October 1951

KT2090 6 OCT 51
n. UN PW:
1 Oct 51, PW waw one UN PW being escorted by 2 NK soldiers vic (DT118448).

KT2157 7 OCT 51
n. UN Prisoners:
O/a 2 Oct 51 (Hearsay) PW heard that UN prisoners were working in the
Manchurian Coal Mines.

KT2188 10 OCT 51
n. UN PW:
Oct 51, an UN propellor driven fighter plane was hit accidentally by an airburst from UN arty. The plane crashed vic (DT119396), and the pilot parachuted down vic (DT117398). PW heard from an NK soldier that the pilot suffered light burns on his right leg, but was still able to walk. The pilot was sent to the 15th Regt Aid Station vic (DT1145), and would be evacuated to higher headquarters.

KT2366 10 OCT 51
k. Prisoners of War:
12 Oct 51, PW saw five Negro UN soldiers taken prisoners by units of the CCF 47th Army. These soldiers were
seen at the CCF 47th Army Hq at IMOK-TONG (CT195345).

KT2242 13 OCT 51
7 Oct 51, PW heard from the CO, 15th Regt, 6th Div that 15th Regt Recon Co
had recently captured one American PW. 5 Oct 51, PW heard that 19th Regt
had recently captured one American MP.

KT2213 10 OCT 51
UN Prisoner of War:
On 6 Oct 51 , and unk type UN Fighter Plane was hit accidentally by UN
arty fire while on strafing run on NKPA positions at DT 116397.
Pilot parachuted immediately after aircraft was hit, and landed in 7th
Co CP area CT 116397. The aircraft split in half and burned after
crashing at DT 116395. Pilot captured by members of 7th Co, 3d Bn.
PW observed pilot from distance 200m. Pilot was place on stretcher
because right leg was badly burned. Pilot trousers were removed by
NK troops for application of first aid. Pilot last seen being evacuated
to rear on stretcher.
No further information.

KT2283 16 OCT 51
m. UN PW:
7 Oct 51, PW saw 1 French and 3 US PW vic (DT167505). Escort guard said
that these UN PW would be sent to MANCHURIA.

KT2157 2 Oct 51
PW heard that UN prisoners wre working in the Manchurian Coal Mines.

KT2414 22 Oct 51
About 10 days ago PW heard from CO political ldr that the 1st sqp of the 1stplat had captured 4 UN prisoners.  According to the ldr these prisoners gave info concerning UN unit dispositions

KT2420 24 Oct 51
O/a 6 Oct 51 PW saw 1 UN PW (Cau) guarded by NK soldier who was armed with SMG (PPSh), heading N in the IPO-RI area. The Guard was wearing the GI raincoat and the GI had no boots and was wearing a small NK canvas shoes.

KT2459 24 Oct 51
PW head from his Co political Ofcr 23 Oct 51 that a UN Forces Artilary Bn CO was captured while riding in a jeep.

KT2473 24 Oct 51
O/a 23 Oct 51 Pw heard from his political ldrthat one unkfriendly unit captured one UN arty Bn CO who was lost and was driving a jeep into above unit area.  PW had no idea about date place or details.

KT2474 24 oct 51
O/a17 Oct 51, at CT241295, PW heard from plat ldr that one UN plane wasshot down that morning and an American pilot was caught even though he had camouflaged himself with branches and leaves. Pw could not give any location or aprx distance where the incident occurred.

KT2476 25 Oct 51
Heard from a soldier from 2nd Plat aprx 20 days ago that unk unit had captured 200 UN prsoners. PW believes that the prisoners were treated well.

KT2477 25 Oct 51
PW saw 6 Caucasians and 3 ROKA prisoners 3 Oct 51 at TOKSAN-NI (CT319348) hands were not tied. Guards  were taking them North.

KT2502 1 Nov51
...On 2 Apr 51 PW observed a convoy travelling SE on main road ..along the W KOREA coast, aprx 25 km S of YALU River (In the SINUIJU area

The first1 convoy consisted of aprx 22 vehicles, 'Three Caucasians, dressed in US style fatigue uniforms were observed operating the last 3 vehicles. The second convoy consisted of aprx 15 vehicles, transporting wounded CCF soldiers, The last. 5 vehicles were operated by Caucasians,

dressed in US style fatigues. PW believes that UN PW are still being utilized as vehicle operators in KOREA., However, PW doubts that they are operating vehicles near the front lines

Aprx 320 American soldiers had been captured and 30 of these men (21 Negroes, 9 Caucasians were utilized as vehicle operators

KT2525 14 Oct 51
12 Oct 51 PW saw aprx 200 US PW (2 Cau, remainder Negro) at theHQ of 47th CCF at IMOK-TONG  PW heard from the interpretor at this HQ that these PW were to be takento MANCHURIA.

KT2552 31 Oct 51
Observed a PW camp near SUPUNG-DONG(XE7372) believed to be for US soldiers.

KT2623 19 Oct 51
On 5 Oct 51 PW heard from a Jr Lt at P'YONGYANG  that a large PW compound for UN PW wsas located at KANGDONG BU4837  He was told tahtNK werre attempting to persuade US PW to broadcast to UN troops urging them to stop fighting.

KT2642 25 Nov 51
O/a 15 Oct 51 PW heard that there are many Amer PW Camps in SINUIJUand PYONGYANG

KT2815 5 Jan 52
Two US PW guarded by the mil policewere seen in late Oct 51 at the VII Corp HQ.  These two PW were (hearsay)pilots whose plane had been shot down.

KT2822 17 Jan 52
Late Oct 51, 1st Co raided a UN position in vic of KUMSONG CT770578. One US PW was captured. PW was  wounded and evacuated dir to the 607th Regt CP for interr

KT2823 15 Jan 52
PW observed 14 USArmy PW including one bomber pilot heading N o/a mid Oct 51

KT2825 15 Jan 52
O/a mid Oct, in SONGSHON (BU6047)  PW heard that Amer Pilot (tall & fat) was shot down and captured near SONGSHON. Believed he was well treated. Pol Ofc stated taht some US PW were sent to CHINA for a mental re-education, after which tehy could be  used in training Chinese auto drivers or even pilots.

KT2924 21 Feb 52
Oct 51, PW observed a UN PW Stockade at CHANGSONG (near Manchurian Border).  Obseved vaprx 100 UN PWon a detail to collect firewood.
Oct 51, PW observed aprx 300 UN PW in a stockade at PYOKDONG.  Aprx 50 UN PW were on a firewood collecting detailwith 1 NKA guard.

KT2940 21 Feb 52
15 Oct 51 while PW was passing thru YPUYONG-DONG (XE8690), PW observed 100 UN PW. 70 of which were Negroes, the rrest Caucasian.  The UN PW were wearing blue coveralls and not wearing any head gear. They were engaged in gathering firewood. PW believed they occupied 20 civ homes in YUPYONG-DONG. 5 CCF guarding the PWs

KT2946 captured 23 Feb 52
Pw observed 2 Amer PW (Caucasians) Oct 51 in a house at PW Bn CP located in vic NANJWA-RI, newly captured by the 126th Div.They refused to eat Sorgum and turnip soup.

Oct 51 PW observed a UN PW Stockade at CHANGSONG (near Manchurian border). Observed aprx 100 UN PWon a detail to collect firewood.

KT3019 captured 26 Feb 52
PW saw 11 UN PW near SANGSONGWAN-NI 30 Oct 51. They were traveling N and were guarded by 4 NKA soldiers.

KT3168 8 Apr 52
Oct 51, an order had been received by all CCF units from higher quarters instructing them that the treatment accorded captured personnel was to be standardized between the CCF and NKA.. All men captured by the 2 forces were to be treated equally regardless of race or nationality. The same order also instructed that all ROKA captured by the CCF were to be turned over to the NKA. All other UN prisoners taken by the NKA. were to be turned over to the CCF.

KT3182 28 Apr 52
PW observed a UN PW camp 10 Sep 51, at IMSAN-DONG (XE878797). The Camp was locin the buildings that were formerly occupied by CH'ANGSONG Senior High School in the town of IMSAN_DONG. 800 UN PW were brought here 10 Aug 51 (2% Negro, 98% Cau)

KT3240 12 May 52
O/a 29 Oct 51, while enroute to KAMSONG-DONG,obs about 30 Amer PW(half Negro) travelling nothward along the MSR, 35 km NW of KAMSONG-DONG.

KT3288 captured 13 May 52
In late Oct 51, prior to arrival at KAMSONG-DONG, PW sighted 20 Cau PW dressed in camouflage uniforms. PW were being marched to the rear (North) escorted bt 5 armed CCF soldiers.

KT3341 11 June 52
Oct 51, heard from political ofcr that UN PW camps were loc at MUKDEN, SHANGHAI and NANCHING.

KT3343 27 May 52
5-6 Oct 51, while in ANTUNG, obs 200 UN PW (Cau) housed in a 3 story brick bldg.

KT3466 12 Jul 52
Last October, saw aprx 70 US PW aprx 100 km NW of MASAN-DONG (BT965188).

KT3544 20 Jul 52
During the time (early-Oct 51) 3d Co was detailed to log hauling duties in vic of (YD 516260), obs 2 US PW, who had just crossed to the S  banks of the TAEDONG River. When an English speaking Plat Ldr (3d Co) inquired about their presence here  the 2 US PW replied that they had been detailed to gather firewood. 1 of the US PW had a saw in his possession. It Both of them wore NKA winter uniforms (without caps) and combat shoes (US) and appeared to be in good health. The 2 US PW had been sent on the fire wood detail unguarded. The 2 US PW stated that they were from the US PW camp loc just across the TAEDONG River in vic of (YD520265)~

The PW looked. across the river and obs a tile roof bldg surrounded by a cement wall. He presumed the US PW camp was a former school bldg with 5 classrooms.

KT3547 capturd 15 Jul 52
In late-Oct 51, obs the wreckage of a plane scattered over a 100 m area near CHANGNIM-NI (BU 7354)- Also obs the arm and legs of a dead UN (Caucasian) pilot in this area, Heard from civ in this area that 5 US jets and 10 Grumman planes bombed AAA psn near CHANGNIM-NI. 1 of the jets was shot down by AA fire, PW was also told that the other US jet planes bombed the wreckage of the downed UN jet plane.

Also in late-Oct 51, PW saw 2 Soviet soldiers and 1 Soviet OFF. inspecting the wreckage of the downed UN plane, EM were armed with Rifles, 7.92mm, ęKAR 98K" (CHINA and GERMANY) and the Ofcr carried a pistol, 1 EM and the OFcr wore uniforms of gray color, and 1 EM wore a blue uniform with CCF coat and hood. The latter EM also carried an

SMG PPSh-41 (USSR), The inspecting party arrived and departed on foot.