin-engine type that was mentioned in the 1st paragraph. 1 man was seen bailing out of the plane, but the wind carried him away from PW loc.

KT3648 capturd 14 Aug 52
In early-Nov 51 obs 1 UN jet aircraft shot down in vic of BT791342

The plane, exploding in mid-air had been hit by AA fire emanating from vic of HANP'O-RI. PW did not see the pilot escape and presumed that he had died in the explosion.

In mid-Nov 51, obs 3 UN jet planes hit and burst into flames in mid-air. These 3 jet planes had been in a group of 12 UN jet aircraft.

Heard later from a Korean interpreter that the 3 jet planes had crashed in vic of KUMCH*ON (BT8025).