October 1950

KT2382 20 OCT 51
l. UN PW:
Early Oct 50, PW learned from a staff officer of 204th Div that all the UN PW were evacuated to MUKDEN and HARBIN, MANCHURIA.

KT3212 4 May 52
Obs 100 UN PW (maj Negro) in vic of UNSAN (YE3927) in late Oct 50

In Oct 50, 8th Co captured 11 UN PW (7 US and 4 ROKA) in the UNSAN campaign.

KT 0584 Captured Jun 1951
Aprx 300 US PW were seen being shipped northward by train from PYONGYANG,
10 Oct 50.

Sunchon Tunnel Massacre (stm)- 20 OCT 1950
A Historian tells us that 376 men were marched or carted from the Moo Hak school in Seoul to P'yongyang in early October 1950. Only 296 arrived. and they were loaded into 4 boxcars. The train later stopped (20 Oct 1950) at the Sunchon tunnel where 100 men were unloaded. Eight were already dead. The N Korean Army machine gunned them all. Sixty-seven were shot to death. Twenty-five survived (surv) but 1 died soon after. More were lost during a strafing by U.S. aircraft.  Another unknown number were shot in a subsequent tunnel a few miles further north.
Bodies were buried beside the tracks after the massacre. The bodies were exhumed on 1 Nov 1950 and moved to a P'yongyang cemetery. Bodies were exhumed again in 1954 and brought home in Operation Glory (g). However, some bodies could not be fully identified. Those marked (m) for still missing may be buried in the Punchbowl in Hawaii or may not have been returned at all.

Ackerman Jack M (g)
Adams John Q (m)
Aitken Virgil F (g)
Ambrose Thomas (g)
Bailey Paul R (g)
Bass William T (g)
Bell Jos T (g)
Bevelock Ersel (g)
Blair Elzie (g)
Blake Dale D (surv)
Blanton Emory M (g)
Bomberry R O (surv)
Cables Myles A (surv)
Castana Pete (g)
Cisneros Rudolph (g)
Counts Woodr W(m)
Davis George T (surv)
Davis Henry Lee (g)
Deanda Marcello (m)
Dorsey Harold R (m)

Ellison John Y (g)
Feyereisen (g)
Filler Clemond W (g)
Finn Howard (g)
Franco Julio P (g)
Garcia Ernesto Jr (g)
Garcia Leonard P (m)
Gifford Hallen (surv)
Granberry Carl (m)
Hall Hedrey D (g)
Hall Raym Earl (m)
Hanchey Ray (surv)
Henderson Andr (m)
Henninger Will (surv)
Hill Wayne W (m)
Hines Leonard (g)
Hodges William E (g)
Hunsicker Kenneth (g)
John Valdor W (surv)
Jones Eugene G (surv)
Justice, Alvis (g)
Kamoku Benj (m)
Kerns John A (g)
King Ralph (g)
Knapp Donald W (g)
Kreider Lloyd (surv)
Loving Charles R (g)
Lynch Harold M (g)
Martin John E (surv)
McDaniel Will T (g)
Mesa Rudy V (m)
Michael Marion (surv)
Mikesell Harold (m)
Mistretta Joeph (surv)
Moore Claude (m)
Moore James (m)

Morris Milton (g)
Musser Alvin D (m)
Naylor Clifford (g)
Ortega Jose (surv)
Parenti Glendon (g)
Patterson Ithal T (m)
Pattison Orlando (g)
Phillips Howard (g)
Reese Jodie S (m)
Rindels Raym M (surv)
Rivera Floyd (m)
Rookstool Mel D (surv)
Ross Leo C (surv)
Ross Robt P (surv)
Rowlette Louis (g)
Ruffato Barn P (surv)
Ruthstrom Carr O (m)
Salvie Robt J (m)
Segura Geo P (m)
Shaffron Paul (m)
Sharpe Robt Lee (surv)
Shalwver James A (g)
Shepard Har R (m)
Shinde Robt M (g)
Spence Rover G (g)
Starkey Clyde M (g)
Stone Oliver (g)
Sutterfield Roy G (surv)
Taylor Oscar (g)
Tonney John R (surv)
Torigian Frank (m)
Tremblay Aurel (g)
Van Harn Henry W (g)
Volturo Sylvestre (surv)
Voyles Eug R (g)
Walk Arnold E (g)
Williams Johnny (g)
Willis Doyle D (m)
Winkler Marvin J (m)
Witherell Francis (m)

Wooldridge Claude (g)
Young John M (g)
Yeager James W (surv)


October 1950