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Over the years many documents have surfaced that mention servicemen of the Korean War being held long after the war in North Korea, China, and the former Soviet Union.  Since most documents mentioned men in groups . . . or by description rather than name, these documents were never placed in the files of individual servicemen.

We're spending hundreds of hours in archives around the nation to bring you these reports. Some may identify men who actually returned alive. Many may have had their bodies returned after the cease-fire agreement, but some are still missing. 

We ask that you read these reports carefully. if you have any information or suspicions about whom these men may be, please contact us immediately so that we may add your comments to our (Editor) comments.

Most servicemen were given promotions posthumously when declared dead. While reading these sightings, remember to look for sightings of those of one rank less than that shown in his latest records. If you clicked on your missing man's name on the home page and he is ranked as MSGT, you should be looking for SFC's in the sightings.


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Major General

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